10 Reasons Not to Move to Savannah

1. Weather

If you can’t manage the heat, leave the South—as with most regions in the lower section of the country. In Savannah, many disadvantages of relocating to this beautiful beachfront city stem from the warm climate.

2. There Aren’t Four Seasons

This isn’t the town for you if watching the leaves change color in the fall is a top priority. In addition to having summers that are far hotter and more humid than residents in northern states are accustomed to, Georgia only has warm and hot seasons.


You would be quickly surprised upon entering the city for the first time by car. Not by the splendor of all the foliage but by the awful smell.

4. Tourists

Living in a location that attracts plenty of tourists might be demanding. However, many months of the year are pleasant. Therefore visitors swarm to Savannah.

5. There’s No Snow

Given all the chatter about the weather is warmer, you presumably recognized where this was headed. But if you adore weekend ski vacations or can’t wait to break out the snowboards and sleds the moment a fresh dusting of snowfall falls

6. Prepare for Hurricanes

Hurricanes are still a concern to be aware of while moving to Savannah, even if they are not as common as in other parts of the country. Only 22 storms have made landfall in Georgia in the past, but many more have nonetheless had an influence.

7. You’ll Need Flood Insurance

You can also be obliged to pay higher insurance prices due to the increased weather issues. One such premium that could appear on your list of costs when moving into a new house or apartment is flood insurance.

8. Parking

Parking is a problem, so it’s a good thing Savannah is so walkable. However, finding a parking spot is getting more difficult due to tourists and a shortage of available space. It is not truly the case that parking eats into your wallet because the parking prices are reasonable.

9. Distance Traveling

Getting there would be more straightforward given how well-known this Georgian town is as a tourist destination. Savannah is a little town with big-town requirements.

10. Housing

In Savannah, lovers from various walks of life find each other. Some people are very moved and desire to settle here permanently. Rents have increased citywide as a result of increased demand.