Pros and Cons of Living in Costa Rica As an American

Pros and Cons of Living in Costa Rica As an American

Costa Rica, a lovely nation in Central America, is unquestionably a stunning vacation or permanent residence location.

Costa Rica Is Incredibly Beautiful

The nation is blessed with a wide variety of landscapes and natural beauty. You can discover these natural treasures of this mountainous nation between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean if you live in Costa Rica.

Healthy Political Climate

The government also tries to resolve land disputes, scandals, and prejudice against indigenous people. Additionally, they have a free electoral system that enables all adults to cast a ballot.

Costa Rica is reasonably priced.

The general cost of living in Costa Rica is modest, regardless of where you stay. This is particularly pertinent compared to nations like the United States and western Europe, though not quite as low as Mexico.

Dangerous Local Driving

The poor state of the roads contributes to some of the local driving hazards. However, you must also exercise caution because drivers may not always be on the lookout for you.

Government and health care wait times are long.

There are occasions when you must wait months to receive specialized care, including surgery. The length of the general physical wait varies.

A Whole Lot of Bugs

Certainly, a wide variety of insects and other organisms exist in all different sizes, shapes, and biodiversity.