Abyssal vs Infernal language for demons and devils in dnd

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Abyssal vs Infernal language

This article is all about the difference of language between demons and devils, i.e. Abyssal vs Infernal language. Though there are pretty similar, still they have their small line of distinction. Abyssal is a primary language of Chaotic Evil, outsiders and Demons. They were common in the planes of the Pandemonium and Abyss. On the contrary, Infernal is the primary language of Lawful Evil outsiders and Devils. It was commonly spoken in the planes of Baator and Gehenna. Abyssal vs Infernal language also got a similarity. Both the languages share the Infernal Alphabet.

  • Devils are out of the Nine Hells. They speak Infernal.
  • Demons are out of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. They speak Abyssal.
  • The Devils disliked Demons.


In some lore, the Abyss is the all-consuming void, full of an infinite swarm of demons seeking to overthrow and absorb others. The forces of light initially fought the Demons for eons, wanting to preserve law and good. Upon seeing their battle as futile to the great they sought to uphold, they left a creature that could fight the Demons to them. Something that wouldn’t refuse the call of justice nevertheless wouldn’t hesitate to spread death and destruction. They left Devils. The Devils of the Infernal Hells were brutally efficient. They were able to fight back the demons and send them back to their residence on the Abyss.

However, the Devils didn’t appreciate being played by the forces of goodness. They figured that they would be much better rulers than the skies. And so, their ruler Asmodeus declared war on the heavens. And he sought to overthrow all and rule the multiverse through terror and law.

Abyssal is a primordial language that is written based on the Infernal language script. It is a lousy version of primordial and is a chaotic language that might be unpredictable and sound like random noises to those not acquainted with it. Abyssal is barely used in written texts, but it may be composed with a lousy form of Infernal. Abyssal is the language spoken in the Abyss, a place where demons live. So abyssal is your language of demons. Some demons could be capable of speaking other languages along with abyssal.

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What Does Abyssal Sound Like?

Abyssal is a chaotic language that may seem like noises created by a barking dog. In some instances, it might be soft like droning sea waves mingled with the noise of a swarm of angry hornets. Typically low position demons would talk in a demanding way, sounding like a barking dog, while elite demons have a refined speech. That is not always true. It isn’t unusual for a lowly bar-lgura to talk soothingly while an elite Balor speaks. Generally, abyssal is chaotic and inconsistent, and into the unfamiliar ear may sound like random noises.

Abyssal vs. Infernal language
Abyssal vs Infernal language


Infernal has been brought to Toril through contact with evil beings from other planes. It is harsh and alien since it developed one of the beings with thought patterns, unlike humanities. Clerics frequently took the time to learn it. The Infernal alphabet was transcribing the Thayan dialect of the Mulhorandi language.

The Infernal tongue was tied closely into the baatezu caste system, being split into four parts. Though each piece used the same standard base, each expressed different notions and utilized different words. The tongue of this lesser baatezu was equivalent to any mortal language in sophistication, used to communicate abstract concepts such as honor or despise. It was less gravelly compared to the tongue of their least baatezu, although not strictly musical. Many non-devils who heard Infernal discovered this variation of it.

Discussing it properly required careful planning and responding intelligently to phrases based on the most delicate cues. The two greater baatezu could hold entire conversations in this kind of Infernal using just the beginnings of their paragraphs. It was almost impossible for mortals to understand. This form of the language was utterly corrupt and wicked that its malevolence may drag listeners to hateful grief just through hearing its patterns.

Abyssal vs Infernal language

Difference Abyssal Infernal
Native Language Language of Demons and Chaotic Evil outsiders Language of Devils and Lawful Evil outsiders
Where is it spoken? Planes of The Abyss and Pandemonium Planes of Baator and Gehenna
Alphabet Infernal Infernal
Speakers’ origin  Infinite Layers of the Abyss Nine Hells
Race Demon Devil
Written text No Yes, they have alphabets
Script Bad form of Infernal with slangs General Infernal language
Sounds like Noise, Sound of a barking dog Simple to complex
Alphabet Transcription Does not apply The Thayan dialect of the Mulhorandi language.
Connection with baatezu caste system No Yes
Used in battlefield No Yes
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