8 Best Event Management Companies in Los Angeles in 2022

8 Best Event Management Companies in Los Angeles in 2022

8 Best Event Management Companies in Los Angeles

Among the best event management companies in Los Angeles, there are many companies that can help you put on a spectacular event. These companies include Plan it LA, Bixel & Company, Slaack Productions, and Wise Guys. You should also consider hiring a wedding planner. Here are a few of the most popular and trusted companies. The next time you’re hosting a big event, consider using an event management company that is both professional and affordable.

1. Plan it LA

If you’re looking to hire the best Event Management companies in Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place. Sax Event Management is a female-owned firm specializing in all things production related. Event planning and production requires a great deal of attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and proper resourcing. A successful event requires a unique blend of experience, proven skills, proper resourcing, and professional management.

Zynger Events is a top event design company in Los Angeles. The company provides comprehensive services ranging from award shows, to birthday parties and social events. Zynger Events also handles corporate events, conferences, festivals, and charity events. Its mission is to ensure a memorable and elegant event for clients and attendees alike. They have over 30 years of experience and have worked on some of the biggest events in the world.

PRA is another one of the best Event Management companies in Los Angeles. This company focuses on creating those “it” moments for events. They plan surprises and festivities that delight and move attendees. They also plan events that inspire people to take action, whether it’s through fundraising goals or new products. This company specializes in creating memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. There are numerous other companies and services in Los Angeles, but these four companies are the best.

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2. Bixel & Company

The founders of Bixel & Company Event Management are based in Los Angeles. The company was founded in 2010 by Dabney Bixel and Elizabeth Bixel, who has spent her entire career in the event industry, primarily in the hotel sector. She possesses a passion for service excellence and has cultivated relationships within the Los Angeles business community and in the global corporate market. Instilling her unique creative style into the company, she remains a key client liaison. She enjoys traveling around the world and hiking the Hollywood Hills with her dog.

Jennifer Bixel joined the company as an intern in her college years and was later hired as a full-time employee. She has become an integral part of Bixel & Company’s daily operations, and has been an asset in the industry for over a decade. She excels in event production, destination management, and meeting management, and has a keen eye for aesthetics. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, baking delicious desserts, and going to country western concerts.

3. Slaack Productions

If you’re planning a corporate event in the LA area, consider hiring Slaack Productions. The event management company has helped a number of trending brands launch new products and grow their businesses. Their unique design and creativity help create memorable environments that are worthy of Instagram. And if your corporate event isn’t big enough, you can hire them to design something as intimate as a luncheon or dinner for your executives.

The company’s extensive experience in event production and design supports clients through a customized production model. Its team of professionals have the same mandate: to elevate the vision of the client and craft a reality that surpasses expectations. Their diverse portfolio showcases their work in various industries, from corporate events to family milestones. In addition, if you need a custom design to celebrate a special occasion, consider hiring Slaack Productions.

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4. Wise Guys

Students at the University of Southern California have the opportunity to experience working for a small business and learning about the inner workings of a company. Laura Schluckebier and Adam Rafinski recently interned for Wise Guys Events, a Los Angeles-based company specializing in corporate team building and real-life games. Schluckebier’s interest in pervasive games led her to contact the company through her Digital Media advisor, Celia Pearce.

5. RENDER Event Design

If you are planning an elegant event, there is no need to look any further. Render Event Design offers a comprehensive list of event services, from party planning to corporate event planning. From designing the invitations to securing live entertainment, they do it all. Whether you want to host a corporate gathering or a private event, they have the expertise to make the whole process run smoothly.

The process of artistic rendering is the process of formulating, shading, and adding colors to a visual. A rendering artist creates a realistic image based on the event planner’s description of the venue. These renderings can serve as guides to event planners and designers. They can help you market your event. A rendering of your event is a great way to show your clients the exact look and feel of the venue.

6. Geffen Events

If you want to hire a Los Angeles event management company that will deliver on its promises, consider hiring Geffen Events. The company is run by Jaime Geffen, a mom of two boys, Cole and Mason, and the owner of Geffen Events. Geffen’s mission is to provide top-notch service while preserving a distinct style. Geffen also understands that everyone’s budget is different, and therefore offers a variety of affordable packages to suit your needs.

In addition to planning events, they also provide services related to floral and decor design, social media management, venue sourcing, and guest list management. They’ve worked with countless celebrities and companies, including Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Elton John, and the Hard Rock Hotel. These events can be extremely elaborate or a simple corporate event, depending on the needs of the client.

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7. Sequoia Productions

A multi-disciplined event company, Sequoia Productions has been creating world-class events for over 25 years. From the 71st Emmy Awards to a private party for one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, Sequoia Productions is a company you can trust. The company’s events are masterpieces that take time, effort, and meticulous attention to detail. As a member of Incloodle, they are proud to share their work ethics and strategies. Pacific Event Services started as a holiday lighting company in 2009, but today, they are one of the most sought-after event planners in Los Angeles.

A virtual event, is on the rise. These events are being hosted on the Internet as opposed to in a physical location and are designed to foster relationships between attendees and brands. Even though they don’t include the traditional live production elements, virtual events still require a personal touch and an experienced event producer. Sequoia Productions has the right technology for these types of events.

8. MGK

MGK Event Management has a team of creative, dedicated, and disciplined individuals who can handle all aspects of event planning. Their team is responsible for executing brand awareness strategies and designing the event experience. They have an impeccable track record for creating memorable events. Whether you need a wedding planner in Los Angeles or corporate event management in the San Fernando Valley, they can deliver a memorable experience for you and your guests.