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The Fappening | How nude images of actresses leaked?

The Fappening

The original Fappening scandal, which happened in 2014, is currently becoming a new reboot this season. Another account hacking incident of Several celebrities recently. With their nude photos posted online this week, even though legal action threats against individuals publish and spread the X-rated content.

The Fappening story

This entire reboot started when someone hacked Modern Family celebrity, Sarah Hyland. Her naked photos were posted on the internet by an unnamed hacker in July. And also, bogus promises of an impending escape involving Kylie Jenner and Victoria Justice again surfaced. However, no pictures ended up on the internet.

The Fappening and nudity

A fresh batch of nude photos went on a series of websites, with the list of affected celebrities including former Miss England and Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd and American actress Anne Hathaway. There are no details about how the hacks occurred and stolen photographs, but there’s a great chance that it took place through compromised iCloud accounts.

The Fappening began in 2014 when a hacker could access the iCloud accounts of several actors, stealing photos. It was taken with iPhones and then uploaded into the cloud, either or automatically by their apparatus for backup purposes.


More actors have combined this year’s record of those Fappening, with the list expanding with Lindsey Vonn, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, and Tiger Woods. Miley Cyrus continues to be targeted as part of another photo leak as well, along with Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell, now dating Kristen Stewart. Additionally, pictures of more stars attained the internet, now with Nicole Scherzinger and Dakota Johnson show in X-rated photos.

The fappening
The Fappening

What did the British Media say about the fappening?

According to a British media report, two different top T.V. celebrities in the U.K. have appeared in photographs printed on X-rated sites. The media did not disclose their names.

In most cases, the celebrities, as mentioned above, threatened with legal action, whoever posts the pictures and helps disperse them online. However, it seems that removing the content is impossible, as the photos may still be accessible to someone.

The role of FBI in the fappening

The FBI has seized several computers linked to 2014’s mass celebrity nude photo hack. 

They delicately dubbed”The Fappening,” according to a search warrant acquired from Gawker. Back in October, the feds searched the Chicago residence of Emilio Herrera. And FBI decided one or more computers at his house used to access or tried to get 572 iCloud accounts. The vast majority of which belong to”actors, models, or even their families and friends.” But somehow, Herrera hasn’t been arrested or even called a subject.

Whoever was using the computers in Herrera’s house didn’t need a complex hacking system to crack into the accounts. So we can chill out on the Apple outrage (until the next wrath, of course).

The merit confirmed some of the victims’ identities by multiplying their initials.

Role of Prosecution in the fappening

Prosecutors discover that’the Fappening’ actress nudes leak wasn’t Apple’s fault. Hacker Ryan Collins pleaded guilty to stealing several nude photos — including ones of Jennifer Lawrence — from Apple’s servers. 

The FBI snared him. At the process of this trial, it became clear that the hack did not involve compromised Apple’s services via brute-forcing or password cracking. Instead, they were the consequence of social engineering, in the kind of a phishing attack.

When the images leaked online, rumors were running rampant that Apple’s iCloud providers had crumpled under brute-force password-hacking strikes. Apple denied this at the time and expressed that the hacks were a phishing scam. It is now becoming evident that this was indeed the case.

What happened in 2014 about “The fappening.”

In 2014, a range of photographs of actors from various states of undress found their way on the internet after collecting email and endangered Apple iCloud accounts. Collins was able to download the iCloud accounts’ copies and seemingly extracted the compromising photos from there.

“Folks store important private information in their internet accounts and within their digital devices,” said United States Attorney Eileen M. Decker.

In the court documents, it became evident that Collins’ assault sufferers fell victim to a phishing scam. Collins supposedly sent emails to the sufferers that appeared to come from Google or Apple, warning the victims about their compromised accounts, and asking for their login details. 

The victims would enter their password information. Having gained access to this email address, Collins managed to download emails and gain further access to other files, such as iCloud accounts.

How many accounts hacked in the fappening

According to the prosecutors, he had been able to get over 120 different Gmail and iCloud accounts. It was a trial for a felony violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. It isn’t clear if the DoJ is pursuing research into other men and women who might have had a hand in spreading the images.

Collins faced five years behind bars, together with penalties of around $250,000. He will take a plea arrangement resulting in an 18-month sentence.

In June of last year, Apple included a guide on identifying phishing emails for their website — following the account hacking scandal broke. In it, they advise that “if you get an unsolicited email requesting personal advice, do not supply any information. First, check directly with the business that is the one requesting this advice.” Prudent advice.


The fappening was a crime.

It’s a private moment between two people. But for those in the public eye, using tiny-minded hackers distressed to get to their confidential files and violate their privacy. That is not an act they can openly participate in doing so.

 Amanda Seyfried is the latest victim of stolen nude photographs out of her phone and leaked online. At the same time, Emma Watson has had personal photos hacked from her telephone and circulated on the internet.

It isn’t a new crime, especially in the previous five decades. Several famous names were victims of personal photographs splashed online. As their solitude and broken fundamental human rights. a range of actors has chosen to remain silent on the merciless hacking.

 Many have decided to speak out against the internet demons, calling them to justice and talking candidly about how vulnerable’ and offended’ they feel. We revisit the powerful messages a range of the victims have shared in the wake of the hacks, revealing the real impact something so invasive had on their lives.

Emma Watson suffered from the fappening

After revealing her photographs, Emma left her position crystal clear when she kissed her friend Jennifer Lawrence in 2014.

 It was After she found out that someone leaked her nude photos and circulated them online. 

Emma took it upon herself to criticize the people for their lack of empathy over the hack, writing on Twitter:

Emma had herself been threatened by the hackers that claimed they had nude photos of her. However, she later revealed she understood it was a hoax’. And She spoke of the danger, which came after a speech she gave on gender equality, stating:

‘After I gave my speech [at the U.N.], there was a website threatening to release naked images of me. I knew it was a hoax. I understood the pictures did not exist. But I feel many people near me understood gender equality was an issue but did not believe it was urgent. It was a thing of the past. ‘And then when they saw the minute I stood up talking about women’s rights. Someone jeopardized me. I think they were very shocked. 

The fappening
The fappening

My brother was incredibly angry.’ And she then found herself the victim of a new hack this week. 

Again she lost her photographs during a swimsuit. Although she’s denied any of them were nude shots. Her spokesman confirmed the hack Wednesday, saying in a statement:’Photos from clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago were stolen. ‘They are not nude photographs. Lawyers know it, and we aren’t commenting further.’

Demi Lovato was also another victim of the Fappening.

As reported, the Disney celebrity had become the latest victim of naked photo hacking. Reports claim that pictures of her posing on a bed within an abysmal hooded shirt do the rounds on pornography websites. It isn’t nude, and it’s just cleavage.

The Heart Attack hitmaker also rightly pointed out that she chose to go nude in a revealing Vanity Fair photoshoot in October 2015. So if the hackers believed she is timid, it is a mistake

In 2014, in the height of precisely what the net dubbed as ‘ The Fappening.’ countless private explicit pictures of actors leaked online. She, too, had stolen private photos reported of her in bed and meant just for ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. A source who claims to have seen the images when they were of Demi and stated the collection. I’ve shown some naked, including the face, some contained parts of the body. Demi is famous for — tattoos, butt, chin’. Speaking to Radar Online, the source added:’Then, I have pictures of her getting rowdy. I will assure you these photos are legitimate of Demi.’

Maisie Williams: Another victim if the fappening

In December a few years back, Sport Of Thrones celebrity Maisie Williams, 19, fell victim to some hackers. They had some revealing pictures of the actress posing in black bikini bottoms while sat cross-legged on a rock near the ocean. But, Maisie’s camp downplayed the seriousness of these snap. She released an announcement on Maisie’s behalf reading:’The images aren’t explicit, but pictures of Maisie and intimate friends in a spa at a recent visit to Japan.’

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the more successful hack sufferers. Afterward, she had a range of intimate photos stolen in August 2014. Her repetitions verified were of those Hunger Games actress and were old photos she’d sent to a former boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. A spokesperson for the Oscar-winning celebrity said at the moment:’The fappening is a flagrant breach of privacy. 

The police have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who places the stolen pictures of Jennifer Lawrence.’ And, in a frank interview with Vanity Fair three months later, Jennifer condemned the hacking as a’sex crime’, anathematizing anyone who looked at the snaps after the leak.

In her interview with the journal in October 2014, she explained:’Just because I’m a public figure, just because I am an actress, does not necessarily mean I asked because of this. ‘It does not indicate that it comes with the territory. It’s my own body, and it needs to be my pick, and the fact that it is not my pick is disgusting. ‘I can not feel we live in that kind of world. It is not a scandal. 

I call it a sex offense. It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting.’ I have a long-distance relationship, and your boyfriend will look at pornography, or he is likely to look at you.’

 In November the same year, J-Law even admitted that the hacking scandal had set her off using social media. She told BBC Radio One:’Because the world wide web has scorned me so much, I feel like it’s that woman in high school I’m like”Oh you want to talk about her? Yeah, I will do this”.’

Mary Elizabeth Winstead seriously hurt by the fappening

In 2014 hack targeted Several celebrities. A Good Day To Die Hard actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, you were posting two tweets on the matter which were as successful as they were full of sass. To those of you considering photographs, I took with my husband years back from the house’s solitude, hoping you feel good about yourself. Feeling for every hacked lady. — Mary E. Winstead (@M_E_Winstead) August 31, 2014

Jessica Brown Findlay

Another casualty of the fappening, 2014 was Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay, 27. She had numerous movies featuring her escape online, showing her performing a sex act on an unidentified man.

 Her spokesperson supported the videos were Jessica’s saying at the time:’Jessica isn’t making any comment because it is a criminal investigation’. She later spoke out about the leak, calling for hacks like hers to be better policed.’ Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, she said:’I want to start talking up. 

I want the world to start looking into the treatment of women, particularly on the internet. ‘Because to me, there appear to be two types of rules: one for the actual world and one to the cyber world. ‘`I don’t know why in a society where we live through the web, where is our privacy?.’

The fappening
The fappening

Katie Upton: iCloud victim of the fappening

Another 2014 iCloud victim, Katie Upton, confirmed she had had nude photographs stolen and leaked on the internet, vowing to pursue’ the culprits and anyone replicating the pictures. Her attorney said at the time:’We need to follow anyone disseminating or duplicating these illegally obtained images to the fullest extent possible.’ 

And her representative added:” This is an outrageous violation of our client Kate Upton’s privacy. We need to pursue anyone disseminating or duplicating these illegally obtained images to the fullest extent possible.’

Kaley Cuoco

Even the Big Bang Theory celebrity Kaley Cuoco managed to stay upbeat following her leaked photos regarding the issue of the fappening.

She was telling Jimmy Kimmel how she found out about it at the time because she’s a Google alert set up on her telephone for herself. ‘I was among the murdered men and women. It was upsetting. It was an awful situation. ‘Alright, I’m not going to lie. I have entirely Google alerts that come to my telephone.

 Hence, anything that pops up with my title comes to my phone because I obsess about it. I want to understand what’s happening. ‘So every day there is like 30″Kaley Cuoco Nude Photos.”

It went for decades, but it’s all these fake ones. .’ And she revealed that one of the first things she did was to send an email to her loved ones, adding:’I stated, “Just so you know, this occurred, blah, blah, blah.

 P.S. I’m not pregnant, I am not getting a divorce” — I find everything out from the email. ‘`you must make fun of yourself. ‘I took a photo with my favorite program. It is called nudity. It is hilarious you can blur out things.

 ‘I was shooting a scene on Big Bang Theory and that I was with all the guys, and it was the day after this whole nude escape occurred. So I’m sitting there together, and between takes, they helped me pick out the image and what I need to nudity so that I could, for example, “get them [the hackers] back.”


Scarlett Johansson: Another victim of the fappening

Scarlett was one of the previous victims of the nude photograph hackers. Someone hacked the email of the 32-year-old. 

And the same person leaked two of her pictures from the phone while posing semi-naked topless photo. 

 At the same time, she seductively stares into the camera. At the time, she tried to laugh off the incident, saying:’I know my best angles’. However, in an interview with CNN in September 2011, she proclaimed her privacy violation.

 Stating:’Just because you’re in the spotlight, or just because you’re an actor, doesn’t mean you’re can not have privacy. ‘Regardless of the context, it seems unjust; it feels wrong. ‘To me, it’s an adjustment. There are particular instances I believe where you give a lot of yourself, finally you just kind of need to put your foot down and say, “No wait, I’m taking it back.”‘

Speaking to Stylist magazine at the time, she explained:’It was very terrible; I felt violated. I was not conscious of how vulnerable most people are. Still, I think everyone is just discovering that now, particularly with the latest phone-hacking scandals in the fappening. ‘It isn’t just celebrities. It’s all kinds of individuals who are not asking for the spotlight. 

Scarlett added her statement regarding “The Fappening.”

Scarlett even revealed how she’d thought it was a friend who had leaked the photos at the time. 

 ‘I had been looking around at all my buddies, who I know for 20 years, wondering that the backstabber was. So to find out, it was not a friend who did this. It was a relief, oddly.’ Scarlett previously confessed she shot the photographs for her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds. ‘I sent them to my husband. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s not like I had been shooting a porno â$” although there’s nothing wrong with that .’

Anna Kendrick: Another victim of the fappening

She was not on the list of celebs who had had their photographs stolen. However, the fact that she wasn’t on the record has been music to her brother’s ears. Anna’s response to his tweet on the matter provided the most effective light-hearted relief of the entire scandal.


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