10 Best Female Blonde Anime Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga

10 best female blonde anime characters in anime, comic and manga

10 Best Female Blonde Anime Characters in Anime, Comic and Manga | Best Blonde Hair and Anime Characters

Anime characters are no doubt very popular in Japan and China and the demand is never-ending. I don’t have an unhelpful preference for blondes. Still that, it doesn’t mean anime is lacking in downright or memorable amazing blonde girl

Best Blonde Hair and Anime Characters

Blonde hair is a color in Anime that represents all kinds of traits or personalities. There is  never “one” way to define it, unlike red haired anime characters in comparison. However, with that say-you normally find those traits in blonde haired anime characters:

Main characters:

  • Tsundere.
  • Beautiful.
  • Wealthy.

And so many more.Let’s get into the characters from a set of shows and anime genres.


I’m starting the list with one of the first and most prominent blonde and popular anime girl known. Yes, Chii hardly did any talking as she was this “defective” humanoid. Still her character design was exemplary. She was a total beauty. Back in my day, my female best friend would put up Chii as their avatar on social networking sites for example MySpace or Friendster-she was that kawaii. 

Similarly, a private server of the MMORPG Ragnarok online had a custom piece for headgear called Chii ear. It was a demand copy for the chobits girls ear design. And who could forget his dazzling animation of the infectious OP? 

2.Sena Kashiwazaki

Haganai: I don’t have many friends. I don’t remember much more about haganai. But that to be looked at from a harem series or typical ecchi. But what I do distinctly remember is sena, complete with her petite appearance and blue butterfly hairpin.  

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Naturally, viewers of Haganai may also remember something else about Sena, given its ecci elements. And even about that, Sena is attractive. I’d even argue that the series wouldn’t be the same without her or his really driven (and perhaps perfectionist) nature.

3.Urara Shiraishi

Personally, I love his urara looks-there’s a direct appeal to her. It could be her red-ish,pinkish eyes and his timid expression. Or her heartwarming smile. She is the type of classmate you’d easily have a press on. Beyond his looks, Urara gives a solid show of character development. 

Granted  this is due to the kiss between Ryuu and her, which is also the essential premise of this show.  Slowly but surely recovering from painful past experiences, But it’s lovely to realise she opens up a little extra to others.

4.Chiaya Misono

Chiaya is my and everyone’s best girl 2015. There, I say it-or why should I be ashamed? Here was a charming little girl with a character design that just screams uber cuteness. And how could I forget her meeting? She was this photo-talking stranger, motorcycle-riding, mask-wearing. 

Then she took off her mask, or viewers saying the face for a blonde girl worth protecting with all their energy. I would want my daughter to look like ciaya, if I was an anime dad. And see, I didn’t want to damage anything significant about The rotate girls. 

5.Lucy Heartfilia

I am not a massive fan of Fairy Tail. But I must reveal that lucky has been important as one of the main girls of the 175-episode shounen series. She’s truly nothing amazing in terms of character design. But it’s not that difficult to get attached to her as her gang journeys on.

Lucy is fully aware of his genuine passion and has a feminine appeal for telling and writing stories. Also it’s a pleasure to see Lucy Hearfilia in his beautiful frilled black gown whenever  she uses his star dress spell (specially the Leo Form). 

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6.Claudine Saijou

You have seen Starlight Revue, you will know what makes Claudine Saijou a gripping character. Yes, She’s a perfectionist. But this comes from an serious motivation:

In difference, Claudine is inspiring. Claudine truly wants to be the top stage girl. As the aggressive nature isn’t irritating by any means. She proves that you can never (and should never) be self-satisfied and always tend to chase more.

7.Asuna Yuuki

I Know if you’re tired of the SAO franchise (or even the entire isekai genre). But let’s not forget the waifu-esque personality of Yuuki Asuna. I’m no longer on top of the franchise, since I distinctly recall that time when asuna were focused on becoming a full on housewife to harem master Kirito. 

Not Sinon.Not Kirito. Not Klein. Nope-it has asuna.Also, let’s not forget how fierce Asuna looks in the teasers of the final season of SAO Alicization.

8.Mary Saotome

Kakegurui is one of the best changings MAPPA has ever done-and I wish it would go on forever. I can still point to the other weird woman of Kakegurui, even if I didn’t mention the suggestive (and downright crazy) Yumeko Jabami. I don’t expect Mary to be the show’s stun. However, I am so glad she became one of the main characters. 

Itsuki Sumeragi is also worth noting for his gambling cheats or tricks. But Mary can hit her when it comes to distracting facial expressions.

9.Tsumugi Kotobuki 

Mugi has one of the most memorable eyebrows in all  of the anime-I’d remember  his first before Naruto’s Rock Lee. But she’s much more than his comfy character design and rich background. I’d argue that mugi is the catalyst to many more iconic parts in the classic slice for the life series. 

For one, it’s in a villa through the training episode where viewers say the girls have entertainment in a totally different location. Her willingness and her cheerful attitude to always provide sweets and tea to his fellow club members allows them to share precious but ordinary moments. She’s a treasure. 

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10.Eugenie Danglars

Eugenie would easily be in my top 10, If this list were all about her character design. It’s hard not to distinguish their character for Gankutsuou because of Gonzo’s creative animation style-the entire show is artful eye candy. She is pure beauty but is also full of heart, but getting back Eugenie. 

She could have spent her time in Paris ignoring this world. But Eugenie refuses to blindly comply with what the powerful have to say, even if he is from her own family. The world could use much more of her, privileged people who wouldn’t turn an unseeing eye to injustice.  

Final Words

As you know that in Japan and China anime is a type of addiction. We have listed 10 best female blonde characters in anime, comic and manga. We recommend you to do some research of your own to get the best result possible.