7 impressive things you can do when your wife or girlfriend is showering

Girlfriend showering

Seven things you can do to impress when your wife or girlfriend is showering

Keeping good relation with your partner is vital. Life should be full of surprises and fun moments. After you got kids, a couple’s life gets a bad hit in terms of sex life. All your wild dreams are never fulfilled. So it is advisable not to waste time and impress your wife or girlfriend with everything you can. These five things will surely impress your wife or girlfriend while showering, and don’t expect the extent you can impress them.

Wife or Girlfriend Showering | Try these 7 things to impress her

1. Join her in the Shower

Wife or Girlfriend Showering

It’s based “slightly” on the physical extent of your relationship, such as having you share a bed? Have you seen naked? If so, it’s not an issue. There may be hesitation initially, but she will likely enjoy herself. Make sure to apply shampoo and soap to show that you genuinely care. Remember that you can enjoy a sexy night in bed. The reason you’re in the shower is to impress her and to show that you are serious about her.

It’s also possible to ask her to propose in the shower, but it’s a lot more complicated than it seems!

If you’re still not there, but you have a sudden urge to make her take a shower and get naked with you? It could be somewhat intimidating. It’s okay to make a joke and say, “Shower time. Can I join you?” “No? Maybe this time.”

Suppose you’ve already been involved in this type of thing before. Likely, you do not need to make it formal.

2. Create a quick meal or lunch in your kitchen

Wife showering

She likely plans to shower and then cook a meal for you both. You can make her feel special by making a quick lunch or dinner. After she has finished her shower and discovers that the lunch or dinner is prepared, her smile is the best part, and you’ll have a blast. It would be best if you took a smart move. There is a short time for her shower, and you don’t have time for an extravagant lunch plan. A quick and simple meal like a sandwich, wrap ready to fry, or bake dishes will guarantee that you’ll be able to get it done before your shower time.

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3. Order Online Gift or Flowers

Girlfriend showering

A stunning bouquet of fresh from the farm flowers is sure to please. However, don’t expect the delivery to arrive before your wife or girlfriend finish her shower. It may come late, however, you need to plan a delivery with 2 hours. Flowers are not just a way to bring the recipient smile. Certain flowers also have special meanings, which means you can express more. Be sure your bouquet says everything you wish it to by using our guide to the purpose of flowers. A beautiful vase of flowers will keep her thinking of your love for a long time to be. If you’re short on money and don’t want to shell out a large sum, you can opt for a modest collection from the flower delivery service MyGlobalFlowers. You can pick from the following options.


The most popular alternative. This plant is believed to be an emblem of love. They look beautiful. But, in this situation, it is not necessary to gift them with paper necessary. It is best to give pink roses when she is not expecting, representing tenderness and loveliness.


If you’re planning to impress her and spend the day or night together, take your pick for tulips. Beautiful, fresh flowers framed with lush greens look gorgeous, and this flower symbolizes love and promises to bring happiness. One thing to keep in mind is that RED Tulips aren’t appropriate for a relationship.


The simplest yet most romantic bouquets are filled with hope for a long-lasting relationship. The flowers stand out for their warmth and sincerity, and an attractive yellow core provides an array of fun and a subtle streak. It is one of the best gift you can present her after her shower.


The fragrant and lush flowers are ideal for this special occasion. Beauty, purity, tenderness, youthfulness – the Lilac has taken everything well. Lilac bouquets in a variety of shades look stunning. Lilacs of bright, white, and pink buds look lovely mixed.

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Many girlfriends and wives love the daisy-like cousins that are so distant from them. Bright and multi-colored, these flowers appear unobtrusively but simultaneously elegant. If you do give one Gerbera, it’ll be suitable and pleasing.


A delicate bouquet of eustomas will inform your selected one of your sincere intention and love for her. They will be a pleasant delight and you have have a great time in bed afterwards.


The flower is a symbol of childhood love and first love. There is nothing more romantic than making your wife or girlfriend feel their youth. If you know what you will get in return, something hot as sweet romantic, open, and spontaneous as daisies, then gift them this flower. Daisies also represent fidelity, sincerity, and trustworthiness. It is safe to say that daisies are among the most beautiful flowers to present you wife or girlfriend once they finish their shower.

4. Use body cream to her body after she has finished showering.

7 impressive things you can do when your wife or girlfriend is showering

For the best results of body cream, apply it just when your wife or girlfriend finished taking a shower. Bomy lotions must be applied after your woamn’s skin is damp and warm (it should not be sopping wet). The moist and warm skin is the ideal canvas to learn how to apply body lotion, allowing your skin to receive the most significant benefit from your moisturizer of choice. Remember, this is a job, which she can do herself. But it is difficult for her to reach her back to apply the lotion. Here you got your chance.

  • Start applying the lotion to her skin from top to bottom after you’ve put up your towel. 
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon onto your hand (more depending on whether her skin is dehydrated or is located on rougher surfaces such as knees or elbows)
  • Use your hands to rub together to warm the lotion. Massage her back.
  • Use your fingers to rub the cream onto her body with tiny circular movements.
  • Repeat until you’ve all of her body.
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5. Play her best Music

Girlfriend at shower

Women like music. It is essential to be innovative and choose the right track she enjoys. It is crucial to play the music at a high volume so that once she closes the shower and starts wiping her skin, the music becomes loud enough to be heard. For a little more excitement to the romance, it is possible to spray some romantic freshener for the room. That will be a relaxing experience for her ears and nose, once she comes out from the shower.

6. Clean up the house

Showering wife

If your home is filthy, this is the ideal time to clean it. As you imagine that your wife or girlfriend isn’t going to vacuum clean your home after showering. Now is your chance to be a hero. Get the vaccum cleaner out and begin cleaning your home. Put all your dirty clothes into a basket and then turn on the Washing machine. Make the bed. Keep in mind that it is not just about sex. It’s as well about showing her you are bothered about her.

7. Call her parents’ and siblings and have a casual conversation

Things to do when girlfriend is showering

Many wives and girlfriends complain that husbands don’t care about their families. And men don’t talk with their siblings or parents. Mostly while women speak to their family, they usually hand over the phone for a minute. You just say, “Hello, How are you” and that is it. And your woman feels, you really dont care for them. Here is the right time when your wife or girlfriend is showering. You pick up your phone, dial their number and start a conversation. Once she comes out from shower, and finds out, you are talking to her parents, she will be delighted.


Wife or girlfriend showering is a great opportunity for a man to try different things to impress her. I have shared some of the innovative things. However imagination does not need a boundary. Try everything and anything that can make your girl smile. Remember that this time will never come back.