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Travel Guide To The Safest City of the world (2022 FIFA Cup Doha)

Doha ( Qatar ) Travel guide during World Cup Football 2022: Football lovers in desert

A country with a rich history behind it, the 2022 World Cup host, Doha is one of the wealthiest cities in the world today and a popular tourist destination. Proud of its many landmarks, hotels, private beaches, shopping malls, and much more, this is the city’s safest city. Know Qatar before making your FIFA World Cup 2022 travel plan.

So, if you are a traveler planning your trip to Qatar, Doha is not a city you can miss out on. Similarly, if you already have Doha on your travel list, here is our detailed guide about the Qatari capital promising much more than a typical holiday experience.

Is Doha a Safe City?

As one of the world’s most popular destinations, Doha is the world’s safest city. Crime in the city is rare, and violent crime is no exception. Because of this, tourists can travel to Doha to see it. Especially at night without worrying too much about their safety at night.

In fact, according to official data from Numbeo, Doha ranks among the 133 countries according to security guidelines. The city is significantly better off than Georgia, Hong Kong, Oman, Taiwan, etc. It is important to note here that the sites mentioned are also in the top 10 safest places in the world.

What’s the Weather Like in Doha?

Summers will not be tolerated in Doha if you are considering taking a trip to Qatar at this time. With hot desert weather from May to September, Doha temperatures rose sharply, with unbearable humidity.This is where travelers avoid coming to town as seeing Doha becomes impossible in such weather.

However, the temperatures are quite pleasant when it comes to winter as the city records the lowest temperature of 13.8 degrees Celsius. In addition, there is heavy rain at this time in Qatar, up to four inches.

6 Interesting Facts About Doha

Look at the few most exciting facts about Doha, which are worth notable for any visitor.

Hotels are a Treat in the City

Now here’s the thing, hotels and resorts in Doha are a natural gift for travelers on their trip. The city is hub of the best hotels in the world that offer efficient services. Proud of their free hospitality to Arabia, exclusively to Doha hotels without their construction services.

Hotels create a beautiful combination of Qatar’s modern and old buildings, which is a great pleasure for travelers. The best part is that guests coming to hotels are welcome in the whole new world of Qatar culture, which is all you can ask for on the trip.

Notable Hotels in Doha-

  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel
  •  Marsa Malaz Kempinski Doha
  •  Intercontinental Doha
  • Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels
  • St. Regis Doha

Food to Blow Your Senses

The cooking experience is something that many travelers want for their trip to Qatar, and there is an excellent reason for that. Qatari cuisine offers some fragrant dishes that you can find anywhere in the world. Dishes in this country are a delicious combination of many dishes, and restaurants in Doha have it all.

Best Dishes One Can Find in Doha-

  • Saloona
  • Warak enab
  • Balaleet
  • Machboos
  • Madrouba


A city with a long history following it, Doha has preserved its past in most museums present in the town. Moreover, many top-line architects have come to the city over the years and left their mark on the museums with exemplary architecture. Hence, as far as the city’s museums go, Doha has some of the most delicate structures with unique collections that travelers can find on their tours anywhere in the world.

Notable Museums in Doha-

  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • National Museum of Qatar
  • Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum
  • Mathaf
  • Msheireb Museums

The Mesmerizing Beauty of Sand Dunes:


You may wonder what’s impressive about dunes in Doha. The dunes in Doha aren’t just ordinary dunes you find anywhere on your travels.

Typically, to reach these dunes, travelers have to a 4×4 vehicle as that is the only way you can get to these locations in Doha.

Best Desert Adventures to Try in Doha-

  •  Dune bashing
  •  Camel Ride
  •  Desert Surfing
  •  Hot Air Balloon Ride
  •  Paratriking

Men to Women Ratio

Another interesting fact about Qatar, not just Doha, is the country’s average number of men and women. Qatar has the highest number of men of all women in the world today. There are approximately 3.41 men for every woman in Qatar, the highest in the world.

The country leaves Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait behind, with the UAE holding second place in the world rankings.


Last to those fascinating facts about Doha, the city’s airport is one of the highlights for travelers. Known as Hamad International Airport, this is the only airport in Qatar and has an attractive interior. Thanks to this airport, Qatar is one of the most prominent international travel destinations in the world today.

Top Places to Explore during Doha World Cup Football 2022

City of the most beautiful and dignified places in the world. Here are some of the top locations you can visit in Doha during your trip to Qatar.

Souq Waqif

Being one of the most outstanding destinations in Qatar and a popular tourist destination in Doha, Souq Waqif takes you on a fascinating journey throughout the history of Doha. Located in an old trading post where animals and other items were sold in a nomadic way of life, visitors always came to this place to treat themselves with a purchase or a good cooking experience.

Best Time to Visit Souq Waqif-

The prime time to visit Souq Waqif is during the evening as this is when the weather in the city is more relaxed than daytime timings and much favorable for Doha sightseeing.

  1. Pearl Doha

Another of those popular Qatar tourist attractions in Doha, the Pearl Doha, is a perfect location for you if you’re one of those in love with a luxurious lifestyle. It is an artificial Island that is residence to some of the wealthiest citizens of Qatar. If you are planning to attend Doha World Cup, you should not miss it out.

Best Restaurants and Cafes at Pearl Doha-

  • Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar
  • Al Mayas
  • Anima Lounge
  • Baladna
  • Burj Al Hamam

Museum of Islamic Art

Being one of Qatar’s most important cultural landmarks is a museum. The Islamic Art Museum is located at MIA Park in Doha and is a miracle in itself. Designed by world-renowned architect IM Pei, the museum’s exhibition highlights visitors to their tour of Doha.

Things to See at the Islamic Art Museum-

  • Articles
  • Calligraphy
  • Pottery
  • Art exhibitions
  • Islamic art

Katara Cultural Village

Another good location that highlights the Qatari culture, Katara Cultural Village, is also known as the Valley of Cultures due to the array of attractions it offers. The village is home to a theater, art galleries, opera houses, heritage centers, and much more.

Travelers must enjoy the various attractions of the village and have a great time at the Katara beach. What’s more? The town has several cafes that offer fantastic food options for visitors. Things You Can Do at Katara Cultural Village are to watch the museums, Visit art galleries, Dine-in, Watch concerts and Enjoy the beach.

There is much more to enjoy there!

Wish you a happy trip to Doha during 2022 Football World Cup!


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