8 rules of adaptation for the first-year student

8 rules of adaptation for the first-year student

8 rules of adaptation for the first-year student

This is a stressful time for the majority of first-year students. And it’s not just serious educational and emotional stress, but also psychological – you need to adapt to the new environment, the team, and for nonresidents – as well as to the new city, your new home.   To avoid the pressure of changes that students are feeling and to live through this period as safely as possible, the experts give some advice. By the way, they are very helpful afterward to integrate into the new team when you get a job.


During the first few months of school, the main thing you need to focus on is how you look when you are going to university. No matter what they say, appearance is important.

Bright colors, sloppy clothing, fancy hairstyles, any desire to be outstanding or shocking in appearance, of course, will attract attention, but it will not always be in your favor. So try to look simple, but with dignity. And you will have more time and occasion to show off.

  1. SMILE

When saying hello to your fellow students, always smile. It is well known that a smile disarms, says about your confidence, and that it is simply pleasant to others. But getting into an unknown environment, especially young people, a person begins to clamp and instead of a friendly smile, presses his lips into a string.


There are two opposite types of behavior that people usually adhere to, regardless of their temperament. Some cooperate – adapt to others, seek to meet the point of view of the majority. Others, on the contrary, compete – take the initiative, trying to dominate, oppose the group.

In the period of adaptation the competitive spirit should be kept in check, it’s better to try to cooperate – it’s a more winning position. It is not necessary to stick out without a special need, for a time to be average, even if your nature is bright and extraordinary.

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When getting acquainted with classmates try to remember their names at once. Then yours won’t be forgotten either. Be observant. Pay attention to the traditions in the university, the rules – vowels and unvowels.

Try to figure out what kind of guys are around you, and do not immediately strive to join the established groups at the university.

This can save you from potential gossip and rumors. And don’t criticize professors, administrators, or students on the sidelines. You are new and are unlikely to be able to objectively assess how fair the situation is.

At first, you should listen more to what others have to say and, in controversial situations, stick to neutrality and the opinion of the majority. Do not criticize others. Such remarks from upperclassmen may be perceived as attacks, and this will only make it more difficult to make contact.

Also, it is definitely not worth it to enter into confrontation with authority figures for the sake of self-assertion. By the way, try to find out right away who they are. If you think that an authoritative fellow is wrong, it is better to be silent and try to build a relationship so that in the future to turn the situation, gradually changing your mind.


Feel free to ask where the classroom, lab, library, dean’s office, cafeteria, or other places of interest are located.

Declare your abilities right from the start; don’t be shy about sounding like a nerd. Be inquisitive, ask questions, even if they seem silly and if it doesn’t relate specifically to your subject. Ask other students for help, but if they are busy, don’t push, try to arrange a time that is convenient for everyone. It is better to ask and do right than to look ridiculous later because of a false sense of shame.

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You’ll fit into the team and make friends with classmates faster if you communicate as much as possible. And preferably in person, as they say, face to face. If there are questions, it’s better to invite the person to talk in the park or a cafe.

By the way, having lunch together is one of the best ways to build contact bridges.

And most importantly, be polite, friendly, but without lies, it will be noticed and they will draw conclusions, not in your favor.


If you are invited to the company, whether it’s a party, go to the movies, do not refuse, even if it’s all alien to you, not interested. Say “no” a couple of times, and soon you will be forgotten about.

But, achieving the favor of other students, do not be in a hurry to become their own in the first days with the guys. This is likely to cause suspicion, you will be mistaken for a bootlicker or a sycophant.


You can’t set your own rules, assert your priorities and criticize the ones you have. You will still have time to express your opinion when you enter the team as much as possible, gain his respect, and will be accepted by them. We also advise you to avoid conflicts with teachers, because then you risk getting a bad grade as a result. And even if, after a conflict, you turn to an essay writing service and your paper will be perfect, not the fact that you will get a good grade.

If you suddenly felt stressed towards yourself, it is better not to delay with an explanation, and immediately find out what’s wrong. Otherwise, it could later lead to serious conflict.