10 Best YouTube Growing Tools for Likes, Shares, and Followers

10 Best YouTube Growing Tools for Likes, Shares, and Followers

10 Best YouTube Growing Tools for Likes, Shares, and Followers

Youtube is an essential aspect of social media these days. Every day it seems like more people are signing up and making their channels. I think this is a great thing to see because you have lots of different personalities and voices all being heard.

We’ll also share some advice on what to do when you’re feeling unmotivated or stuck in a slump. Then we’ll wrap up with some suggestions on how to dominate your niche if you have one. We hope this article inspires and helps you out!


TubeBuddy is a tool for growing your YouTube channel, from creating great content to optimizing your videos for the best in watch time and ad revenue.

Built on a system of tools, including our YouTube analytics, which can help you pinpoint where viewers leave your videos, and our automated view-boosting technology that makes it easier to continue building on the success of your videos.

TubeBuddy was created to help you build great content, launch it, and grow your channel. Over time we will release more tools to help you get better at YouTube, including an initial set of YouTube marketing tools for creators. We aim to be the complete solution for YouTube creators. How we do it:

We’ve built our tools on more than five years of experience working with YouTube creators, guiding them to grow from new channels to the top. We continue to connect with them and listen to your feedback so that we can constantly improve our tools.


Ahrefs is a keyword research tool. It helps you find trending keywords and “long tail” keywords. You can also use Ahrefs to monitor your competitors’ links and rank. Ahrefs is the perfect tool for YouTube marketers. 

It has various features that allow you to monitor your competitors’ channels, find new and trending keywords, and monitor your ranking. If you use it correctly, it can help you improve your ranking and, in turn, boost your income.

Ahrefs is also a great way to find new topics and niches to exploit. You can use it to monitor your ranking for different keywords related to your channel and go after the ones that aren’t yet saturated but are performing well. You can also use it for keyword research. For example, if you type in the keyword “YouTube marketing,” you’ll see that there are currently 135k monthly searches for this term and 27k monthly searches for variations. I like Ahrefs because it allows you to monitor your competition or our rankings and find new hot keyword trends.


SEMrush is a computer software program that tracks keywords, competitors, and related ads. They offer keyword research tools to help you find the right one for your video or blog post. They also provide data on video and SEO performance metrics to help you better understand how your videos are performing in terms of views, likes, shares, and more to improve them over time.

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They have many powerful features like a backlink audit tool which will help users get an idea about their website’s link profile and discover any broken links or websites with bad reviews. SEMrush is a keyword research tool that helps you discover long-tail keywords. It has a ‘Keyword Magic Tool’ tool that can help you generate long-tail keyword ideas. 

And another feature called ‘Rank Tracking’ allows you to track the ranking changes of your competitor’s YouTube videos or your own videos day-to-day as well as over the past year. 

In addition, they have a ‘Video Tracker,’ which shows the rankings of any YouTube channel over time. It also includes data on channels with an estimate of their number of subscribers, viewers, and views by day, Video ID, or URL.

SEMrush includes a suite of tools that can help you analyze your competitors’ videos, monitor your own videos, and even write keyword-optimized blog posts. 

You will be able to get data related to the site you are targeting, the video itself, and overall analytics like views, likes, shares, etc. To learn more about SEMrush, you can check out their website.

In SEMrush, the channel URL tells you what your competitor has been up to. It is a great starting point to begin analyzing their activity on social media and view an overview of their channel growth. You can also see their most recent uploads, keyword research, and stats for that video.


Tubics is a revolutionary new app on the market that has been designed to help you grow your YouTube channel. Unlike other apps, Tubics is integrated into your phone’s camera and allows you to shoot videos with various filters and effects. This app provides the perfect opportunity for any aspiring YouTuber to film innovative videos that will inevitably lead them to become one of the top channels on YouTube! 

Within the app, you will have access to 40 different filters, allowing you to focus on your video in new ways. All of these filters are specifically designed for personal use, which means that Tubics is not attempting to take advantage of your content.

You can begin shooting videos with one of the most popular effects: “Fisheye,” easily distorts your subject and blurs everything around them. The effect is unique and makes it much easier to create “mini-movies.” Features

If you are looking to grow as a YouTube channel, then Tubics will be a huge help. By creating fun and creative videos on an app like this one, you’re more likely to gain more subscribers and earn more views on your videos! In addition, they will all be saved directly onto YouTube for future viewing as you shoot these videos.

Youtube AutoSuggest

Youtube AutoSuggest is a useful little tool that can help you rank higher in the Youtube search results by giving you ideas for what words to use in your video titles and descriptions.

If you want to give it a try and see how it works, remember to only include the keywords being targeted for the niche.

For example, if you target keywords like ‘Viral Marketing,’ it is best to use them as the first word in your title and description.

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Also, remember to keep the length of each title under 60 characters. That is because Google’s algorithm penalizes videos with titles exceeding 60 characters, and some Youtube members are using this to follow these length restrictions to rank higher in the search results.

Again this is just a tool to help you with ideas. Still, it will not get a video ranked higher without applying your knowledge of the niche and how to use Youtube SEO effectively.

The main technique here is knowing exactly what search terms your viewers are typing into Google. Then, if you can guess those terms, you can rank for those terms.

Knowing the search terms is key, but remember to use your knowledge to boil down that long Google search phrase into a short keyword phrase.

Take one of the words in your video’s title and make it the main keyword. You could even make it plural if there are several words in Google’s suggested search term (but don’t make every word in your title plural).

For example, if ‘Viral Marketing’ is a popular Youtube search term at the moment, then you should make that your main keyword phrase for this video. But then pick out some other keywords from Google’s suggestions and use those too.


Vidooly is a trusted partner for YouTube channels, providing them with the tools and services needed for effective optimization, marketing, and monetization. The company’s suite of products includes Vidooly Video Editor, Vidooly TubeBeat, and Vidooly Loops.

Vidooly’s expertise in delivering a fully customizable experience to its clients includes:

  • Optimization of social media channels for proper content sharing.
  • Maintaining a professional brand presence among followers and subscribers.
  • Providing a strong platform for end-product marketing through YouTube channel ads. 

Video services include video re-editing and optimization, promotion and branding through channels, YouTube-related search engine marketing, video content syndication, etc. Vidooly’s core service revolves around YouTube channel management and optimization. 

The company has an active team of over 20 designers and programmers dedicated to providing a holistic experience for their clients, including services such as video ad creation and distribution, video branding with custom themes, video highlights creation, and designing custom Vidooly interfaces for channels. Vidooly also offers direct code printing for products such as T-shirts.

YouTube Studio

As YouTube grows, viewers are increasing numbers of people using it to learn how to do new things. This means that YouTube Studio is only going to get more and more useful in the future as you can teach yourself just about anything without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. 

How do you make videos that appeal to this new generation of viewers on YouTube as a YouTuber? 

If you’re not using it or even think this is a waste of time, you might consider looking at what you can do with the YouTube Studio. Most people who are currently producing videos on YouTube are now using it to improve their games and channels. 

YouTubers use YouTube Studio for YouTube Growth for almost everything they do on their channels. This means that they will be making videos on it, along with using it for editing purposes. In addition, whenever YouTubers make their little intros and outros, they can use the video creator feature, which is part of the YouTube Studio.

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PocketTube is a free and easy-to-use online video editor for YouTube channels that want to take their videos to the next level. With PocketTube, you can edit your videos on either your PC or Mac and upload them directly to YouTube. Editing your video has never been easier! PocketTube is a great video editor for both experienced and new users.

PocketTube has many features to help you get noticed on YouTube. The editing is simple and quick, making it easy to start editing your next video. In addition, PocketTube makes it easy to add intros, outros, and background music. There’s also a built-in slideshow maker. You can upload any picture from your computer or the internet to use as a background.

PocketTube is designed to give you the best user experience. With every update, there are new features and improvements. PocketTube has everything you need to create an awesome-looking video for your channel.


Bitly also has an analytics feature that makes it possible for you to see how well certain links are performing across different channels to determine what works best for your business goals.

Bit.ly also allows you to shorten any link, not just those found on youtube. This is especially useful for people trying to post links to other forms of social media such as Facebook or Twitter! It is also important to note that you can regularly create channels for your business and submit links. If a link does not have the desired effect, you can always test another link or post on your channel.

Bitly also has an analytics feature that makes it possible for you to see how well certain links are performing across different channels to determine what works best for your business goals.

Bitly also allows you to shorten any link, not just those found on youtube. This is especially useful for people trying to post links to other forms of social media such as Facebook or Twitter! It is also important to note that you can regularly create channels for your business and submit links.

Social Blade

Social Blade is the best YouTube channel growth software designed to help you find and connect with more subscribers, grow your channel faster, and get better engagement on your videos. Over 10,000 creators have used Social Blade to grow their videos dramatically, with a massive 60% increase in views! Get the app today for free.

Social Blade enables its users to have an estimate of their followers. On one platform only, subscribers count on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and others such as Spotify, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +. 

You just need to enter your username, channel, or profile name. The same information will be shown on your screen, including statistics like views per day that determine your channel’s growth rate. Currently, SocialBlade is available for both desktop and mobile versions and the original website version.

Social Blade provides information stating the number of subscribers, views, and likes and dislikes recordings. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels or search for new ones that fit your preferences.