Did Aqua Konosuba meet Kazuma after death?

Did Aqua Konosuba meet Kazuma after death?
Did Aqua Konosuba meet Kazuma after death?

Aqua Konosuba & Kazuma

In Konosuba, Aqua is the very first person Kazuma matches after dying. Aqua revealed her arrogance towards him. She made fun of him. He instantly wanted to get back in her, which led to him picking her to take in the dream world. Their relationship appears platonic thus much, as neither of these sees another as an object of affection. Both were inseparable, and Aqua even depends on Kazuma over everything, she admits. He believes she’s useless yet adorable when she’s silent and serene. They’d frequently argue and point at each other’s defects, which leads to Kazuma generally making Aqua shout in Konosuba.

While under ordinary circumstances he’d not admit it, he can appreciate Aqua as a companion. Regardless of the latter’s persistent frustration, when there was possible for Aqua Konosuba to come back to paradise. Kazuma fought, coming to terms with it, and finally managed to express his feelings for her to remain in his distinct manner. She helped herself with grown attached to the planet and want to stay.

Aqua Konosuba
Aqua Konosuba

The love story of Kazuma and Konosuba Aqua

He was also inclined to dropkick somebody in the face. It was because he did not enjoy how Aqua got treatment. It wasn’t very good. Aqua reveals how, despite the struggles and arguments they’ve, Kazuma really cares about and seems outside for Aqua. Aqua is also especially the only woman in his celebration. Kazuma does not believe or do anything perverse.

Megumin Konosuba

She believes Kazuma a contradiction occasionally. He explained it as somebody who’s idle when rich. Yet hardworking when needing capital and twisted, nevertheless dependable during crisis circumstances.

They enjoy a close relationship together with Megumin. It was a very emotional one from the celebration. Kazuma did not need to go back from the afterlife. She’s also very defensive in their celebration when Kazuma is bad-mouthed with strangers.

Presently, in the mild publication, Megumin showed her feelings to Kazuma. They entered a connection as “more than friends but less than lovers.” Their relationship progressed to a point at which they tried sexual acts on multiple occasions. In volume 14, she offered to provide Kazuma a hand-job. Also, in volume 16, after kissing them that they were planning to have sex to be able to “have no regrets.” Still, in both cases, there was an interruption before they dropped their virginities.


Kazuma neglects Darkness’ first approach to combine the celebration but finally concedes. While she meets his fetish to get an “onee-san with fantastic figure,” her character turns him off. Vanir teases them, stating both Darkness and Kazuma have feelings for one another. But there was fear crossing the point of adventurer comrades, embarrassing either of these. Darkness blurts out jagged notions Kazuma frequently snarks at either verbally or emotionally. She won’t be afraid to punish him if she finds his engagement with disturbing things. It was like being the adviser to the festival. In volume 12, she shows that she likes him, and there was some obsession. Because he rescued her from Alderp, she kisses Kazuma about the lips when she’s a significant breakdown after he rejects her. 

Volume 12 reveals Megumin and Darkness begin competing for Kazuma’s affection. In volume 13, Darkness attempts to seduce Kazuma by providing him favors. Before she can follow, Megumin arrives after returning from a visit to her village and quits Darkness. Nonetheless, Kazuma asks Darkness to wash him from the anime as he believes he’s dreaming. It was where he moved into some Succubus item to have a sensual dream.

Aqua Konosuba
Aqua Konosuba


Chris is the very first person to instruct Kazuma skills. After he lacked her panties, then she begins wearing pants. Besides, he respects her “big boss.” He does not appear to head forming a thieves’ band together with her, even though he’d get in trouble with all the kingdom with this particular action.

Later on, after learning of her identity as Eris and assisting her with celestial relics recovering. Kazuma starts to respect her as a friend. It was even going so far as to help Eris outside if they had been down from the doldrums. It was following the achievement of this “Goddess Aqua Thanksgiving Festival.” The very first Goddess Eris restore the prestige of this Eris Church. And he recuperates a celestial stunt they missed out on. Kazuma cites her because of his perfect woman, the only one he respects.

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 It was from the gossip about Megumin and Darkness to different shops in Japan. They also described their relationship as one in which they may be reciprocal confidants of one another’s secrets.


Kazuma sees Iris because the little sister he has always wanted is a little sister who is not bound by blood. Regardless of initially disliking and underestimating him, she finally warms around the adventurer. It was inducing Kazuma’s adorable and dirty tactics to rub off. Kazuma has also said he would gladly accept it if Iris desired him to become her apparel when she grows old.


Regardless of Wiz’s standing as a lich, Kazuma is quite considerate to her, even more than his allies. She and Vanir promote goods he has made, so he frequently visits their store to determine how things are moving.


Though Taylor functions as a foil for Kazuma (being a stoic and non-perverse individual ), both party leaders get on very well. They sometimes meet up to get a drink in secret to talk about the hardships they undergo in dealing with their respective parties.

How did Aqua Konosuba look?

Aqua is called a supernaturally beautiful god. Kazuma notes her attractiveness as “past the idols exhibited on tv” and” surpassing people.” She has a slender figure with ample breasts, long legs, broad hips. She had feminine waist-long hair that’s partly tied into a loop using a water-molecule shaped clip. Aqua’s garments carry a blue color scheme, together with her regular attire. It consisted of a blue skirt with white accents and glistening white sleeves with yellow and blue accents.

 She wears a green bow around her torso with a blue ball in the center. Aqua Konosuba wears thigh-high blue costume boots, a very short dark blue miniskirt, and a translucent purple underskirt. She wears a celestial relic in the kind of a sheer pink hagoromo, which may vanish and reappear around her will. Her B-W-H dimensions are 83-56-83 cm.

The character of Aqua Konosuba

Aqua comes with an intriguing yet troublesome character. While she does not induce her beliefs onto other people, Aqua constantly speaks or acts on her whims. Because of this, she can act very inappropriately in several conditions. 

It’s also quite simple to taunt Aqua Konosuba with jeers or lures with jealousy. Since Aqua was a goddess, she thrives on praise/worship points. She generally performs great deeds but immediately ruins her own virtues. It was by seeking praises aggressively and consistently. Additionally, while many of her good deeds’ turn out alright, Aqua is quite short-sighted. And a few of them good deeds’ really prove to be absolute disasters.


Among Aqua’s positive character traits is her “honesty,” She’s incapable of lying or more exactly. She’s no concept of lying. And she’s so poor at it her lies give themselves away. When caught lying, all it requires are pinches for her lips to get Aqua to show everything. On the flip side, she’s quite gullible and doesn’t think people can lie. 

When Konosuba Aqua has been stubborn, others might also fib a bit to create Aqua more pleasing. Aqua can be quite observant and educated when she desires. Occasionally, she and Megumin essentially function as the group’s walking encyclopedias. Aqua lacks the standard analytic abilities and self-awareness to utilize her knowledge efficiently. 

She can be quite tolerant and will readily take and forgive other people’s mistakes and imperfections. However, the section of her understanding character is really a very bad short-term memory. She occasionally forgets her own individuality as a goddess when loving her new life too much. Additionally, she loved to dress up for seeking compliments. But Aqua is unaware of this real bliss of her artistic and priestess skills. It was because she nonchalantly performed many exceptional, nearly-impossible feats.


We know her traumatic encounters with giant toads and barbarous alligators. Still, Aqua acts quite cowardly against tough creatures. She’ll frequently make up lame excuses on why she can’t fight or need help. Finally, she has quite negative remarks about their undead and demons, also will be quite cold and competitive to them, but not to the same extent as Eris. She’s capable of getting together with the undead once time to become used to them, as noticed with Wiz. The Axis Order from the Fantasy World worships Aqua Konosuba. 

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Though tens of thousands of years passed at the Fantasy World, she began sending Japanese individuals there before being hauled to it herself by Kazuma. It was due to the gap where time moves between the dream world and paradise. She informs Kazuma that she’s hardly lived slightly longer.


Aqua Konosuba and Kazuma cheating

Aqua brought to the entire world as Kazuma’s cheat thing. Both of them perform several part-time jobs. Aqua’s stupidity and purifying power frequently have them. But as a muse of their arts, she excels once they operate in structure. They finally begin adventuring to varying levels of success. After destroying Wiz, Aqua is left in charge of directing the bad spirits in the Peninsula into the following life. She rather puts a magic circle forcing out all ghosts. It was since she does not wish to take care of the hassle of going to the cemetery.

Aqua Konosuba becomes famous throughout town for two her amazing Archpriest skills along with her troublemaking. Many adventurers like her party trick skills. Although the constant flow of difficulty, she generates leads to individuals relying on Kazuma because of her “babysitter.”

Why was there a battle with Vanir?

Although Aqua initially attempts to purify Wiz, they become great friends. And Aqua was lazing around Wiz’s store drinking tea and eating snacks. Aqua Konosuba frequently gives Wiz awful info unintentionally, which can be one reason the store does so badly. This induces Aqua to develop into more battle Vanir. However, the two despise each other because of Aqua being a goddess and Vanir being a devil.

When Aqua and the remainder of the party trip to Alcanretia, Aqua trappings all of the hot springs in town. Though this results in the celebration being kicked from town, the Axis Church understands Aqua’s individuality. They opt to maintain that knowledge concealed, even from Aqua. So she can continue to appreciate her life and see Alcanretia. Aqua spends a number of her spare time using the Axis Cultists at Axel. She’s friends with Cecily, that frequently empowers Aqua’s worst behaviors.

After her battle with Serena and recognition that nobody has been reincarnated to the planet. Aqua went to defeat the Demon King by herself.

 How capable was Aqua Konosuba in combat?

She lost some of her power after descending into the deadly world. Aqua still awakens a celestial aura that obviously brings monsters along with the undead. This setting also pushes the wicked intent in her voice while telling lies, shielding her in the magical lie detector. As she was a Goddess of Water, Aqua specializes in warm water charms. It may even throw Sacred level spells limited to deities. She utilizes a team that will fly if summoned. When casting spells, the blossom at the same end will blossom and enhance some spells cast. Her celestial relic in the shape of a translucent pink hagoromo can vanish and reappear around her will. Additionally, it may fill with air like a balloon in her control and be used as short-range transport to your team. Besides, it protects her from all strange consequences.

Upon bogged down to the deadly plane, Aqua takes up an Archpriest function for its celebration. It is accountable for utilizing support magical to help other members celebrate by treating standing infliction and hammering fallen party members. Being a Deity created human, all Aqua’s stats are automatically set to max. That implies that while she could earn points to spend on Skills or Spells. Her actual figures like her reduced Intelligence and Luck can not grow.

Ability List

God Blow: this kind of capability enables Aqua to conjure a potent punch or”deadly fist” that may ruin and purify enemies with a single blow.

God Requiem: this kind of ability empowers Aqua to create strong energy, which could be released by striking the enemy along with her team or with her palms. Besides, it used to violate protective spell obstacles.

Exorcism: Powerful against devils and people owned by them. Strong enough to prevent an owned Darkness in her tracks. Aqua flames it like a laser out of her brow (she retains two peace-signs into her brow when doing so ). This charm is potentially potent enough to destroy a fanatic like Vanir. In prep for the charm, Aqua must draw a more comprehensive magical circle ahead.

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Produce water

Produce Water: Creates clean water, which may be fired in an opponent or drunk. When cast, the massive water quantity can flood a whole town and ruin subsequent structures and buildings. As a result of her seniority over Eris, she could even violate the principle saying that an individual can be resurrected once a lifetime. But she can’t resurrect those whose bodily kind has been digested or totally ruined.

Reflect: Creates a translucent wall of light that reflects strikes. She’s also established protective barriers around the mansion to catch demons and prevent them from getting into the mansion (nevertheless, mighty demons can breakthrough).

Party Tricks: Before gaining any Skills/Spells helpful in Adventures, Aqua spent her things with this total Skill Tree. It’s used chiefly for the amusement and entertainment of individuals.

Nature’s Beauty: A Skill which makes two lovers look on both palms along with a pot of dirt look on top of your mind. Spouts of plain water will emerge from every fan as a blossom grows in the bud, which will yank blossoms once fully grown.

Seal: Seals a product’s energy.

Supporting Spells: Aqua can throw several encouraging charms to greatly improve the resistance, speed, and strength of this person she cast her charm upon:

Boost Power: Enhancing consumer or ally’s strength.

Speed Boost: Enhancing user or ally’s speed.

Boost Magic: Resistances consumer or ally’s magic immunity.

Blessing: Enhancing consumer or Boy’s fortune.

Other skills

Water: Just as a Goddess of Water, each water Aqua creates automatically has sacred features. Their effectiveness is such that they can rejuvenate individuals and even harm undead. Water is generated straight from Aqua’s entire body. i.e., her tears are compelling. Aqua also has the capacity to control water from a space.

Master Artist: As the muse of the arts, Konosuba Aqua is a very talented performer. She could fix a photograph of Darkness’s suitor using the bare minimum tools available. Aqua Konosuba would produce detailed 1/12 clay scale versions of Megumin and Darkness. She would make intricate sand drawings and make handmade giant robot made from milk cartons. While Kazuma noticed that she could earn a living off those abilities, she neglects to. Along with her greedy and idle character, it was made her unable to make the most of those artistic abilities financially.

Construction Master: While she worked full-time as a building consultant and needed a force of building employees working beneath her. She would fix a fortress substantially quicker than every explosion magic can damage it. But she motivated herself to work due to a temporary grudge. All of the local employees respected her for turning the tide of struggle.

Power to crush devils.

Her very breath causes damage to devils. Draining her vitality/magic is noxious for the undead. Her sacred aura limits the efficacy of lies discovering magical things. They will discover her lie if it’s something she really strongly believes is untrue.

Undead fascination: Undead are drawn to her. Mindless undead will dismiss orders from their master to pursue Aqua.

Night Vision: Watch Also in the dark as daylight.

Undead/Devil Detection: Could detect devils/undead by odor.

Scry/Mental Immunity: When anybody tries to watch her location/future/mind or tries mind manipulation on her, it ends in watching a blinding bright light.


Aqua Konosuba claims chicken to be a”Dragon”: Emperor Zel. After, Aqua shouted because she fell a 100 eris down coin a sewage drain. She confessed to becoming useless for the most part. Upon viewing their celebration for the first time, passersby believe her most beautiful of the 3 major woman characters because of her goddess-like look.

Aqua Konosuba’s death was a mystery, and many of us predict the ending. The remainder of the episode will probably be about trying to find a means to reanimate dead men and women. At the close of the event, we will visit Kazuma, Megumin, and Darkness, defending Wiz. She reads many passing asserts can bring the deceased to completely alive. Aqua will look. Still, since she is Aqua, she will accidentally show her reincarnation skills as a goddess so that she actually can not be murdered. Wiz will only walk off.