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Half orc barbarian dnd 5e | Stat, Feat, Trait & Guide

Half Orc Barbarian

Half orc barbarian dnd 5e stat 

The stats and attributes of Half orc barbarian 5e are as follows.

Level 1
Species Medium Half-Orc Barbarian
Armor Class 15 (studded leather)
Hit Points 14 (1d12 Hit Die)
Proficiency Bonus 1
Speed 30 ft.
Alignment chaotic neutral
 Languages Common, Dwarvish, Orcish
ABILITY SCORES Strength 18 (+4); add proficiency bonus to saves
 Dexterity 14 (+2); add proficiency bonus to saves Constitution 14 (+2)
 Intelligence 8 (–1)
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Charisma 10 (+0)
ATTACKS  Melee Attack: Maul (+5 to hit; 1d12 + 4 bludgeoning)
Melee or Ranged Attack Javelin (range 30 ft./120 ft.; +5 to hit; 1d6 + 4 piercing)


Medium Half-Orc Barbarian

Racial Traits Darkvision. It’s possible to view in darkness within 60 feet of you as if it were dim light. Whenever you do this, your eyesight is in black and white. Menacing. You’ve got benefit on Charisma (Intimidation) checks. Class Features Proficiencies. So add your proficiency bonus to attack rolls you make using martial weapons and other simple weapons (contained in “Attacks”). Besides, you add your proficiency bonus to ability checks made to use mounts (land) and your skills (mentioned in “Skills”) and to your Power and Constitution saving throws (mentioned in “Ability Scores”). 

Rage (2/day). On your turn, you can enter a rage as part of your activity or proceed. While raging, you get the following benefits: ✦ You’ve got the edge on Strength-based attack rolls, checks, and saving throws. ✦ You gain twice your barbarian level in temporary hit points before the rage ends. These hit points can exceed your hit point maximum, and they are difficult to regain. Should you take any harm, these hit points are lost first.

Raging also has disadvantages. During it, you can not take responses except to earn opportunity attacks. Your anger lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you end your turn and did not strike an enemy monster during it. As soon as you’ve achieved the limit of your rages per day, you must complete a lengthy break before you can rage again. Your armor 5e class equals 10 + your Dexterity modifier plus your Constitution modifier while wearing no armor.

Background: Blacksmith

Smith’s Guild Member. Fellow members provide you with lodging and food. In some settlements, a guildhall offers a central location to meet other members of your profession. Guilds often wield tremendous political power, which you can occasionally use to your advantage. You’ve got competence with artisan’s tools (smithing) and artisan’s tools (leatherworking), which means you add your competence bonus to ability checks you make using them.

Half-orc 5e Guide for Barbarian 

Do you like fantastic brawler, the type of character that could take a hit and relish in the carnage? There is no better illustration than the usual orc. This construct is to leverage the attack features of barbarians while sustaining a fight. In other words, you reach hard and avoid dying. Consider this construct for an optimum half-orc barbarian:

Use half-orc characteristics as a barbarian.

Unsurprisingly, the half-orcs possess features that fit perfectly with a barbarian build (that’s going to be fun to keep stating ). These are the two ability scores you may want the highest. Like other fae races, half-orcs have Darkvision, which means they could see 60 feet from the dark. They also a trait named Menacing, which provides proficiency in the Intimidation skill. Because, you know, they’re scary looking.

Relentless Endurance 5e will allow you to keep on your feet when you could otherwise fall. Suppose you reduced to 0 hit points but still alive. You could bump up to 1 HP. This ability isn’t on all of the time, so you will need to rest in between uses. 

But how frequently are we expecting to have killed?

Savage Attacks make crucial strikes much more critical. Whenever you roll that sweet, sweet 20, you may roll my weapon harm two occasions and add it to the harm. You may plan to go for the fences. Therefore, your period for this will happen, and it will be glorious.

Fight shield and axe

Building a barbarian, it’s tempting to need a two-handed weapon berserker. For many people, the concept of twisting it and going mad seems like a great moment. Perhaps Fate will bless your courage. Not likely, especially at early levels.

Therefore, your half-orc barbarian in dnd 5e will utilize a shield and have to settle for a battleaxe (1d8). This class does not use armor like fighter or paladin. Therefore the extra shield will balance my ferocious attacks. Additionally, if we choose to decide on Defense, we could afford to crank our Strength to the maximum ability score. We may have to consider the Constitution score because the greatest.

That being said, you may prefer a definite +3 or +4 to each Attack than take my chances rolling a bigger expire. Not to mention, it’s easy to find yourself dead if your strategy to kill doesn’t go so. Thus, take the Defense and be the most powerful warrior in the category.

Use barbarian (Half orc) abilities strategically.

Barbarians are given a few skills that play into their chaotic role in the celebration. The initial two abilities are Rage and Unarmored Defense, the staples of this barbarian archetype. Rage is a country entered as a bonus action, jacking up your ability to fight. This capacity makes the absence of armor even more worth it. With this ability, you win the following.

Path of the Berserker 5e

Path of the 5e Berserker

Did you decide to stick with Path of the Berserker for the half-orc? Are you wielding a battleaxe and protecting and dishing out multiple attacks. This path is easy and straightforward, a pure Viking warrior of epic proportions.

Frenzy is going to be your beginning ability on this path. Whenever you activate the rage, you can choose to go into a frenzy. For the duration of the anger, you can take an excess attack action against another opponent in your turn. That is two strikes at level 3, with the added advantages of barbarian rage. Following the Frenzy, you may suffer 1 level of exhaustion. As always, using this ability at the right time is crucial.

Half Orc 5e

Afterward, you will find out Mindless Rage, which prevents me from being charmed or fearful in combat. That will be more effective when the creatures become more and more magical. 

Half Orc Traits for Barbarian in dnd

The half-orc was but built to play barbarian. Do you love the creativity of trying new class/race combinations? The classics are optimized. Think about this character as pure pleasure and chaos, but with a touch of strategy.

Optimizing Half-Orc Barbarian Feats in dnd 5e

You might take Brawny if you intend on doing a great deal of grappling. Like 25 – 50% of the time, at least during experiences. 5e Orcish Fury is a good feat. But there are instances when you never get to use that reaction attack if you can’t ever get put to’0′. The same holds for the bonus damage to expire. Sometimes you wait all day for a crit, never get it done and do not use it. So you are investing in a feat for +1 Str. Bonus damage expires that you will use about 75% of the time in a day, which response attacks about 25%, if that because you are a barbarian.

An example of a Half orc Barbarian feat in 5e

Level Feat  Hard set on the feat
8 ASI Great Weapon Master with three attacks a turn, that has the chance to raise your harm by 30 in each round. Also it gives you other way for the bonus action attacks, again if you dont want to Frenzy. Great Weapon Master
12ASI Plus 2 Strength or Resilient Wisdom Orcish Fury
16 ASI Plus 2 Con or +2 Strength Brawny
19 ASI Plus 2 Con, Tough, or Mobile Plus 2 Con or Tough



Technically the term barbarian came from Rome, and it was a derogatory word for anybody not from Rome. 5e does a pretty good job of automatically representing this notion and enjoying a barbarian means playing a personality that can endure almost anything as they kill everything around them in a bloody frenzy.

You can choose any race, but as a barbarian, you will want considerable Strength and Constitution scores and ought to consider races that gain bonuses to all those scores. The half-orc barbarian race is an ideal option for a barbarian character. 

They get a lot of the same skills as half-orcs. Still, you’ll trade out the damage potential of Savage Attacks to your capability to quickly close the space between yourself and your foes with Aggressive.

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