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Halo games in order (chronological) and timeline

Halo games in order

Halo Games in order: The Halo franchise is a tricky thing to track. Includes lots of comics, books, and movies related to the game. With the first release since 2001, it is easy to see why players will have difficulty identifying Halo games in the way they have been released.

And you should know that with the expected release of Halo Infinite, there is a renewed interest in the franchise, and you may want to shake off your Halo skills as you wait for a new topic to come down. So if you wish to expand your knowledge bank or give Halo a run. But, first, you will need a list of all the halo game titles in chronological order.

Halo: Combat Evolved,

Release date: November 15, 2001

Developer: Bungie, Gearbox Software (PC), Westlake Interactive (Mac)

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox

Initially, the 1st article was released in 2001 for the Xbox console. However, it will be released later for Microsoft Windows and around 2003 with Mac OS X.

As with most hard-hitting games, the first installment always does not exceed the contract, and Halo did not hold back. The game and its content were brilliant, making the game the gold standard for FPS games that followed for many years to come.

The split-screen puts the bright years of the game ahead and makes it a game to go when you play with friends.

The game hovered in the 26th century. It was when the human race clashed with a group of foreign nations known as the Covenant. Your work as a Master Chief played next to your AI Cortana prevents the Agreement from acquiring land.

Focus on the world of action and car combat, making this one of the top topics in the series.

Halo 2

Release date: November 9, 2004

Developer: Bungie

Platforms: Xbox console, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

In 2004, the following second poem in the franchise was first found on the original Xbox console and then made for Windows and Xbox One as part of the Master Chief Collection. Following the victory of the first title, the hype surrounding this second poem was huge.

Fortunately, the second installment did not disappoint. It had a multiplayer mode of competition and a good storyline that would keep players stuck in the game.

The events in Hall 2 follow that of the first game. In this sequel, the players control the Master Chief and the Arbiter (Covenant Elite) to fight the Treaty worldwide. Again, the idea of ​​multi-game viewing would significantly add a new perspective to the already popular feature of the game.

Most players will readily admit that they are playing this game as long as the servers allowed them.

Halo 3

Release: September 25, 2007.

Developer: Bungie.

Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360

Riding on the victory of Halo: CE and Halo 2, the release of Halo 3 was a carefully calculated step to get gamers to buy the recently released Xbox 360. And it works like a charm.

The third article has put a lot of emphasis on the most popular game feature, the multiplayer feature. Added a standalone program and refreshed map packets. This also got more and more players to participate in the game and opted to buy the Xbox 360.

Initially, the game was released for Xbox 360, but later, it was followed by the release of Xbox One and Windows as part of the Master Chief Collection.

In this match, the Chief was still fighting the Agreement and the flood revolution. So your job is to prevent shipwreck and to prevent the ring from working.

With the appropriate tweaks and single-player mode, Halo 3 will continue to beat the records set by Halo 2 and developed an impressive record of more than $ 170 million on its first day of sale. In addition, it went on to become the most paid game on the Xbox 360.

Halo 4

Release date:  November 6, 2012

Developers: 343 Industries

Platforms: Xbox 360

Halo 4 was the first game that is under 343 Industries. It is designed to start a new trilogy that will last for the next few games and also saw the return of Master Chief. The game was first released on the Xbox 360. Then, a few years later, it was available for Xbox One and Windows with Master Chief Collection.

Although the game had several fans, many loyal fans were disappointed with the new release, mainly because they had difficulty decorating the game with the quality of previous installments from Bungie.

343 Industries came with a framework that followed the events of Halo 3. Master Chief and Cortana were exploring this requiem, and there was a new enemy harvest called the Promethean Knights. Cortana’s deteriorating attitude is also evident in the game, as he thinks he could die with AI.

Halo Wars 2

Release date: 21st February 2017.

Developer: 343 Industries, Creative Assembly

Halo Wars 2 also reviews the RTS installment of Halo Wars, which is well received in the sports world. The game keeps the top RTS strategy high, followed by the first Halo Wars story.

The game is scheduled for 28 years after the events of the first game. The plot revolves around Spirit of Fire crews fighting against another outside party called Banished. Settle in the Ark in Hall 3, no shortage of battles and battles to participate in the game.


Final Thought:

The most advanced release of Halo called Halo: Infinite is assumed to be released at any time by 2020. Most of the developments are complete, and the game will serve as the culmination of a trilogy involving the last two games.

The game is available on Xbox One, Series X consoles, and Windows PC. Expect the Master Chief to return as the protagonist and Covenant, which was the basis of all Halo games.

That concludes the sequence of episodes in which the Halo franchise titles were released from the first one in 2001 to the latest, which is currently ordered.

Summary: Halo Games in Order

  • Halo: Combat Evolved. Release date: November 15, 2001.
  • Halo 2. Release date: November 9, 2004.
  • Halo 3. Release date: September 25, 2007.
  • Halo Wars. Release date: February 26, 2009.
  • HaloReachRelease date: September 14, 2010.
  • Halo 4. Release date: November 6, 2012.


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