7 best fire fighting equipments for buildings in 2022

7 best fire fighting equipments for buildings in 2022

7 best fire fighting equipments for buildings in 2022

Life is unpredictable and nobody knows what the next chapter is going to bring. So, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially those situations which could have been avoided like fire.

Over here, in this article we bring you different fire fighting equipment for buildings that you must be having. Read the article until the end to know more about these.

Equipments to deal with fire

There are multiple equipment you can affix to the walls of your buildings or rooms. Either these could be handled without the help of a fire brigade or you may need to reach out to them to use them. A few of these are outlined below:

1. Fire Extinguisher

One must always be aware of the dangers these can yield when used in the incorrect/unrecommended way. 

These types of extinguishing equipment should never be considered to prop open any door. Just get it fixed to the wall and, every month it must be thoroughly inspected.

Fire extinguishers are cramped with powder, water additive, foam and carbon dioxide. You must go for this only when you are planning to fire-proof rooms and other smaller places and shouldn’t depend upon these to assuage large fires. 

2. Fire hoses

These equipment gushes out a powerful stream of water that helps bring large fires to a standstill. The tubes of these can stretch up to 30 metres, thus abating fire within the mentioned distance. This also smooths the path for hose to unfold so the fire could be brought under control swiftly. 

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Fire hoses come with a variety of nozzles, attachable to the end, suitable to deal with maximum types of fire. One can rely on Lesso Fire Fighting Pipes.

3. Fire buckets

This type of fire extinguishing equipment is the simplest of all but still is feisty and effective to the max. The standard red bucket that you would find in any place, has the word ‘Fire’ scrawled over it and these are customarily made of metal or plastic. 

Now what are these buckets filled with? These are swamped with water or you can even go for Flamezorb as a fire extinguishing element. All you have to do is to flip the bucket over so that the element gets poured onto the fire/ the area burning in fire. Repeat until the fire is brought under control.

4. Fire and welding blankets

Fire blankets are relied on when dealing with small fires, usually erupts in the workplace or at home. For the kitchen or caravan, one can go for economy fire blankets or white kitchen blankets. Conversely, when dealing with a large workspace or residency plot, one should have a 1.2m x 1.2m blanket to avoid being beaten back by the flames. 

If someone is working in a commercial kitchen or places with stuff having high flammability then they are advised to get a 1.8m x 1.75m fire blanket. These could be opened quickly with a special pull attribute.

Welding blankets are used to foil sparks and splatter that could be potentially threatening to the welders. The major plus point of such blankets is that it comes in various weights and sizes. 

5. Flamezorb

These are a powder that effectively and efficiently keeps fire from aggravating. One can opt for these especially when they are sensitive to toxic elements, for these are non-toxic and easy to wipe up. Each bag of Flamezorb boasts enough powder to fill up a 10L fire bucket, as discussed in the previous section. These are suitable when working in large areas like a garage forecourt.

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6. Thick-woolen Blankets

Blankets are often a reliable and cheap alternative to fire extinguishers. When one doesn’t have any other equipment, they can go for multi-layered blankets.

7. Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers provide adequate pressure and flow to the water distribution piping system and the end is attached to these sprinklers needed to call large and small fires to a halt.

Final words

The above article delved into different fire fighting equipment, both economical and slightly immoderate in price. One can rifle through the article to see what suits their workplace/home, wallet the best. We also discussed how these equipment work to abate fire from causing damage/ aggravating itself.