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Breeze Tec Air Cooler Reviews – Everything You Need To Know to Get the Best Portable Air Conditioner


Breeze Tec Air Cooler has been recently launched to help users fight summers an keep their spaces cool and chilly. It has a lot of positive reviews that caught the attention of the masses. Read this Breeze Tec Portable Air Conditioner Review to find out all the pros and cons about it.

Summers are here and the June is already feeling like a furnace and the heat blisters in the body tell the same story that the summers are her. Let’s be honest, who likes these dry summers that are just drying up the body and scaling the skin making it not only irritating but also tiresome. These summers have taken our energy out of the body and has made fun summers boring and dull. Many people at work don’t feel like working and feel uncomfortable with sweat dripping down their body under shirts.

Let’s take a moment to realize how bad it feels to have sweat under shirt its not only smelly, bad and irritating but also tickling and it causes one to scratch the affected area. There are so many people who have to work on the road, there are courier service transporters, suppliers of raw materials, people who transport dairy products. Supermarket suppliers, people who work in a kitchen with no supply of air conditioners. This causes redness and skin scratches that cause the skin to burn and injure, the discomfort of which can make anyone itch. This itchiness is irritating and summer heat is just blowing hot waves on the face causing red eyes, dilated eye vessels that make the eyes red, and the exposure to which is harming to eye. This causes severe migraine that might lead to very painful headache that is very unbearable. It can also cause heat stroke and end up in fatality of a person.

It causes unnecessary muscle fatigue too. There are many solutions to it but how many people can afford an air conditioner? Not many people can afford air conditioner, not many people can bear the heat with just a ceiling fan on. There must be a device or a gadget that can help people who are in need of an effective and affordable option? Well, there is a solution that might help many, without the hustle of buying and installing a big commercial Air Conditioner.

What is Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler?

This Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is, by the name suggests a portable air conditioner but one may ask how is such a air conditioner or cooler portable. Well, the size of the Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is very compact it is similar to that of a small square gift box. Yes! That small. This Air Conditioner has very intensive cooling and does not require much and works very efficiently. It is a multi-functional device that works as fan, cooler, humidifier and filter that cleans contaminants and microbes from air.

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The Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is easily carriable around anywhere it does not weigh much. One might ask, if the size is so small? How does it circulate heat so efficiently? Well, the compactness of the device never suppresses its ability to cool the room so easily. It has specialized components in it that help cool the air and the air of the whole room in a matter of seconds. It has a bigger, much better battery. It is energy efficient and also saves electricity on the bill as it is rechargeable and does not need to be plugged in the socket to work.

This does not mean that one cannot use it while plugged in, It can be used while it is plugged in too. It can be used in a car too. Just plug one USB Type-A Port in the car USB Type-A port and plug the other end of the wire in the device, place the Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler above the dashboard in the car, or a truck, or any vehicle to enjoy the cool air from the Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler.

The summers shouldn’t make one’s work boring and dull but refreshing and cool. The Breeze Tec Air Conditioner is customizable and can be changed to whatever preference the individual has to cool the air whether the individual wants chilly air, mild cooling, low cooling or just a fan, or just want a fan and Cooler or just Air cooler and humidifier or fan and humidifier. The customization is up to the individual buying it.

This means that Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler gives the user flexibility and array of options to select from. It allows peaceful sleeping of adults, children and older people. If the sleep is good than the day goes well. One may switch it on after work when one comes home. It is even good for students who study very hard and can not maximize their potential and productivity. This cooler can help them at home, in their dorm rooms, hostel rooms, study spaces, etc.

If there are limited ports available in the hostel rooms and study areas, they can even plug the air conditioner in the laptop or computer port and enjoy working on the internet. This is also good for people working from home, or a gift to family members who spend their day working in kitchen cooking food. Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is just amazing if one uses it and experiences it itself.

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How is Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler different than other options available in the market?

There are several options available in the market that are a substitute to an air cooler. Nonetheless, there not many air coolers can provide the multi functionality that Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is providing. There are different options to buy on the market like to buy a fan separately, air conditioner separately, buy a humidifier separately and there are no air filters to help reduce pollutants and contaminants in the air. If we look into it. These options are way too costly for an average individual.

These Air conditioners are very expensive and cost a fortune and they are very complex to install and might need an expert to install and takes so much space and it just adds to the electricity bill which shows that it isn’t energy saving either and can cost additionally to the cost of the Air Conditioner itself. Than humidifiers are also expensive. On the other hand, everything one may need is in a gadget that is very compact and still has potential to cool a room at the same energy levels as a big sized air conditioner.



Plus, one cannot carry a big air conditioner anywhere let alone carrying different equipments to help oneself outside or in an office or in less spacious areas. Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler not only save space but cuts the bill from big air conditioner to small portable Air Cooler and the bills of other 3 products together. It is cost-efficient and energy efficient. Plus, it is environmentally friendly and also cleans out contaminants from the air which is an additional and important feature of the device.

It also has customization options which allows many users to set their preferred cooling level which suits their needs and relaxes them which is a feature missing in most of the devices available in the market. Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is an affordable option compared to buying a big Air Conditioner alone or along with other components.

How does Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler work?


  • Plug the cord in the switch and attach the USB Type-A end of the wire in power source and the other end inside the device. Do switch the power on.
  • Remove the water tank from the side of the machine.
  • Fill the water tank with water to just a little below the brim. The water is preferred cold that should be added in the tank.
  • Close the tank and see if there is no water leakage completely check the water tank before switching on the device.
  • See all the ports are connected correctly and plug the cord in the device.
  • Switch on the power.
  • Press the button to start the machine and to start the cooling process in the room.
  • There is an ice cube tray that helps circulate chilly air out to cool the room.
  • There are water curtains inside the device through which the air goes through and hot air is compressed.
  • The cool air is expelled out when the hot air is suppressed in the water curtains inside.
  • The cool air is picked up by ice tray inside the portable air cooler and it is expelled through the fan and spread through the blades attached on the outside.
  • The buttons on the top front can be used to turn the fan on or off, or to turn the cooler on or off.
  • The same air that is being taken in as hot air is also being cleaned inside through filters and the air expelling out which is cold is clean and contaminant free.



Useful Tips

  • If on battery usage charge the device before hand and remove cords and use it.
  • Use it while sleeping because the Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler doesn’t make any noise so the sleep is peaceful and cooler.
  • On the road just turn on the device if it is charged already and enjoy the cooling air while driving.
  • Do keep the tank clean.
  • In case of usage for a longer period of time dry the device and keep it in a cool dry place.
  • Always plug the cords in secure switch boxes or the device might get damaged. This is something that is unlikely because Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler can handle voltage fluctuations but it is better to use it in a standard environment.
  • After filling the tank dry the outsides of the tank.


Breeze Tec Benefits

  • It is noise free device allowing peaceful environment
  • It has power to cool a room within 30 seconds so it is efficient
  • It is energy efficient and helps save the cost on electricity bills.
  • It filters out contaminants and germs
  • It is multi-purpose device.
  • It is customizable.
  • It has multiple options to change the intensity.
  • It has easy usage.
  • It can be sourced through laptop, or desktop.
  • It is environmentally safe and is eco-friendly.
  • It is compact and can be carried any where


Upon careful research, we saw that Breeze Tec Air Cooler may not be suitable for big spaces and so it is not an alternate for conventional room cooling devices. Hence, it is suggested that if you are looking for something that can cool the entire room or big office space, its better to go for conventional air conditioners.

Breeze Tec Customer Reports

Some of the reviews that we found on the official website are:


Breeze Tec Air Cooler Price

The Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is only available at its website. No where else so buy it before the stocks run out. The payment can be made through. Credit Card through: Visa, Maestro, American Express, and Discover Network or it can be paid through PayPal online.

Enter personal information to address the person it will be sent to. Enter contact information. Enter credit card details or PayPal details, if the device is being purchased online through PayPal. Than enter billing information and shipping information, to where the product needs to be shipped.

  • 1 Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler: The price of single Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is $ 89.95 and it has $ 8.95 shipping fee.
  • 2 Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler: The price of deal of two Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is $ 159.90 and price of each cooler is $ 79.95 and has no shipping fee.
  • 3 Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler: The price of deal of three Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is $ 179.95 and price of each cooler is $ 59.95 and has no shipping fee.
  • 4 Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler: The price of deal of four Breeze Tec Portable Air Cooler is $ 199.90 and the price of each cooler is $ 49.95 and has no shipping fee.

It has a 3-year full protection as well as of the device for $ 39.95. So, if the device is broken or has fault in the device it will be repaired for free. It can be replaced if the device is broken or it gets broken, the device will be exchanged. This warranty ensures complete protection for 3 additional years.

Refund Policy

The purchase is secured by a 60 days 100% money back guarantee allowing user to return the device and claim for full refund on any kind of dissatisfaction or fault in the device. If the device doesn’t keep up to the claims it has. The company will easily return the device. Just file for complaint on the device and ship it back to the company and it will be replaced.

Is Breeze Tec Air Cooler Worth Trying?

The device is affordably very low cost but it has the potential to provide maximum utility to the user on its usage the benefits of the device are uncountable and it does pack very amazing features that are mind blowing. The very interesting feature is the cleaning of air from the pollutants and the fan installment. The use of ice tray is just cherry on top. It would be good idea to buy such a device to help in summers. Small, compact and energy sufficient. It’s a package deal.

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