Anime Rule 34 in Deku, Cookie Run, Dragon & Inside Out

Anime Rule 34 in Deku, Cookie Run, Dragon & Inside Out

Is Rule 34 valid for Animes like Deku, Cookie Run, Dragon & Inside Out?

Let us Investigate the Internet’s most dangerous law of 34 concerning Animes like Deku, Cookie Run, Dragon & Inside Out. The internet’s rule 34 is the 34th rule. It says that there is “por*n of it, with no exceptions.” If you look closely enough, you will see that everything you can think of is por*n. Rule 63 is another related rule, stating that ” There is a feminine version for every male character.” There are no exceptions, and it doesn’t necessarily mean por*n-related. Still, if your eyes are open, you will find a female version of any male character.

Deku, Cookie Run, Dragon & Inside Out| Rule 34

Adult animation, also known as mature animation, is an animation that caters specifically to adults. Fan Arts in these reached a new height. i.e., extreme sex and violence. Deku, Cookie Run, Dragon & Inside Out are no exception. It is targeted at adults and teens and not children and all ages. This medium can be considered adult for a variety of reasons. These include explicit or suggestive sexual content and graphic violence. This genre can explore philosophical, political, or social issues. Many productions are known for their innovative storytelling and animation techniques. Animation films, T.V. series, and web series are all examples.

Animation that is geared towards adults is called adult animation. It can also be described as animation that “formative youths should avoid” or contains adult humor. Adult animation comes in many styles, including sitcoms and comedies. It is a term that refers to animated films with “adult themes or situations.” But Rule 34 restricts por*nographic contents. They are just considered adults because they are directed at an older audience. 

These animations “appeal to wide swathes of viewers,” mainly those between 18 and 34. Adult animations are “animated programs aimed at grownups, not children.” They also focus on adult issues and feature cheeky, sometimes crass humor that “has no limits” while simultaneously evoking a balance of fantasy and reality. They might also include violence or sexual themes.

People over the internet are looking for Anime Rule 34 in Deku, Cookie Run, Dragon & Inside Out. Let us find out who are the female characters people are looking for.

Deku Rule 34
Deku Rule 34

The most searched Rule 34 female characters in Deku

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido, a famous Rule 34 female character in class 1-A, is also a favorite. She is a dancer, has purple hair and skin, and loves to dance. She is active and friendly, being an extrovert.

Mina is the mood maker in the class, but she can be a little bit lazy. Sometimes she doesn’t get the mood right, making the scene quite funny. Ashido is a good person, and her friendships with Momo and the other girls are entertaining.

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Although she isn’t in the main story, Mina appears in a few scenes in “Sumashu!” the Hiroaka spinoff manga. In episode 89 of “Sumashu!” she seems and looks like an angel with horns. Because of her athleticism and bubbly personality, Ashido is very popular. 

Yaoyorozu Momo

Momo is vice-chairperson for Class A. She has a scholar-like severe personality. Momo is an excellent example of how to have fun and let loose!

Yaoyorozu is also a beautiful character and has been called one of My Hero Academia’s most attractive female characters. Todoroki and Yaoyorozu are also recommended for admission to the U.A. High School.

Momo, despite being wealthy, isn’t afraid to help others study during exams. She is a solid and determined person who strives to be a Pro-Hero. She is very affectionate with Todoroki, Toga, and other Pro-Heroes.

Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado is a class 3-A student and is part of The Big 3. Because of her cute personality and unique looks, she is very popular among My Hero Academia fans. Wave Motion is Nejire’s quirk, which allows her to transform her vitality into blast waves. She is a skilled user of her quirk, and she is one of the best students.

Hado is a beautiful woman with long, curly, sky-blue hair and curious eyes. Her natural charm is a kind, talkative personality who grabs everyone’s attention. Although Nejire is known for being a bit foolish and asking stupid questions, it is part of her charm. Nejire is described as an “airhead” and a “free spirit,” but she has a great heart.

Nejire is a very likable character. Despite her cheerful personality, she is fierce when faced with an enemy. She is strong and can act in any situation. Hado is a magnet for all who see her. She deserves to be on this list!

  1. Lady

Yu Takeyama (aka Mt. Lady is a professional hero and has a huge personality. Her appearance in the first episode made a huge impact, and viewers can’t help but love her.

From her gorgeous appearance to her bright personality, everything is relatable. Her hero costume is a highlight. Mt. Lady is a striking figure. Lady is also very selfless and does all she can to protect citizens. It was heartbreaking to see Bakugo being reduced at her own risk. Mt. Lady’s ambitions and actions make us want to cheer for them. Another plus is her beautiful and adorable looks!

Cookie Run Rule 34
Cookie Run Rule 34

The most searched Rule 34 female characters in Cookie Run

Carol Cookie

Carol Cookie is a Cookie first seen in LINE Cookie Run. She was released almost a month after Christmas in LINE Cookie Run.

The bottom of her brown dress has a few lines. The brown lace-up sandals she is wearing look brown. She also appears to have a small, green, and purple striped harp in her hands. Her hair is dark green with a lighter shade streaking through some parts. There are also white specks in her hair that may be meant to look like sprinkles. To make her look more Christmas-like, she has a thin, rope-like hairband at the top.

Grandberry Brawler II

Grandberry Brawler2 is an NPC cookie that first appeared in Cookie Run, Kingdom’s eleventh episode, Grandberry Market. A giant, brown Cookie with bright blue eyes and long, straight hair resembles a berry’s leaves. Her arms and face are also decorated with hair. The arm hair is a similar color to her dough. The stem of her mouth ends in two leaves. The clothing she wears is simple white with black overalls and pants, and they are close to her hair color but slightly darker. Her shoes are plain black.

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Wasabi Cookie

Dr. Wasabi Cookie was released on May 1, 2017, and her pet Octo Wasabi. Her Wasabi Syrup is used to create Wasabi Jellies, which can be collected for extra points.

Mustard Cookie was released with her granddaughter in OvenBreak’s only Cookie Run simultaneous release. Along with her granddaughter, she is also featured in Dr. Wasabi & Mustard Cookie’s Island of Memories. Apart from being a playable Cookie, Dr. Wasabi Cookie is also featured in Trophy Race and Breakout Mode, providing suggestions for Combis that players can use to improve their scores.

Dragon Rule 34
Dragon Rule 34

Most searched Dragon Rule 34 female characters.

Rose, Dragon Crisis

Rose is an anime dragon girl who is more human than dragons. Rose cannot transform into her dragon form but acts like an animal when she is human. Ryuji is the only one she has ever been aggressive with, as he was the one who discovered her after she hatched. She sleeps next to him, clinging to him.

Rose is a memorable anime dragon girl because of her incredible attention to detail when creating her character.

Kuro, Isekai Shokudou

You might be skeptical about Kuro’s dragon girl status if you only take one look at her. She doesn’t look like the part, is she? Don’t let that fool you!

The waitress at Western Restaurant Nekoya was a goddess of the Other World and a dark dragon for over 35,000 years. She’s also a mighty dragon who fought alongside her kind to defeat the Chaos of Many Tentacles.

Kuro is an ordinary, dark-haired girl with a pointy head who loves Curry Chicken and uses telepathy to communicate. There’s so much to love about Kuro.

Mink and Dragon Half

Dragon Half, a 90s-anime comedy about anime, is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something to make you laugh. This 2-part OVA won’t provide you with anything as severe as the Dragon Ball series or Fairy Tail.

Mink, Mink’s main character, which is technically a half-dragon but is still quite powerful, is an exception. You can see her strength if you forget that she wants to be with Dick Saucer, the dragon slayer and idol of the Dragon King. She can fly in an instant, and she can withstand poison, and she can also endure poison.

Tear Lightning, Juuoumujin No Fafnir

Tear Lightning is not a dragon girl, and she believed she was a dragon girl all her life because of a cult that worshipped her like one. You would be shocked to learn about her backstory. No pun intended.

Tear is an excellent choice for this list. Her dragon powers caused many problems in Midgard, and her acceptance that she’s just a human makes me believe she deserves it.

Grea, Manaria Friends

Grea, a timid half-dragon, falls in love with Anne, and Anne is a human princess. Although this rare LGBT representation in a show about Dragons is impressive for its time, it is almost impossible to forget that the show is relatively shallow and uneventful. You are drawn to the characters of the prominent women and their slow, intense love affair.

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Inside Out Rule 34
Inside Out Rule 34

Most searched Rule 34 for female characters in Inside Out.

Inside out isn’t just about the new world it creates, but it also tells the story of a girl who has everyday problems. Joy and Sadness, her primary personified emotions, are both women who spend the film trying to help their preteen host. Is she going to make it on the hockey team? Will her friendships be able to withstand the move from Minnesota and San Francisco? We only see Riley’s mind, but her brain is the main focus. She is not worthy of the throne, and there is no noble prince who can save her.


Disgust is one of four tritagonists in Inside Out’s 2015 Disney/Pixar movie. She is one of the five emotions in Riley Andersen’s mind.

Disgust is highly opinionated and honest. She prevents Riley from getting poisoned, both socially and physically. Disgust is very vigilant about Riley’s contact with people, places, and things, whether broccoli or the latest fashion trend. Disgust is a person who has high standards and always has the best intentions.

Disgust is one of the five emotions that control Riley’s mind, and it also helps her. Their leader Joy, another feeling, Sadness, get lost in Riley’s brain. She and the other emotions must keep Riley’s head straight until Joy or Sadness returns. They decide to make Riley leave when things get out of control. Her superficial teenage attitude may have led her to dismiss Sadness neutrally.


The deuteragonist in the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out is Sadness. She is one of five emotions inside Riley Andersen’s mind.

Sadness, also known as depression, was born in Riley’s first year of life. There, Joy, her first emotion, was born. Joy intervened and made Riley cry, and Riley was prone to throwing tantrums, so Sadness was not used.

None of the Emotions understand Sadness’s role. Although Sadness would love for Riley to feel more positive and help her stay happy, she cannot do so. Sometimes, the best thing is to cry on the ground.

Sadness can be described as the exact definition of Sadness and gloom. Joy was the dominant emotion, and she didn’t want Riley ever to be sad. She was rarely used. Joy was a poor person to Sadness because of this. Sadness secretly yearned for a place among the emotions. She was not believed to have a purpose in her mind. The rest of the feelings almost always stopped her from trying. She is the most sensitive of all emotions. Joy’s defection made her feel genuinely hurt, and Sadness thought she was useless.

Sadness complains a lot, too, as shown by her constant complaints about being too sad to do or walk anything.

Sadness is more intelligent than the rest and has more common sense. She kept trying to warn Joy of Bing Bong’s “shortcut” dangers, but no one listened. Joy suggested that Riley be scared to get her to wake up. But Joy believed that giving Riley a fun dream would make her feel better.


Rule 34 in Deku, Cookie Run, Dragon & Inside Out are the internet rules which ban extreme adult and violent fanarts and animes on different websites. The bottom line of Rule 34 is that there is a po*rn to it if it exists. So there is most likely por*n of everything.