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How does uncanny dodge 5e work for Rogue while grappled in dnd?

How does uncanny dodge work 5e? Is it overpowered?

Uncanny Dodge 5e: Beginning at 5th level, when an attacker that you usually see hits you with an attack, you may apply your reaction to halve the attack’s injury against you. As a rogue, you have the Class Feature of Uncanny Dodge in dnd 5e. You can still use uncanny Dodge while you are in prone condition. However, while grappled, you may not benefit from the Dodge action that is a different thing from Uncanny Dodge. Uncanny Dodge does not help against a fireball spell since the spell doesn’t include an attack.

Correlating Uncanny Dodge to Shield appears a bit off at times. Since Uncanny Dodge can be administered once per round without limit, and Shield attacks a 1st level spell slot when cast.

The balance for Uncanny Dodge is great. Neither OP nor UP. There is absolutely no problem with the rogue balance, although it works differently from many other non-caster classes. Most classes get a big hike in power at level 5 from either level 3 spells or extra attack. However, the Rogue’s advantages are more spread out.

If rogues only got uncanny Dodge, then maybe we’d talk about balance, but they also get cunning action, sneak attack, evasion, etc. Looking at a single ability in a vacuum doesn’t tell us much, but overall, the Rogue is a perfectly solid class.

Is Uncanny Dodge 5e a powerful dnd?

Uncanny Dodge is potent. If it was more powerful, or if it didn’t use up a reaction, tanks would be offering five levels in Rogue to get the ability. And how silly would that be?

You can’t compare Uncanny Dodge to 5e Shield. Uncanny Dodge is used every single round, every single combat. So, of course, Shield will be more powerful. It’s good just a few times a day, and only if it’s prepared or known.

Better to match it to, say, the Fighting Style “Protection.” Appears to stack up well.

As for his multi-attack complaint, well, it’s starting to sound like he’s whining. It sounds like he wants his Rogue only to take half damage, and the game doesn’t work that way.

Can Rogues take half damage from all non-spell attacks at the 5th level?

You can only take one reaction per round. If the Rogue uses Uncanny Dodge in 5e dnd, they can’t use it again till the start of their next turn and can’t do anything different that needs a reaction. Most singular strong enemies have multi-attack, so even then, a rogue could only dodge one portion of a dragon’s claw-claw-bite attacks. It’s unquestionably a powerful skill, and it would most often be better to take the Dodge followed by the OA. 

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, can Rogue’s Uncanny Dodge apply to more than one attack?

D&D 5th edition words uncanny dodge like the following: “Suppose an attacker that you can see hits you with an attack. You might use your reaction to halve the attack’s damage against you.”

That indicates that you cannot dodge things like traps, dragons breath, rockslides, fireballs, avalanches, and others.

Because it applies your reaction, not only can you only handle it upon one attack per turn, but you also lose your capacity to attack opportunity, cast any spells the requires a reaction, or take advantage of any abilities that require a reaction, such as commander’s strike. Suppose you use any of these reaction abilities. You can no longer use uncanny dodge ability until your next turn.

Uncanny Dodge is really good, but it is not amazing by any stretch. If you expect to run into the middle of a melee and use uncanny Dodge to “tank”, you fit to be sorely disappointed, however not for too long. You will be dead fast too.

Uncanny Dodge 5e and Improved Uncanny Dodge ought no provisions upon the number of attacks they apply to. In the RAW, UcD retains a Dexterity bonus to AC even if caught flat-footed or struck by an invisible foe, and IUcD cannot be flanked.

There is Zero within either description restricting the number of times this applies or that it is an ability that may run out or be twisted off. That applies to Barbarian 5e or Rogue (or any other class, sub-class, Prestige Class) with that ability. Also, the ability heaps if you have various classes with it (if you already have UcD when you get it in a different class, it automatically upgrades to Improved)



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