10 best software for video editing for beginners in 2022

best video editing software

10 best software for video editing for beginners in 2022 | Check Out Now!

In today’s digital world, video editing software is quickly becoming a must-have purchase. However, to appreciate the features of a great program, you don’t have to be a professional videographer or editor.

This article will discuss some of the best software for video editing for beginners in 2022. 

Best Software for Video editing in 2022

Here we have listed the ten best software for video editing in 2022. But, of course, you can choose the best software according to their needs, as every software has different qualities and features.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is commonly considered the industry standard for video editing software, with many options to choose from. Premiere Pro is a feature-rich and powerful tool for professionals, whether purchased separately or in the Adobe Creative Cloud. 

This app is commonly used to create short films, TV shows, and YouTube videos, and it can do it all. 4K, 8K, and VR formats are all supported by the software. Its editing and trimming tools give you a lot of control and precision. You can work on as many videos as you want, and they can come from almost any source. 

When you have multi-angle shots, Adobe Premiere Pro “automatic sync” feature is the best to use at this moment. Moreover, the fine-tuning tools are hard to beat for making your video stand out. You also get custom keyboard shortcuts and excellent collaboration tools.

Premiere Pro also includes Premiere Rush, an all-in-one app for all devices that allows users to film, edit, and share content directly to social media channels. For example, suppose you sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud. In that case, you’ll get Premiere Pro as part of the deal, and you’ll be able to use it with other Adobe products like After Effects for motion graphics and Adobe Stock. 

Premiere Pro is still worth considering as a standalone app, even if you don’t want other Adobe apps. However, before committing, you can sign up for a seven-day trial to make sure you like it.

Like all Creative Cloud software, Adobe Premiere Pro is constantly updated, and subscribers receive all updates for free. 

The most recent update (22.1.1) introduced a new Universal Text engine and improved shape tools, making it easier to edit titles and graphics with Search and Replace and spell-checking.

CyberLink PowerDirector 365

Cyberlink PowerDirector is one of the most widely used video editing programs available today. This could be the tool for you to edit elements of professional videos or make your YouTube clips look more impressive. The software includes many useful tools for cutting, refining, and enhancing your content.

The Cyberlink solution is an excellent choice for various users because it has an intelligent workflow that allows anyone to access advanced features and bring their videos to life. In addition, advanced features such as intuitive motion tracking, mask designer tools, and dynamic keyframe controls will also be available.

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Customizable vector shapes allow you to add various unique touches to your videos. At the same time, animated titles help to draw in viewers. You can even quickly change the aspect ratio of videos for easier sharing on social media.

Finally, CyberLink PowerDirector for Windows and Macs is available, bringing a bevy of fun, advanced video editing features to a whole new audience in a stunning, easy-to-use package.

PowerDirector 365 for Windows has more features and tools than PowerDirector 365 for Mac, which is one reason why Mac users may want to stick with another program. Importing 360 photos and videos, for example, is not possible. However, there’s enough else here to keep many people engaged. Finally, Shutterstock provides you with free and unlimited access to an extensive, royalty-free content library if you have a premium subscription. 

The most recent version of Cyberlink was released in December, allows you to add text or graphics that follow the motion of any object, and includes three AI-driven features: AI Audio Denoise, AI Video Denoise, and AI DeReverb.

Corel VideoStudio Universal

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is a simple and interactive video editing tool for Windows users, now in its 2022 version. With intelligent tools, premium effects, video masking, and color grading, you can transform your movies and clips. You can also use edits to improve the performance of your video.

Furthermore, Corel has long been a competitor to Adobe in video editing software, and VideoStudio Ultimate, an excellent editing package for beginners on the Windows platform, continues that rivalry.

VideoStudio is a powerful but simple-to-use app for anyone who wants to create simple videos without fiddling with complicated controls quickly. 

Its simple but inviting interface hides many features, such as 4K support, 360-degree video editing, Multicam support, over 2,000 effects, enhanced lens-correction tools, and 3D text editing. 

The only drawback is that it’s only available for Windows. As a result, you can’t customize your workspace as quickly as possible with other programs.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate uniquely handles layers compared to other video editing software. Overall, it isn’t advanced enough to be considered a professional tool. It does, however, provide excellent value for newcomers. 

Though the layers in Corel VideoStudio can be a little tricky at first, it’s one of the tools available with a much lower learning curve than Adobe Premiere Pro if you’ve never used one before.


Wondershare, Filmora is a dependable and straightforward video editing program. Despite its low price, Filmora has a surprising number of features, including motion tracking and custom animations to help you bring your videos to life. You can even use suggested effects, filters, and titles if you’re making YouTube content.

Filmora comes with a large and diverse library of sound effects and videos to help you make your content more engaging. There are also tools to make uploading to various social media platforms more accessible. In addition, the auto reframing feature allows you to reframe your video in different aspect ratios instantly.

In July, the most recent version (10.5.5) added Template Mode, which uses AI algorithms to pick highlights from your footage and creates the video for you automatically. The new Cloud Files feature in Filmora allows you to sync multiple files and use them across applications, which is another highlight.

Filmora has a free version, but all of your videos will have a watermark. You can get rid of it by signing up for an Annual plan or paying a one-time fee for a lifetime plan. An Unlimited plan is also available, which includes unlimited downloads from a stock library and new effects every month.

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Apple iMovie

Professional trailers and themes, a wide range of special effects, and an intuitive interface are created in Apple iMovie as it is the best video editing software for novice Mac filmmakers.

The iMovie solution allows you to manage edits across multiple devices quickly and easily, so you can start on your iPhone, move to your iPad, and finish on your desktop. In addition, more than 80 intelligent soundtracks are included in the software and a series of high-fidelity filters for a more memorable finish.

Another benefit of iMovie is that you can work on the same project on a Mac laptop or desktop computer and then finish editing on your iPad. This is a useful feature for those who require flexibility.

Watermarks, background color selection, captioning, and text boxes are all included in iMovie, allowing you to customize your content in various ways. This app is sure to appeal to a wide range of creatives thanks to its simple-to-understand interface.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Premiere Elements is a simplified form of Premiere Pro (number one on our list). As a result, learning is less expensive and more accessible. However, it’s still a powerful machine, with high-end features like face detection, audio effects, and pre-installed soundtracks.

Premiere Elements provides today’s professionals with a comprehensive and straightforward all-in-one video editing experience, complete with AI via Adobe Sensei technology.

With Adobe Sensei, you can easily edit and organize your video content using AI suggestions to help you remove dark spots, blurry parts, and other errors. Adobe Premiere Elements is a video editor with built-in effects, animations, artistic elements, and many other cool features.

You can now import, edit and export video in specific social media app formats with Premiere Elements 2022, the latest version. There’s also a new auto-reframing feature that lets you choose a subject and focus on it throughout your video. A new slider-based video compression feature and the ability to view animated GIFs within the interface.

Despite being created by Adobe, Premiere Elements is only available as a one-time purchase and does not come with a Creative Cloud subscription. A 30-day trial is also available. See our Premiere Elements review and Adobe Premiere Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Elements comparison article for more information.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is suitable for first-time video editors who use Windows (there is no Mac version). Overall, both price and capability fall somewhere between the more basic free tools and professional-level video editing tools. Pinnacle Studio supports Multicam, stop-motion, motion tracking, 360-degree VR, and 4K video.

Although we did encounter some buggy or slow behavior on occasion, recent updates have resulted in a much cleaner interface. The software is now simple to use and enjoyable to work with. The initial Home screen includes a helpful tutorial, news and feature updates, and add-ons. Import, Edit, and Export are three additional modes that include all of the tools you’ll need to make professional-looking videos.

Pinnacle also has fast rendering times, an extensive library full of effects, and good audio editing tools. Professional editors will appreciate the video masking, clip nesting, LUT presets, and batch processing features.

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Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create is a paid service that assists businesses with little or no experience creating social media videos using pre-made templates. It also includes millions of free stock video clips, photos, and commercially licensed music tracks, as well as a plethora of built-in styles.

There are templates available to save you from starting from scratch, and you can customize various aspects of your video. For example, Vimeo allows you to add custom fonts, change the layout of your content, add a logo, and change the colors. 

You can also directly upload your completed videos to the social media platform of your choice, with formatting for each channel.

Although you can’t play with things like layers on Vimeo Create, you can access unique features like marketing tools to help you track the impact of your video. While the platform lacks the advanced features of professional video editing software in general, it delivers what it promises very well.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a video editing software made by Apple, so definitely you’ll need a Mac to use it. However, the solution includes a high-performance editing engine, audio, motion graphics, and everything users need for professional video editing.

Unlike Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro does not require a subscription. Final Cut Pro X comes with a heavy price tag.

While it is incredibly cheaper over time than a monthly subscription, some users may be hesitant to commit to such a large sum. Final Cut Pro, on the other hand, comes with a free 90-day trial, giving you plenty of time to try it out before finalizing your decision.

Additionally, Premiere Pro works well with Creative Cloud (and we recommend Adobe’s video editing software if that’s your primary workspace), Final Cut Profits seamlessly into the larger Apple ecosystem. In addition, it’s optimized for Mac Pro and built to use Metal for lightning-fast graphics.

The Magnetic Timeline, range-of-effect options, and intelligent Smart Confirm cropping, which follows dominant motion on screen to ensure nothing essential is cut, are just a few of the advanced features. 

It’s intelligent, fast, and Mac-specific. Unless you’re tied to Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro has a lot to offer.

Davinci Resolve 17

DaVinci is powerful software, but it comes with a learning curve. Nevertheless, high-level video editors will find plenty of tools at their disposal if the 256-page manual doesn’t intimidate them.

Apple’s video editing software is available as a one-time purchase, allowing you to avoid paying a monthly fee. Magnetic timelines and grouping tools are also great features of this system. They make managing your creative projects a lot easier.

Final Cut Pro X includes various valuable tools, such as filters, audio effects, and proxy creation, which allows you to view your video on third-party devices. With Metal’s improved performance, you can also code your videos more quickly.

Final Cut Pro X is a $299 one-time purchase on the Apple App Store. You only have to pay once, even though it appears to be quite expensive at first.

Furthermore, DaVinci Resolve’s audio editing workspace has significantly improved in the latest build. It also allows free users to work on a project simultaneously, which was previously only available to paid users.

It also has a new Cut Page option, a streamlined interface for editors who need to turn projects around quickly. Previous versions included a Neural Engine that uses machine learning for facial recognition and speed warp.


In this article, we discussed the best video editing software in 2022. In addition, we have listed the best video editing software according to ratings and reviews.