Are Face Exercises/Yoga Effective for 18 Years?

Are Face Exercises/Yoga Effective for 18 Years?

Are Face Exercises/Yoga Effective for 18 Years?

It’s no secret that we all covet smooth, firm, and lifted skin. Botox, fillers, and laser treatments are risky investments for money. Hence, many seek natural, affordable options for reducing fine lines. Exercising is one of the ways to improve your appearance and skin.

The face is made up of more than fifty muscles. Failure to exercise these muscles leads to premature loss of tone. Dermatologists suggest face yoga for addressing skin aging and tone loss.

Regular face yoga can prevent and slow aging signs. Youths combining face yoga with a detailed mewing tutorial enhance facial sculpting. But does age matter when practicing face yoga?

What Age Is Suitable for Starting Face Yoga?

Facials generally benefit all ages. The best time to start facial exercises is early in the teenage years. Professionals recommend starting skin care with facials around age 14. It helps address skin changes like blackheads, bumps, and acne.

Aging is inevitable, but controlling its impact on daily life is possible. As people approach 30, facial exercises can help maintain a youthful appearance. These exercises improve skin health, anti-aging, circulation, and tension relief.

Facials promote lasting skincare habits. Young teenagers who start good skin care habits will develop lasting habits.

Which Facial Exercises are Ideal for Teenagers?

Facial exercises benefit teenagers by promoting relaxation, healthy skin, and proper blood flow. These exercises also help prevent aging and promote overall well-being.

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Germs can transfer from your hands to your face leading to acne. Hence the first step is to wash your hands. 

Neck Massage

Exercise improves lymphatic drainage and neck tension. This helps to correct sagging skin around the jaw and neck.

  • Slightly tilt your head backward
  • Position fingers at the neck’s top
  • Gently press fingers down to the collarbone.
  • Press fingers into the collarbone for a few seconds before releasing

Do this for at least 30 seconds.

The Cheek Lift

This exercise helps to lift the cheek muscles.

  • Hold three center fingers on each hand, and press down on the cheeks.
  • Smile when pressing down with fingers to create resistance.
  • Repeat this five times in five sets

Eye circles

This exercise improves oxygen circulation and reduces facial puffiness.

  • Rub ring fingers on the inside of your eyebrows
  • Tap fingers on the eyebrows’ outer edge
  • Press into temples for a few seconds
  • Keep tapping above cheekbones to the eye corner

Keep doing this exercise for at least 30 seconds.

Are Face Exercises/Yoga Effective for 18 Years?

The Binoculars Lift

This exercise helps to tighten the forehead muscles.

  • Create a circle around each eye, resembling binoculars or glasses. Use your thumb and index finger.
  • Maintain thumb below eyes and index above eyebrows
  • Apply pressure to the eyebrows while pulling the forehead skin down
  • Hold your eyebrows for four seconds. This creates restrictions and exercises the muscles

Repeat this procedure five times in three sets.

Cheek Puffing

This exercise can help strengthen your cheek muscles.

  • Take a deep breath through your mouth and fill your cheeks with air
  • Hold the air in your cheeks for a few seconds, making sure your lips are closed
  • Slowly release the air from your cheeks

Repeat the exercise five to ten times.

Jaw Clenching

Clenching your jaw can help strengthen the muscles in your jawline.

  • Start by sitting or standing up straight with your shoulders relaxed
  • Slowly close your mouth and clench your teeth together
  • Hold the clench for a few seconds
  • Slowly release the clench and relax your jaw muscles.
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Repeat the exercise five to ten times.

Tongue Stretches

This exercise can help strengthen the muscles in your tongue and jaw.

  • Start by sticking your tongue out as far as you can
  • Hold your tongue out for a few seconds, and then retract it back into your mouth
  • Next, touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth
  • Keeping your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, open your mouth as wide as you can
  • Hold the open position for a few seconds, and then release

Tips for Effective Face Exercises/Yoga for Teenagers

There are a variety of face exercises and yoga poses that can help tone and strengthen the muscles in your face. Here are some tips to help you get started with an effective routine:

Remember to start with a warm-up

Before you begin any face exercises or yoga poses, it’s important to warm up your facial muscles. You can do this by gently massaging your face with your fingertips. You can also exaggerate facial expressions. These include opening your mouth wide, sticking out your tongue, and scrunching your nose.

Focus on the muscles you want to target

Your face has many different muscles, which can be targeted with specific exercises. For example, if you want to strengthen your jawline, you can do exercises that involve clenching your jaw and holding it for a few seconds.

Use your breath

Like traditional yoga, breathing can be an important part of face yoga. Inhale deeply through your nose, and then exhale slowly through your mouth as you perform each exercise.

Practice consistency

Like any exercise routine, consistency is key. Aim to do your face exercises or yoga poses several times weekly for the best results.

Be gentle

It’s important to be gentle with your face when you’re doing exercises or yoga poses. Avoid pulling or stretching your skin too much, and stop any exercise that causes pain or discomfort.

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Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can help keep your skin and muscles hydrated, improving the effectiveness of your face exercises and yoga poses.


Facial exercises promote skin health and youthfulness, benefiting everyone. Facial exercises offer numerous benefits beyond antiaging. They strengthen muscles, improve blood flow, tighten skin, and release tension. It is recommended to start as early as the teenage years to enjoy lasting effects.