7 Best Fields for Associate’s Degrees

7 Best Fields for Associate’s Degrees

7 Best Fields for Associate’s Degrees

An associate degree will prepare you to venture into employment and still be ready for bachelor’s studies. It will improve your employment prospects, especially by opening multiple career paths that you can follow in your studies. Associate’s degrees are not available in all fields. They are also not a choice for all students.

Before venturing into an associate degree program, you should consider your scholarly as well as career goals. It is a perfect start for students who want to begin making money early without having to wait for 4 years to graduate. If you have a range of career areas to pursue, you should consider an associate’s degree because it gives you a broader foundation.

Some fields offer better associate degree programs and opportunities than others. You can hire a research paper writer online to handle your assignments as you work on other career goals or personal projects. Healthcare is the most lucrative area for associate degrees. For some of these associate’s degree jobs, you can earn as much as $50K a year.

Here are the top 7 fields fit for associate’s degrees.

1. Medical Equipment Repairer

Medical equipment are some of the most expensive electronic gadgets. A technician with the requisite skills is expected to install, maintain, and repair the medical equipment. You will be working in hospitals and patient care facilities around the world.

A technician can handle a wide range of clients on a freelance or contractor basis. You are also expected to handle some of the most sensitive medical equipment in the world. A slit problem with a gadget would mean that an entire health facility is grounded. You will always be on call to support hospitals and their equipment.

Basic training is in electronic engineering or biomedical technology. The technician may specialize in particular equipment to increase your chances of getting a job. Medical technicians are paid per project instead of per hour. The quotation you make or agree with the hospital will determine your pay.

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Biomedical technology technicians can also serve other areas. Laboratories testing products or veterinary clinics also use similar equipment. Such opportunities expand your chances to earn a decent income as an associate in the biomedical technology area.

2. Computer Network Support Technician

Computer support technicians maintain systems to keep them in perfect working order. The technicians work in all spaces like offices, institutions, and industries that rely on computers as well as computer systems for their work. Your role will be to troubleshoot and recommend gadgets, systems, and software that will enhance the efficiency of the target workstations.

Basic knowledge of computers is mandatory to be a support technician. You must understand the software and hardware part of maintaining computer systems. With the increased uptake of computers in workplaces and homes, you will have people queuing for your services.

Computer network technicians earn through trust and competence. If you can prove the ability to solve customer’s computer related problems, you are ready for the job. It is your diligence that will determine how much you earn from the gigs you get.

3. Drafters

A drafter draws a product like a house, machine, or container, among others before they are developed in the factory. You are a designer using special software to produce images of the products that manufacturers would wish to print or mint. Your designs help owners to compare the products, perfect the designs, and make decisions related to the products.

For instance, a drafter may prepare the simulation of farm machinery. Using the simulation, you will test aspects like packaging or transportation. You also determine the number of materials to be used in each section.

Drafters work from their computers. You must know your software to work as a drafter and deliver the best designs. Luckily, a drafter works remotely. It gives you a chance to establish a freelance outfit serving clients from all parts of the world. If you deliver a good draft, clients will refer their friends and associates to you.

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4. Legal support

Everyone wants to be the lawyer at the front but a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Individuals and organizations are also looking for a second-tier legal expert to research and document their legal issues. The position requires minimal knowledge of legal issues compared to working as a lawyer.

Legal support staff can work in law firms or anchor the legal departments in institutions and organizations. Your role is to ensure that the organization sticks to the legal code and is not shortchanged by associates. If you are passionate about a particular field yet do not want to pursue full legal studies, you can successfully take this path.

5. Occupational Therapy

The work involves helping individuals to maintain a healthy body frame. Your clients will come from all sectors, especially those that involve a static position throughout the day. The number of occupational therapists is expected to grow by more than 34% in the next decade. As people become more health-conscious, you will have numerous opportunities to earn a decent salary.

6. Aircraft and aviation technician

Whenever people think of flying, only the pilot comes to mind. However, below the pilot is a host of technicians who keep him in the air. Airports also come with numerous equipment and apparatus to keep air spaces safe. Someone has to do this job.

Aircraft and aviation maintenance technicians are some of the best-paid associate degree holders because of the sensitivity of the industry. Governments and regulators demand the highest level of safety. The average technician takes home $67k a year.

7. Web Developers

The world is still coming online. New businesses and professionals require a valuable online presence. It takes web developers to put you online and guarantee visibility. Web developers may also work as freelancers, serving clients from all over the world. With an average pay of $78k each year, it remains one of the best options for an associate degree.

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Associate degree holders have a special place in professional work. Their intermediary role means that they can serve several clients at the same time. The returns from these engagements are extremely rewarding, making associate degree holders some of the happiest professionals.