All Unblock YouTube Proxy Free

All Unblock YouTube Proxy Free

All Unblock YouTube Proxy Free | Best VPN for YouTube

If you are the type of person who cannot access some YouTube videos because they are not accessible in your country, don’t worry; in this post, you will learn more about unblocking YouTube videos not available in your area.

If you want to watch some region-restricted YouTube videos, a proxy server is a simple solution.

Web proxies, browser add-ons, and SOCKS proxies are the three main types of proxy servers that you may manually configure on your browser. Several proxy websites are simple to use. In reality, using a proxy server to unblock YouTube is one of the most accessible options, but, as previously said, it is not the safest.

When it comes to local websites, YouTube ranks first. It is one of the most severely restricted websites on the planet. Several movies are not available in all areas. If you’re experiencing problems accessing YouTube, we have a trick up our sleeves that may help you get YouTube unblocked so you can view your favorite videos without restriction. We’ve listed several free YouTube proxy websites below so you can watch YouTube even if it’s not available in your area.

A proxy server, like a VPN, redirects your traffic through a server to make it appear that you are in another location. This enables you to bypass firewalls and geographic content restrictions.

Furthermore, unlike VPNs, most proxy servers do not encrypt your data, making them less secure. This means that someone may be listening in on your online activities. You will also be more vulnerable to data breaches and other online threats.

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The internet, no matter how seemingly free it looks, is not. Governments and internet service providers use censorship to prevent customers from accessing certain websites. Some websites are geo-restricted, while ISPs block others for various reasons. However, there are options available to assist you in unblocking restricted websites. You can use proxy sites, VPNs, or custom DNS servers to access websites not available in your area.

There is some proxy software that you can use for unblocking youtube

Croxy Proxy

CroxyProxy is a website that may be used to access any restricted website, including YouTube. This proxy service uses cutting-edge technology to get around ISP and government restrictions. Enter the URL in the text area and click the Go button to unblock YouTube with CroxyProxy.

Another reason CroxyProxy was featured in our list is because it includes a Chrome plugin that eliminates the need to visit the proxy website every time you want to unblock YouTube. Install the extension to gain access to restricted YouTube material.

Genmirror Free Youtube Proxy

This free proxy service from Genmirror is one of the most excellent ways to unblock YouTube. It offers a free SSL web proxy that can be accessed on smartphones, PCs, and tablets to unblock Youtube from anywhere. To open Youtube using Genmirror, enter the YouTube URL into the website’s form.

You may also save a lot of data by using Genmirror Youtube proxy on a smartphone because you will be accessing proxied copies of banned Youtube content. Furthermore, Genmirror free Youtube proxy makes your internet activity confidential. However, the website is littered with adverts, which may turn off some visitors.

Proxy Site

If you can’t access YouTube, a proxy site is excellent to get it unblocked. This proxy website was designed with the user’s comfort in mind. Advertisements are kept to a minimum and do not disrupt your browsing experience. Enter “” into the website’s text box and choose the server you want to visit the forbidden website.

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This free Youtube proxy service has over 20 European and United States servers. ProxySite has integrated Google Safe Browsing into its service to protect users from viewing potentially hazardous websites by mistake or purposefully using to avoid Safe Browsing and infecting others. When a dangerous page is viewed, an error is returned rather than the website.

HMA Free Youtube Proxy

Another typical word for unblocking blocked websites is HMA or HideMyAss. Their free YouTube proxy is one of the simplest ways to access YouTube if blocked in your location. Because it is a free proxy, there are certain limitations.

For example, you cannot use the HMA free Youtube proxy program in more than one tab. If you want to bypass these limitations, you may purchase the premium edition of HMA, which provides complete anonymity when browsing the internet and claims to open blocked websites.

Pros and Cons of using proxy:


Businesses use proxy servers to save money on expensive bandwidth. Proxy servers may compress Internet traffic, cache files, and web pages and even eliminate ads from websites before they reach your computer.

What exactly is a decent proxy server?

The Good Proxy server is the component that maintains the secure connection between a business and a Good network operations center (NOC). You run the Good Proxy server behind the corporate firewall to provide a secure outbound connection to the NOC.


When you use a free proxy service to unblock YouTube, you give that site access to your browser data. Cybercriminals regularly use proxies to acquire personal information such as bank account numbers, login credentials, passwords, and credit card numbers. Whatever information you submit may be easily tracked down and recorded by the proxy’s owner when you use a proxy.

When your IP address is blocked from viewing YouTube, you may still use web proxy services, which work similarly to YouTube un-blockers. Rather than connecting you to YouTube, these proxy sites route you through their servers. This will allow us to access any website that has been blocked, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Gmail.

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When YouTube is inaccessible, you may watch videos on the video streaming service using the free proxy services provided above. We investigated all of the YouTube mentioned above proxy websites and can confirm that they were all up and running at writing.