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Does Simple Weapon 5e include Punching Dagger in dnd?


What is simple weapon 5e?

Most people can use Simple Weapon 5e in dnd with proficiency. These weapons cover clubs, maces, and extra weapons often found in the hands of commoners. Martial Weapons, including Swords, axes, and polearms, need more specialized training to use effectively. Simple weapons in 5e include clubs, daggers, great clubs, hand axes, weapons, light hammers, maces, quarterstaffs, Sickles, spears, light crossbows, darts, short bows, and slings. It also includes Punching Dagger in 5e dnd.

Punching Dagger 5e

Simple weapons 5e, Martial weapons’ proficiency is not a balanced one. Special classes balance having passage to better (martial) weapons, while others become less versatile. Don’t modify it. You would be accidentally nerfing things.

Is Punching Dagger 5e a simple weapon?

Yes, it is a simple weapon. A punching dagger 5e’s blade is joined to a horizontal handle that extends out of the fist when held. A fighter is reckoned to be able to use any weapon he wants.

  • Weight 1 lb
  • Cost: 2 gp
  • Damage 1d3 (small), 1d4 (medium)
  • Critical x3
  • Type piercing
  • Category:  light
  • Proficiency: simple weapon
  • Weapon Group: close
Small2 gp1d31/2 lb.1
Medium2 gp1d41 lb.2
Large4 gp1d62 lb.4



Dagger, Punching: Item Enhancements in Simple Weapons 5e
Steel2 gp302 gp102
Adamantine3,002 gp202Bypass hardness less than 20
Deep Crystal1,002 gp102Psionic
Mundane Crystal302 gp81No rusting, not metal
Iron, Cold4 gp304 gp102Magical enchantments cost an additional 2,000 gp.
Mithral502 gp1521/2 weight
Silver, Alchemical22 gp322 gp81−1 damage
Masterwork weapons in 5e have a +1 enhancement bonus on  the attack rolls.


Simple weapon 5e

Magical/Psionic Weapon Enhancements ( Punching Daggers 5e Simple weapons )

Bonus ValueAdditional Cost1Hardness Increase2Additional hp2
1+2,000 gp+210
2+8,000 gp+420
3+18,000 gp+630
4+32,000 gp+840
5+50,000 gp+1050
6+72,000 gp31260
7+98,000 gp31470
8+128,000 gp31680
9+162,000 gp31890
10+200,000 gp320100
+11 or more+ bonus squared+ enhancement bonus × 2+ enhancement bonus × 10
× 20,000 gp
A. Raise total cost for magical enhancement by 2,000 gp for cold iron weapons.
B. Unlike the additional cost, the rise the weapon’s hit points and hardness are gained from its enhancement bonus, not its special abilities.
C. Suppose the weapon has a magical bonus greater than +5.  Or it has a special ability worth more than +5. In that case this weapon is epic. You can Multiply magic cost by 10.


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