Who TF is Falco AOT? Attack on Titan Facts

Falco AOT

Who TF is Falco AOT?

Falco Grice, an Eldian associated with the Warriors and Reiner Braun, is Falco Grice. He is Colt Grice’s younger brother. Falco Grice is an essential character in Attack on Titan, a Japanese dark fantasy manga from 2009 and the final season for the anime series of that name. Falco, an Eldian boy, grew up in Marley. He is currently a candidate to become the Armored Titan. To ensure Gabi Braun’s safety, Falco intends to inherit Armored Titan. It reduces one’s life expectancy, and because of the crush he has on her.

Natsuki Hanae (Japanese) and Bryson Baugus (English) voice him.

Pure Titan Form

Falco was transformed into a titan, and its pure titan form was tall and skinny. It had a long neck with no distinguishable lower jaw and a very high neck similar to Reiner’s Armored Titan. It had a round mouth with its upper jaw connecting to the base of the nose.

Jaw Titan Form

Falco’s hybrid of Jaw Titan and Beast Titan was created when Falco accidentally ingested Zeke Yeager (current Beast Titan) spinal fluid. Falco then went on to devour Porco Galliard, who was Jaw Titan’s owner. (Porco gave his life to save Reiner Braun and bring Falco back into his sanity). Falco, a Jaw Titan’s titan form, shrank to just five meters tall and had a muscular build similar to other Jaw Titans.

The Titan form of his Titan has two jaw sets, the outer one capable of cutting through more brutal objects like Titan armored skin. The initial appearances of his titan form are avian. His outer jaws remind one of a bird’s beak, while his legs resemble talons. Falco takes on an avian appearance when he regains control of his titan form. He has large wings and a prominent beak.

How was the appearance of Falco in AOT?

Falco Grice, a small boy with a petite build, is Falco. His unkempt, blonde hair is long, and he has large brown eyes. His uniform includes:

  • A tan jacket.
  • Pants.
  • Supply bags on his waist.
  • Suspender straps.
  • A hard hat with stripes around it.

Falco’s left arm is also covered in a yellow armband, which signifies his status as an Eldian.

He ended up killing his brother.

Falco’s elder brother Colt was also Warrior Cadet. His older brother Colt was also a Warrior Cadet. He was dedicated and protective of his younger brother. However, Falco accidentally killed his brother when he transformed into a Titan. The blast that occurred nearby caused him to die. Colt was the chosen one to wield Beast Titan power before his death.


Falco is not physically built to fight and is not able to assert himself on the battlefield. His brother saves him from being wounded and clarifies that he cannot fight back against enemy fire. Falco is not a coward. Gabi is often under fire, and Falco will jump from his hiding place to save Gabi, potentially risking his own life.

Falco is a compassionate and merciful person. He brought an enemy soldier to the trench to heal him.

Marley arc

Falco and other Warrior Candidate take part in the Marleyan assault on Fort Slava. Falco is injured during the fighting, and Colt must carry him back to safety inside one of Marley’s trenches. As Gabi Braun explains to Falco their objectives, their fellow candidates tend Falco’s wounds. Udo wraps Falco’s head in bandages, but he pulls too tightly when he panics at the thought that Marley is a military failure. Falco questions Gabi about why they are there as candidates. Gabi says it is so that Commander Magath can evaluate their abilities as successors of the Armored Titan power.

Falco is concerned for Gabi’s safety and fears she might be hurt when she offers to destroy the enemy’s anti-Titan artillery. After Gabi has successfully derailed the train, Falco watches and then he shoots at a surviving shooter. Falco leaps from the trench to save her, and Porco Galliard protects both of them with his Titan.

Falco takes a wounded enemy soldier with him to the trench to get treatment. Udo assists him, but Gabi and Koslow mock him by saying that he is a strange person and that fighting like this will not help him earn the power to the Armored Titan. Falco interrupts the man’s speech and asks Udo for translation. However, he is shocked to learn that he insults them. After caring for their wounded, the cadets watched as Zeke Jaeger’s Pure Titans attacked Fort Slava.

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Falco in AOT, his friends and his family are resting on the docks after the battle. All seem to be worried about the possibility that Titans might not be the dominant force in the world. Falco attempts to comfort Gabi by telling her that Reiner survived losing many limbs and even his entire head. Udo becomes angry at the Eldian reputation and the traumatized war prisoner. Reiner arrives to greet Falco. Gabi angrily responds to Falco’s suggestion that Reiner should take a break and should be resting.

Reiner attempts to have small talks with Falco while the Eldian unit returns to Liberio by train. Falco bitterly reminds Reiner that Reiner only has two more years before he dies. He also said that Gabi would only live to twenty-seven if she inherits the Armored Titan. Reiner threatens to inform their superiors Falco has been slandering the Warrior Program. Falco, fearful, swears loyalty to Marley and says it is an honor to inherit the power of the Titans. Reiner coaxes Falco into claiming that he wants the Armored Titan. Reiner demands Falco inherit the Titan to save Gabi. Falco is left confused.

Falco arrives in Liberio and sees Galliard helping an over-eager Colt get out of the train. He also complains about his brother’s drinking habits. Gabi is congratulated, and Falco thinks back to his conversation with Reiner. He wonders if Reiner shares his desire for Eldians to be free from being used as weapons of war. Falco vows to do more to win Reiner’s Titan as the unit marches towards Liberio’s internment zone.

Falco enters the internment zone and sees Koslow leading a group of injured Eldians away. Koslow asks Falco to explain that the soldiers are not related and will be treated at the hospital. Koslow starts terrorizing the Eldians, and Falco agrees to calm them down. He attempts to calm the soldiers and helps one soldier fix his armband to be on the correct arm.

Reiner commits suicide unwittingly because of his inability to learn new skills after training. He wanders towards the hospital, and the soldier who adjusted his armband invites Reiner to sit next to him. Falco is assured by the man that he does not suffer from mental trauma like other patients. Falco denies he will ratify him to the staff. Falco answers questions about his injuries and training. He shares his concerns that he won’t inherit the Armored Titan. Falco points out that Falco won’t have to die young from The Curse of Ymir, but Falco insists that he wants Gabi to be free from the curse and laments that he probably will not be able to.

Kruger later asks Falco to deliver a note for him. He claims that the letter is intended to notify his family that he is safe and sound in the internment area. Falco agrees to do so.

Falco wins a race against Gabi for the first time thanks to hard work. He also earns commendations from Udo and Zofia and two officials at the Internment Zone Gate. Gabi is frustrated by Falco’s insistence on beating her. She points out that Falco’s family will be made honorary Marleyans once Falco inherits the Beast Titan. Falco confesses to trying to outrank Gabi to win her favor, which confuses Gabi and causes Falco to run away in embarrassment.

Kruger visits him in hospital and tells him about his recent success. He also expresses gratitude for his motivation. Kruger thanked him for his letters over the past month and informed the boy that he would be returning home after the festival. Falco runs away when he sees a doctor near their bench.

Falco and other candidates are tasked to serve the ambassadors of countries that have allied themselves with Marley on the eve. Udo spills wine on one ambassador, and Falco goes over to check.

Falco and other Warrior candidates have a great time at Reiner’s festival the next day. Falco meets Kruger again shortly before the announcement. Kruger mentions that Reiner was a friend of his, and Falco asks him to locate Reiner. Falco finds Reiner seated among the Warriors and tracks him down. Reiner is called by Falco, who leads Reiner to Kruger’s location.

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Falco helps reunite Eren and Reiner.

Falco senses the strangeness of the situation, Reiner’s shocked expression and initially blames the tension on the men not seeing each other for years. However, after watching Reiner fearfully follow Kruger’s orders to sit, he realizes something is wrong. Falco decides to go to the doctor, but Reiner tells him to remain by Kruger and Reiner. Falco remains and listens from the cellar to Lord Tybur’s presentation. Falco discovers that Kruger is an old friend of Reiner’s if they had met at Paradis. He is shocked to learn that he was in touch with Eren Jaeger. Falco accuses Eren, accusing him of cheating him. Eren starts to regenerate his leg. Falco discovers that the letters Eren had sent made him complicit and asks where they went. Falco is convicted when Eren tells Falco that they were for his Marley comrades.

Falco can process what Eren has just said and see Reiner rapidly turn towards him. Reiner grabs Falco to save him from the energy blast that Eren becomes the Attack Titan. Falco can escape the wreckage of the building thanks to Reiner’s partial transformation as the Armored Titan. He stares around in horror at all the destruction and fighting around him. Then he notices Eren’s Attack Titan stuck within the War Hammer Titan’s web. He still doubts that Eren deceived his eyes and wonders how he survived.

Falco reassures Reiner

Falco recalls Reiner bit his hand to transform and turns around to search for Reiner within the Titan’s incomplete body. Reiner is unconscious when he arrives at Falco’s rescue. He apologizes for his mistake. Falco is puzzled by Reiner’s inability to recover from the blast. However, he recalls Reiner’s actions before transforming. Reiner then realizes that someone with the Power of the Titans must have a strong will and the ability to survive to regenerate quickly. Reiner seems to have lost his will to live. Falco assures Reiner before he leaves to find help.

Magath discovers Falco and asks him questions about his actions and whether he has been hurt. Falco informs Magath that Reiner has been stuck in the ground, and it is his fault. Gabi arrives at the scene with a gun. They can see a massive explosion from the port in the distance. Magath claims it’s the Colossal Titan’s transformation.

Zeke is killed by Levi Ackermann. Soon after, Pieck’s Cart Titan falls off a nearby rooftop and crashes into the street in front of Falco, Gabi and Magath. Jean Kirschtein is about to give the final blow to Pieck when Falco rushes over to her side and begs him not to shoot. Falco pleads with Jean to not fire a Thunder Spear at him. However, a blast of steam from the Titan’s wound hits him and partially hits Falco. The spear explodes onto the ground instead. Falco takes Pieck, who is severely injured, from the Cart Titan and into his arms. While Falco and Gabi take Pieck to safety, Magath and Marleyan troops fight off the Scouts.

Falco and Gabi take refuge in a building after being shocked by the condition Pieck was left in. Falco notices that her injuries have been so severe that her body isn’t repairing itself quickly enough. Gabi questions Falco about Reiner. Falco replies that he doesn’t know because he was under the stage during Eren’s attack. He also believes that they shouldn’t disturb him. Gabi is stunned by Falco’s words and reminds him that Udo, Zofia, and many others were killed in Eren’s attack.

The Attack Titan is soon defeated and tries to bite through Jaw Titan’s nape. It prompts the children to shout for Reiner to save them. They succeed in yelling for Reiner to keep Galliard. Reiner appears as an unarmored Titan and can take Galliard from Eren. However, he is still knocked down by him—Gabi and Falco attempt to stop Eren as they leave the battle scene with Mikasa.

Falco meets Gabi and informs her that she would be killed if she pursued them now. Gabi says that despite how they are treated in the internment zone, it is still their home. She is puzzled as to why Falco wouldn’t want them to fight back. Falco recalls Eren’s and Reiner’s conversation and states that they responded to Reiner’s initial attack four years ago. Gabi is not convinced and picks up her gun again. Gabi tells Falco that her family fought until the end. She gets ready to fly to the escaping airship with the equipment she received from a deceased Scout. Falco follows Gabi after Reiner remembers his plea to him to save Gabi.

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Falco sees Gabi, who is shooting at one of the soldiers as she enters the airship. Falco narrowly saves Gabi from being attacked by another soldier as she fires again. Falco attempts to calm Gabi down, claiming that they are still fighting and the Paradis Island leaders will be paying for their attack. They are shocked to discover that Zeke, thought dead by Marley, was still alive and was one of the coordinators of the attack on the internment area.

Gabi and Falco arrive at Paradis Island, after which they are taken to a cell.

War for Paradis

Gabi, once imprisoned, begins to have seizures in their cell. Falco attempts to help her, but the guard enters to verify. Gabi feigned it and beat the guard with a brick concealed in her clothes. Falco protests not being heard, Gabi hits Falco again and forces Falco into hiding him. Falco, uncertain of what to do next, follow Gabi as she flees from the prison.

After running all night, they stop at a stream to get water and rest. He sees Gabi’s armband and asks her to remove it before anyone else does. Falco forcefully takes Gabi’s armband off, and he throws her to the ground. He is puzzled as to why Gabi behaves this way and believes she is insane. Kaya, a young girl, comes to their aid and asks them what they’re doing. The girl invites them all to her home, and Falco sees Gabi picking up a small rock to attack her. He then turns to Gabi and grabs it as they follow her.

Falco and Gabi arrive at Kaya’s house, and Kaya advises them to stay. Gabi considers riding one of the horses. Falco suggests they wait for a few more days. Falco informs Gabi as he goes that he will do the talking. He introduces Gabi to himself as “Ben” (and “Mia”) and tells her that they are siblings who fled their home. Falco notices Gabi taking Lisa Braus’s hand as they eat breakfast. He quickly apologizes and coaxes Gabi to eat.

Falco observes the ageing of workers at the stable.

Later in the day, Falco will be working with Gabi at the stables. He insists they remain where they are and expresses confidence that Reiner or Colt will be there. He meets Gabi outside for lunch. It was revealed that they are staying in an orphanage for children for the past four years. Falco and Gabi are shocked when Kaya says she is from Marley. Falco attempts to find an excuse, but Gabi gets closer to the pitchfork. Falco takes it away from Kaya, who tries to stab her with it. They are taken to Kaya’s village, where they learn that everyone ran away or was eaten alive by the Titan. Falco is shocked and finally admits it was part of an experiment that was done four years ago. He also apologizes to Kaya for her mother’s death. Gabi berates Falco, but he ignores the fact. He is shocked to learn that Kaya brought an axe to fight Titan. That gave her enough time to escape.

Nicolo gifts Falco a bottle of wine

Falco later goes with Gabi, the Braus family, and Nicolo to the restaurant. Falco is shocked by the high quality of the food. Gabi joins him in his search for Nicolo. He comes up with an excuse to leave, and Gabi agrees to go with him. They find him in the basement, and they reveal their identities as Marleyan Warrior candidate candidates. Falco sees the terror and fear in Nicolo’s eyes when Gabi tells that she killed Sasha. He tries to get Gabi’s attention. Falco jumps in front of Nicolo and is knocked unconscious by a wine glass. Nicolo brings Falco unconscious into the room and reveals Falco’s role in Sasha’s death. After all the details are clarified, Nicolo informs Hange Zoe that Falco is now clean. He then reveals to Hange Zoe that the wine bottle he used contained Zeke’s spinal fluid.

Conny and Hange immediately begin to rinse Falco with water, while Nicolo reveals more about Zeke’s spinal fluid. Falco is then taken to another room for bathing, but this is interrupted by the Jaegerists.

Falco eventually regains consciousness and, while being taken by the Jaegerists to Shiganshina, experiences an unexpected surge of electricity through his body due to Zeke’s screams from the Forest of Giant Trees. Falco is taken from the rest of the group and placed in Shiganshina with other Eldians who ingested Zeke’s spinal fluid. That is all About Falco AOT