8 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Explore India

8 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Explore India

8 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Explore India

Winter season in India is all about the paradise-like view of the mountains, chilly mornings, dressing up in warm clothes, sipping hot tea or coffee while enjoying the cool breeze and travelling around the country. Winter is usually a vacation season for most schools and colleges in India, and it also marks the coming of occasions like Christmas and New Year.

Winter in India does not only mean freezing and chilly temperatures but also pleasant and comfortable weather in some areas like Southern India. Hence, the winter season in India, which falls from October to March, is the best time to explore the country’s beauty.

Moreover, travelling around the country is also easier given the rising number of flights available throughout the country. However, booking your flight ticket well ahead of time is recommended to save up as much money spent on travelling as possible.

8 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Explore India

Get a view of Kashmir’s snow-laden mountains

One of the main reasons winter is the best time to explore India is because of the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the mountains. It is only during the winter season that travellers can view Kashmir’s bewitching snow-laden mountains, picturesque valleys, magical clouds, fir trees, and the overall breathtaking beauty of the city.

Make sure to visit Gulmarg in Kashmir, as it is one of the best places to explore in India during the winter. Moreover, travellers can also enjoy some exciting winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledging, a cable car ride and more.

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Enjoy the adventurous houseboat ride in Kerala.

Kerala is particularly famous for its scenic backwaters that add up to the beauty of the city. Although the backwaters offer a lovely experience throughout the year, during winters, the splendour of the backwaters reaches its peak. Adding up to the overall experience is the exquisite stay on houseboats, the lush vegetation, the picturesque views and more.

Furthermore, another reason why exploring Kerala during the winter is the best is because of Kerala’s naturally tropical weather, which becomes pleasant only during winter. To make your winter vacation more exciting and unique, do not forget to try out the adventurous houseboat ride when visiting Kerala.

Attend the famous Goa carnival

A treasure trove of culture, music, art, dance, pristine sands, mesmerising ocean, and sunny beaches, Goa is a city that welcomes travellers throughout the year. However, among these, visiting Goa during the winter season is the best option because this is the time when the clubs, pubs, and beaches are well-planned to host several entertaining events ahead of Christmas and New Year.

Moreover, tourists can also attend the famous Goa carnival during the winter season, which usually takes place during February, and witness many events, including acrobats, street dances, popular band performances, fire eaters and more.

Get a taste of Manali’s stunning snowfall

India is truly a land of magical mountains with the most breathtaking beauty, and when it comes to talking about magical mountains, you cannot miss out on visiting Manali and getting a taste of its stunning snowfall. With a paradise-like view wrapped in white snowfall, Manali is the most enchanting place to visit in India during the winter season.

Offering a sensational view of the white scenery, some places in Manali that experience heavy winter snow are the Solang, Gulaba and Rohtang pass. Moreover, travellers can also witness the winter carnival in Manali, which comprises many exciting activities, including Skiing competitions, lip-smacking delicacies, folk dances, the unique crafts bazaar and more.

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8 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Explore India

Relish Southern India’s pleasant weather

Being the warmest part of India, Southern India majorly experiences very high temperatures throughout the year. However, during the winter, Southern India’s weather becomes pleasant, making travel more accessible and comfortable.

Some of the best places to visit in Southern India during the winter season are Munnar in Kerala, where the city almost becomes a wonderland during the cold weather, and the tea plantations around the valley add up to the beauty of the place.

Apart from Munnar, Ooty is another place in Southern India where travellers can pay a visit during the winter as the weather is pleasant and the coffee plantations flourish the most.

Explore India’s rich marine life

Apart from being a culturally rich and diverse country, India also possesses a rich and varied marine life. Surrounding the entire Indian subcontinent are the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. The best time to explore this rich marine life in India is during winter.

From November to February, the winter season marks the beginning of marine life in India. It is majorly the peak season for some exciting marine sports like snorkelling, and scuba diving in Goa, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chennai and some other cities around the country.

So pack your bags and set on your journey towards exploring India’s richest marine life during the winter season.

Witness the adventurous jungle safari

The jungle safari is one of the most popular activities that take place in India during the winter season. To explore the beauty of India to its full potential, you cannot miss out on visiting a Jungle safari during the winter season. A country filled with wildlife sanctuaries, UNESCO World Heritage sites, national parks and more, India is one of the best places to witness and set on the adventurous Jungle safari.

From exploring the country’s exquisite flora and fauna, getting a rare sight of some wild and rare species of birds and animals, to enjoying the cool and comfortable weather while setting on your safari, Jungle safari is a must for any traveller in India during the winter season. Some of India’s famous Jungle safari destinations include Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore, Kanha, Pench National Park, Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and more.

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Experience winter in the capital city of New Delhi

With a hot and dry climate almost throughout the year, India’s capital city, New Delhi, majorly experiences extreme temperatures. As a part of this, the temperature in Delhi during winter can go below the freezing point, that is, below 0°C. Hence, travellers who want to experience the chilly, teeth-shivering cold in India cannot miss out on visiting New Delhi at least once in their lifetime.

8 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Explore India

Furthermore, for foodies, Delhi’s delicacies during winter, such as the hot gulab jamun (sweet), or the hot jalebi (sweet), hot chaats and the hot ginger tea, are to die for.

So make sure not to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience of witnessing the chilliest winters in India’s capital city, New Delhi.