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Shield Master 5e feat vs Resilient for Dex save.

Shield Master 5e feat vs Resilient

How good are Shield Master 5e vs. Resilient for Dex saves? Well, we will discuss both the feats in this article. Resilient 5e (Dex) provides you with a +1 to Dex. You may be an expert with Dex saves. A sword and board fighter in d&d will not produce a huge dex, or at most trivial, it comes after Str and Con. Therefore, you can not even get an improvement in the modifier to suppose you exert it. Suggesting you perceive + Prof to your Dex save.

We can say it is not a great option for a Sword and Board type unless you can increase your Dex, so you get a +1 to the modifier.

5e Shield master ( vs. Resilient), on the contrary, enables you to shove. It is situationally valuable, but tapping the target prone may be in the right place huge.

You may get to add your Shield AC to the Dex save. It indicates that it could undoubtedly be as much of an increase as the proficiency bonus till level 17, and even after that, it is one less.


You may also get a form of Evasion. That is with the increase in your Dex save. You’re fairly likely to take no damage. The most salutary 5e Resilient (Dex) does perform it, so you are slightly more likely to take half damage.

Very few rivals will have magical weapons and battle scales in 5th Edition by providing powerful monsters more attacks and totalling more monsters to the campaign. Both boost the number of attacks coming your way. It makes Heavy Armor Master’s reduction shine. It starts well and gets better.

A small but worthwhile talking about 5e Shield Master is to note the line of 2nd bullet point:

Suppose you are not incapacitated. In that case, you may add your Shield’s AC bonus to one Dexterity saving throw you execute against a spell or other damaging effect that targets you.

The Area of Effect & Dexterity saving throws spells goes parallel, which triggers a lot less often than you might think.

Shield Master 5e feat

Source: Player’s Handbook

You apply shields not just for reassurance but also for offence. You get the following advantages while you are wielding a shield in this feat:

  • Suppose you take the Attack action in your turn. You may use a bonus action to attempt to shove a creature that is within 5 feet of you with your Shield.
  • Again suppose you are not incapacitated. You may add your Shield’s AC bonus to a Dexterity saving throw you perform against a spell or other adverse effect that targets you.
  • Suppose you are constrained to a sequence that permits you to get a Dexterity saving throw to use only half damage. Here you may use your reaction to take no injury if you ensue on the saving throw, introducing your Shield between yourself and the origin of the effect.

There are two ways to use Shield Master 5e D&D:

  1. You may do this normally by using one of your attacks to make a shove attack.
  2. The Shield Master 5e feat allows you to this by tapping into your bonus action. Consequently, you may only use the bonus action shield shove after using your Attack action as a consequence of some errata.

Can you use shield master before you attack?

No. As per the books, it says,

Shield Master

You utilise shields not just for protection but for an offence as well.

You obtain the advantages mentioned above while you are wielding a shield. Jeremy Crawford has amended the rules on that recently. In spring 2015, he Twitted with the following line.

“As with most bonus actions, you may choose the timing. The Shield Master 5e shove can come before or after the Attack action.”

He, however, reversed that in a post a few weeks later.

Interpretation about bonus actions: Suppose a feature says you may do X as a bonus action. So, if you do Y, you need to do Y before you can do X. The dnd 5e Shield Master feat indicates the bonus action needs to come after the Attack action. You determine when it happens after that turn.

Shield Master 5e vs. Resilient | Which is better?

Shield Master 5e is one of the best feats you may get as a Sword and Board Fighter.

Let us knock enemies prone for a bonus action. (or off bluffs if you require)

Adds your Shield AC as a level bonus to its Dexterity Saves. By a Shield +3, a +5 to your Dex save fully than proficiency with Dex holds until Level 17. And it stacks with the ability to boot!

Both Shield Master and Resilient (Dex) are sound feats.

The +2 on Dex saves the scarce compelling part of Shield Master 5e feat. The capacity to Shove (knocking foes prone or moving them) and the ability to get no damage on a successful Dex to save are considerably more interesting.

The Shove ability’s utility will rely on your DM’s interpretation of how it operates and your party style.

Originally Sage Advice decreed that you may take the bonus Shove ere using your attacks from your central action. That allowed you to knock the foe prone, then attack them with an advantage.

Again, they flip-flopped on that later on and reached so far as to say that you ought to not only take the Attack action front. But you have to accept all of those attacks before you can apply the bonus action.

How that is ruled affects the effectiveness of the feat?

And suppose you have many melee associates. Knocking things prone may help them a lot, and everyone gets an advantage. However, if your supporters are mostly firing ranged attacks, they’ll hate it, and everyone takes a disadvantage.

You ought to take the Attack action first. It entails using at least one attack. But then you may split your attacks as usual and use the bonus Shove in between them.

How does the Shield Master 5e feat interact with Rogue’s Uncanny Dodge and evasion in dnd?

They do not interact any good. 5e Uncanny Dodge struggles against attacks, only anything that has to roll to hit you. Whether that be a melee or ranged weapon or even a spell, provided that you may see the intruder. So it does not work upon an unseen attacker, for instance).


Shield Master 5e (and Evasion) work against Dex saves that root any damage. The other capacity of Shield Master gives you a poor man’s Evasion. It is because the Shield Master 5e feat doesn’t reduce the normal harm as Evasion does). Interestingly, the next listed Shield Master ability, combining your Shield AC to Dex saves, will operate with Evasion (does not give you two saves. You can use Evasion with a bonus to the Dex save and suppose you fail, still, take 1/2 damage.

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