What does a yellow heart 💛 mean on snapchat?

What does a yellow heart mean on snapchat?

What does a yellow heart 💛 mean on snapchat?

Snapchat is full of subtle quirks you’ll only notice once you’ve been making use of it for a long time. One of them is the appearance of random emoticons. Do you know there are 14 of them. They are often found next to your friends’ names, famous names, and even on Snapchat Stories. Snapchat Stories. This post will explore the meaning behind the yellow hearts on Snapchat.

Only one heart of yellow at a time when you chat with a very special person. Your best friend on Snapchat! If you’ve got your BFF as your number one and they aren’t accomplishing this level of achievement. Both of you have to be the same person. If you keep this up for two weeks, your heart’s yellow turns red!

Simply put, this Emoji that is in contact is the person you snap the most and who also snaps with the highest frequency (#1 most trusted friend). The #1 BF heart in yellow changes to a red heart after two weeks.

Snapchat Friends Emojis explained.

Snapchat employs 14 different emojis for categorizing your friends. It’s not easy to track all the Snapchat Emoji’s meanings. Each Emoji signifies a distinct part of the connection between yourself and another person. It’s like an unspoken Snapchat Emoji code. Did you know that? You may need to go over the fundamentals about Snapchat first.

1. Yellow Heart💛

Are you wondering what the yellow heart symbol means on Snapchat? Simply, it means that you and the other user are the best of friends. You and your best friend are on Snapchat, and you’ve sent the highest number of pictures to their accounts, as well as they’ve sent the most snaps back to you.

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2. Red Heart ❤️

You’ll notice the red heart emoticon alongside the Snapchatter’s name. It occurs if both of you have been the best of acquaintances on the platform over the past two weeks in a row (i.e. that you’ve sent the most Snapchats to them, and they’ve sent the most snaps to you).

3. Pink Heart

If you take this to its logic, you’ll be able to see an emoji that resembles two hearts in pink if you’ve been your best buddies for the past two months.

4. Gold Star

Snapchat also includes the gold star emoji. It will appear in the name of a friend whenever someone replays the snap in the past 24 hours.

5. Sunglasses Face

The sunglasses emoji that Snapchat uses indicates both have a good friend in common, and you send each other many Snaps in a shared connection. That does not mean you are the same friend.

6. Grimacing Face 😬

The grimacing face emoticon signifies that you have an identical best friend. You’re sending the most snaps to the exact person they do. Awkward. Also, take a moment to think for the person who gets the constant stream of snaps. Maybe you should slow down slightly! 

7. Smirking Face

The smirking face emoticon is precisely the opposite of the grimacing Face. It demonstrates that you’re their most trusted friend (they have more photos than any other). However, they’re not your top buddy (you are sending more pictures to others than you send for them). Also, it’s pretty awkward, and we’re sure that you’ll agree.

8. Smiling Face

Ah, this one’s slightly more pleasing. A smiley face emoticon on Snapchat indicates that you’re buddies with one another. Not the most ideal of friends, but good friends. You and your partner often send each other a lot of photos regularly.

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9. Baby Face

Are you friends with a brand new person on Snapchat? You’ll then see that adorable baby face emoticon next to the person’s name. The Emoji will disappear automatically within a couple of weeks.

10. Fire

Snapchat employs three emojis to correspond directly to the Snapstreak. If you notice the fire emoji, it’s a sign that you and the other person have taken a snap of the other three times in 3 consecutive days. Both of you must have shared a snap to get the Emoji. The number next to the Emoji indicates how many days you’ve been on the Snapstreak.

11. One Hundred

The red one hundred Emoji is likely to appear after you and your pal have completed 100 days of Snapstreak. It’s the perfect way to increase the quality of your Snapchat score.

In all honesty, if you achieve 100 days in a row of snapping photos, you’re entitled to more than just an emoticon. However, that’s not our choice.

12. Hourglass

The hourglass icon will appear on the right side of the person’s name when you’re Snapstreak in their company is set to expire. It will show up within a couple of hours before the timer expires.It’s pretty useful. In the end, you don’t want to ruin that fantastic 100 emoji, would you?

13. Birthday Cake

It doesn’t require an artist to figure the idea. You’ll see the birthday cake Emoji next to the name of a person’s friend on their birthday and send them a photo to wish them a happy birthday. It only appears if the user can add their birthday on Snapchat.

14. Zodiac Signs

If the user has entered their birth date, the zodiac sign emoji will be displayed next to their name. Zodiac significations are in purple with white emblems.