7mm Vs 308 Rifle Comparison

7mm Vs. 308 Rifle Comparison

7mm Vs. 308 Rifle Comparison

Based on the availability of surplus ammo and its military history, the 308 is the more widely used of the two cartridges. When comparing bullets of the same weight, the 7mm-08 has a better ballistic coefficient and sectional density values, while the. 308 has a bigger frontal diameter. 

Recoil Determines how Easy a Rifle is to Shoot

Regardless of your experience level and shooting goals, your rifle’s recoil can make a huge difference in how comfortable and accurate your shooting is. Luckily, there are several ways to reduce the recoil of your rifle so you can enjoy your shooting experience.

The gun’s velocity causes the most recoil as it exits the muzzle. This velocity is measured in feet per second (fps). Therefore, to determine the recoil level of your rifle, you need to know its velocity. This information will help you determine if your rifle has a “kick” or not.

Another factor that affects the recoil of your rifle is its weight. A heavier gun will have less recoil and feel less painful to shoot. However, it’s important to note that even a light gun can have high recoil. This means that you should use proper shooting techniques to ensure accurate shooting.

The bullet and powder charge mass will also affect your rifle’s recoil. If the bullet moves faster than the powder charge, it will create more recoil. However, a bullet will have plenty of destructive power. This is why a heavier rifle is generally manufactured with more weight.

The size of the shooter also influences the perceived recoil energy. If you are a 240lb man, you won’t feel as much energy as a 130lb woman. The SAAMI formula will help you determine your free recoil energy. However, this equation also assumes that the powder charge moves 1.5 times as fast as the bullet. This may be difficult for someone who has never shot a rifle.

The shape of the stock can also influence the recoil on your rifle. For example, if you have a large shoulder pad, you can reduce the sharp recoil you feel. The length of your barrel also affects the sound of your gun. A shorter barrel will result in a quieter gun, while a longer barrel will result in a louder one.

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You can also reduce the recoil of your rifle by shooting at a dummy round. This simple technique will help you get the proper shot placement and follow-through. You will also find that it will improve your shooting form and form. It is important to practice this technique often. This will help you gain more confidence when you shoot.

It would be best if you also took care to protect your ears and eyes while shooting. Repeated exposure to gunfire can cause hearing damage. Also, choose the right rifle and cartridge combination for your shooting needs. This will ensure accurate shooting and comfort.

Recoil can also affect the number of shots you can shoot in a day. Therefore, a lower recoil rifle will be better for hunting over long days. However, hunters who need only one well-placed shot may prefer a more powerful rifle with heavy recoil.

Efficiency for Medium to Large Game

Having the correct ammunition is a crucial part of successful hunting. Numerous factors go into deciding which cartridge to use, but one of the most important is stopping power. To be effective, a hunting cartridge must have enough stopping power to bring down an animal humanely and to make it difficult for an animal to escape the kill.

The 308 Winchester and the 7mm-08 Remington are great cartridges for medium to big games. They are both tremendous short-range hunting rounds and very effective for medium to more giant games at longer ranges. However, there are some differences between the two cartridges, including their trajectory and their ballistic performance.

The 7mm-08 has a flatter trajectory than the 308, which means that the bullet will hit at a higher velocity. This is important because it allows for a higher pressure to be exerted on a smaller surface area, which helps to penetrate deeper. The bullet also has a higher B.C. number, meaning it has more downrange energy, but it is not as effective as the 308 Winchester.

The 7mm-08 also has a much lower recoil, making it easier for hunters to shoot longer distances. This is especially important for those who spend a lot of time on the range. If you are a novice shooter, heavy recoil can cause flinching and may make you miss a shot. The heavier bullet is also less susceptible to wind drift, making it more effective in crosswinds. The 7mm-08 also has a slightly higher B.C. number, which is the mathematical representation of the bullet’s aerodynamics and resistance to wind drift.

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A ballistics calculator is a valuable tool for comparing the performance of two cartridges. It can also determine which of the two is the best for a particular hunting scenario. For example, the 7mm-08 is a good choice for medium to big games, while the 308 is better suited for big and minor games.

The 6.5 Creedmoor is another excellent option, as it has the same ballistic performance as the 7mm-08 but can be fired from a 6.5 bore, which is ideal for producing superior exterior ballistics. It also has the capability of producing a very small muzzle blast. This makes it an excellent choice for both long and short-range hunting.

The 7mm-08 and the 308 are excellent short-range hunting rounds, and both are effective for medium to a large games at longer ranges. However, it is essential to note that the 7mm-08 is a little more accurate than the 308, and it cannot be easy to find the right 7mm-08 ammo. However, there are some great options available from sporting goods stores, and you should be able to find a cartridge that fits your needs.

Long-range Trajectory

Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a hobbyist, having a solid understanding of the long-range trajectory of a given cartridge is critical to your success. The 7mm and the 308 are excellent choices for medium games at short ranges, but they have differences. The 7mm is slightly better at longer ranges, but the 308 has the edge in a few categories.

Compared to the 308 Winchester, the 7mm-08 is more accurate and produces less recoil. Both cartridges have similar ballistic coefficients and max pressures, but the 7mm-08 has a slight advantage in trajectory. Both cartridges are designed to penetrate deep, but the 7mm-08 has fewer lobes. This means more pressure is exerted on a smaller surface area, providing deeper penetration.

The 7mm-08 is also better at delivering sub-MOA groups. The 7mm-08 may also be better at delivering high-BC projectiles, making it a good choice for hunting big game. The 7mm-08’s ballistics may be the best, but the 308’s can be as good or better. Both cartridges are great for hunting medium to large games, but the 7mm-08 has the edge for most hunters.

There are two things to consider when choosing a long-range rifle: recoil and ballistics. The first is the more obvious, and the second is less obvious. A heavy recoil can cause flinching in less experienced shooters. Both cartridges have enough recoil to affect accuracy. But the 7mm-08 has a slightly shorter muzzle length, allowing it to produce less recoil, which makes it a more forgiving option for novice shooters. The 7mm-08 also has a slightly lower muzzle velocity, which is suitable for a rifle aimed at more significant games.

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The Horney Ballistic website can help you compare the long-range trajectory of various bullets and velocities. It also has a lovely comparison table for the 7mm-08 and 308 Winchester. The table contains interesting data, including the longest bullet of the two, the most extended trajectory for a given bullet, and the most accurate bullet at a given distance. In addition, it has a handy graph comparing velocities at different ranges, allowing you to compare the long-range trajectory of a particular cartridge. The chart is an excellent resource for any serious long-range shooter.

The best long-range trajectory for the 7mm-08 is a bit more complicated and depends on various factors. For example, the longest bullet for the 7mm-08 is a 139-grain bullet, while the longest for the 308 Winchester is a 165-grain bullet. The longest trajectory for a particular bullet also depends on the bullet’s design, weight, and construction. Therefore, the best long-range trajectory is only sometimes the longest, but it is the one that makes the most sense for your particular hunting circumstances.


What kicks harder, 308 or 7mm?

Factory loads for the 308 Winchester typically have a felt recoil with an energy of around 22 ft-lbs. In contrast, the 7mm-08 Rem felt recoil is 17 ft-lbs. Therefore, when comparing the 7mm-08 to the 308, there is a noticeable 20% less recoil.

What shoots flatter, 7mm or 308?

Compared to bullets fired by the. 308 Winchester, the 7mm-08 Remington fires lighter, smaller-diameter, more aerodynamic, and bullets with a higher sectional density more quickly. Therefore, at typical hunting ranges, the 7mm-08 has less recoil, a flatter trajectory, penetrates better, and less wind drift.

Which is more powerful, 308 or 7mm-08?

From the muzzle to 200 yards, the 7mm-08 typically travels at a velocity about 100 fps higher than the. 308 does. The 7mm-08 still has the advantage from 300 to 500 yards, but the gap has shrunk.

What is a 7mm comparable to?

The 7mm Mag. will outpace the velocities of the. 30-06 Springfield with similar bullet weights; while the ’06 can use heavier bullets, the 7mm with equal weight will offer a better Sectional Density.