10 Best automated Crypto Trading Apps in 2023


10 Best automated Crypto Trading Apps in 2023

Most people trade cryptocurrencies using mobile apps, but desktop apps are also popular with advanced crypto traders. Crypto trading is for individual users, groups, established funds, companies, and institutions. It’s a professional effort worth considering.

You can withdraw cryptocurrencies for a small fee. The best crypto apps or exchanges allow users to invest in other ways, such as mining, staking, and built-in institutional custody. A good app also allows traders to track real-time prices, set real-time alerts, and create advanced charts to support trading decisions and increase profitability.

As markets grow and evolve faster, trading is more accessible than ever to the everyday investor. This accessibility increases the choice of apps available to facilitate your investment. These decisions can be overwhelming for new investors who want to invest in the stock market but don’t know where to start.

Here are the 10 Best automated Crypto trading apps in 2023

1) XTrend Speed ​​Trading App:

The Trend Speed ​​app is designed to help traders process orders quickly—the best trading app for beginners in January 2023. There are only two screens, the order entry screen, and the watchlist screen.

XTrend Speed ​​also allows you to share your watchlist with up to 7 other users. The chat feature allows you to exchange market rates and evaluate trading ideas with other traders in your company. Additionally, you can integrate your account with other trading apps such as MT4 and XMarkets via API functionality. These features make it very useful for both professional traders and beginners.


A good trading app should be user-friendly. In an ideal world, we shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes mastering every feature and button.

With its user-friendly interface, XTrend is an excellent example of a simple but effective app that doesn’t overcomplicate things.

When you open an account, The app tracks your trades and reliably remembers when and which stocks to buy or sell based on patterns generated.

2) ExpertOption Mobile Trading App:

Expert Options mobile trading app is perfect for those who want to learn about binary options trading but don’t want to download a traditional trading app. ExpertOption mobile trading app is perfect for beginners to use in  2023.

For example, if you’re not ready to make such commitments yet or prefer to take a more casual approach, using an app might be your best option.

Most apps offer mobile apps that allow you to trade anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet access. And in most cases, users can trade with just two touches on their smartphone screen, making it easy and convenient to trade when they need it most.

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The ExpertOption mobile trading app is an excellent option due to its user-friendly interface and quick response times.


Easy access and easy to use. Easy download from Google Play Store or App Store.

No complicated registration is required to get started. ExpertOption offers an intuitive interface for novice traders. You don’t need a finance degree to use it. With features such as copy traders, virtual trading accounts, and various educational resources, ExpertOption is perfect for those new to investing and those who want to quickly learn how trading works before risking their own money.

3) 5paisa: Stocks, MFs, IPOs, ETFs App:

5paisa is an easy-to-use app with over 150 million users. You can trade stocks, MF programs, IPOs, and ETFs through the 5paisa app. In addition to these services, 5paisa offers its customers many financial products such as credit cards, loans, and insurance. The best trading app for beginners in January 2023.

The plus point of the 5paisa app is that it offers non-stop service to its customers at the lowest rates. advantage

This app was created by the State Bank of India (SBI) to facilitate paperless banking for its customers.

The 5paisa app offers all of SBI’s products and services, including ATM withdrawals, money transfers, and account balance inquiries, via an internet connection or a phone number linked to your bank account.

Available in both Android and iOS apps. This app allows you to receive SMS notifications when money is transferred to your account while you are on the go.

Get mobile alerts when your balance changes or you over-withdraw from an ATM. 

4) TradingView: All Market Tracking App:

TradingView is the best trading app for beginners in January 2023. TradingView has one of the most complete and robust charting apps.

Those who love trading futures and options will find various technical analysis tools. At the same time, investors have multiple chart types and timeframes.

For a fee, the user can also create custom technical indicators based on these charts. The app is excellent for stock trading and offers additional features for other markets, such as forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.


Many apps claim to track all markets, but the catch is that they usually only track a few markets.

Track All Markets gives you a comprehensive view of your favorite investments and many you may not know about, so you never miss a big move.

It offers news, daily reports, market overviews, and price alerts and can be customized to your liking.

The app is 100% free, but if you want more features like intraday analytics reports and stock alerts, it costs $5/month or $50/year. In addition to this fee, users will have to pay a data feed fee for the time they spend trading each day.

5) Avatrade: Forex and CFD Trading App:

The Avatrade app allows you to trade Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Stock CFDs from your smartphone or tablet.

It’s available for iOS and Android devices, making it a convenient choice that works with almost all popular mobile operating systems. This automated crypto trading bot can be best used in 2023. The trading app is also multilingual, making it accessible to traders worldwide.

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There is no fee to open an account with Avatrade, so even trading beginners can start Avatrade immediately. Another attractive feature of Avatrade is its excellent educational content, including videos on topics ranging from market news to risk management strategies.


Forex and CFD trading apps are one of the most popular and easy-to-use forex trading apps on Avatrade.

There are many reasons why Forex and CFD trading apps are great. No spreads, 5 order types (market, limit, stop loss, trailing stop loss, OCO), and 24/7 live support via email and chat.

Over 100 assets are available in 18 major currency pairs, including 8 commodities. There is no minimum deposit to open a demo account, and the trade size limit is only 0.01. 

6) MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading App

MetaTrader 4 is a highly flexible app that meets the needs of all traders. MetaTrader 4 forex trading app is the best trading app for beginners in January 2023.

They offer hundreds of indicators, multiple chart types, backtesting, automated trading options, and more. It’s not for beginners like other apps, but experienced traders can get used to it quickly.

With low latency and excellent overall performance, MetaTrader 4 makes starting or growing your trading business easy.


MetaTrader 4 is a trading app that offers traders an extensive list of customizable features that allow us to customize every aspect of the system to suit your trading style.

This includes customization of trading terminals, technical indicators, and scripts to maximize profit potential.

Moreover, MetaTrader 4’s advanced technology app allows you to trade on all major financial markets.

Whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran, investing in a forex app that offers comprehensive and customizable features can significantly improve your earnings.

7) Binomo Mobile Trading Online App:

Binomo is the new mobile-first trading app that allows traders to trade from their Android device or iPhone.

Binomo offers spot and binary options on stocks, indices, ETFs, and commodities. 

Binomo’s interface is simple. No fancy charts or unnecessary clutter here. This makes it easier to focus on what ultimately matters most when trading: price action. Also, there is no minimum deposit or account balance required for Binomo. To start trading, you need to open an account and deposit funds into it.

Binomo handles all his KYC/AML requirements, so you don’t have to worry about that hassle.


This is a hassle-free trading app designed by industry experts to be user-friendly.

This is a mobile application. This means you can use it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

No prior knowledge is required to trade here. Anyone who has used Binomo should be familiar with its user interface, where real-time information is displayed.

For example, if you trade on your smartphone or tablet, you can receive real-time trading news and other relevant topics from anywhere in the world. Visibility at all times of the day and night. 

8) XM – Trading Points App

XM or eXchange Manager was a comprehensive trading app that allowed users to manage and view stock information, trade on margin, analyze stocks and predict fluctuations.

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The app helped investors find profitable trades based on real-time reports and bank market data from financial news networks.

XM not only provided breaking news about your favorite stocks but also provided links to social media sites and access to other stock trading sites. XM Trading Point App is the best trading app for beginners in January 2023.


This is also a beginner-friendly trading app, one of a kind.

They offer multiple types of assets, including currencies, metals, indices, and commodities.

The XM – Trading Points App interface is excellent and enhances your trading experience.

These are just a few features that set the app apart from the rest in making investing quick and easy.

9) Exness Trading App:

Exness was incorporated in 2013 and registered under the Belize International Business Companies Act. It can also be the best trading app for beginners in January 2023.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Exness has representative offices in four countries: Estonia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

The app is available for Android and iOS apps, but you can also use it on your PC by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. We can overtrade many currency pairs of USD/EURO/JPY/CNY/GBP/AUD/NZD/NOK.


Exness is a trading app with many features that make all aspects of trading more accessible. The Exness app quickly analyzes different assets to provide information and market updates.

Additionally, users can practice on virtual exchanges. This is a great way to learn how to trade without losing money.

In addition to these features, Exness also offers technical indicators to keep traders on top of essential data throughout the trading day.

If you’re looking for an app that’s easy to use and understand, with advanced options, Exness might be the best option.

10) Libertex: Stock Trading and Forex App:

Finding a good trading app with reasonable commission rates and ease of use is difficult. However, Libertex does both, making it into the top 10 list as the best trading app to use in the year 2023.

Let’s say you’re looking for an app that gives you high-quality access to forex and stock trading without the hassle. In this case, you should consider using Libertex.

With this app, you can easily trade 24/7 on various global markets. So, if you’re interested in day trading or want something simple that won’t cause problems later on, check out Libertex.


Not many brokers offer a comprehensive trading experience on your smartphone.

They don’t want to jeopardize their long-standing business model and are unaware that new technology will improve their products and make them more attractive to customers. Thankfully, Libertex has changed all that with its revolutionary new app.


All of these apps are available to use for both iOS and Android. We recommend trying a few before deciding which one to use as your primary trading app. Consider how often you use it, where, and what type of trader you are before deciding. Also, look up reviews for each app online to see how other retailers perceive each app.