Baby coloring and comprehensive development opportunities parents should know

Baby coloring and comprehensive development opportunities

Baby coloring and comprehensive development opportunities parents should know

Children’s coloring helps stimulate creativity, imagination and children’s hands become more skillful. In addition, coloring also creates a fun space for children to freely express themselves.

With the holidays or summer holidays approaching, most parents start to worry about how to keep their kids entertained in a healthy way and reduce their mischief during the holidays. this. If you are wondering, parents can think of a solution for their children to learn to draw and color, in which, the simple and quite interesting step is coloring.

Not only for children to entertain, but parents should also know that coloring pages have many benefits that parents may not have thought of. And, related to choosing this color, parents also note that first of all, it is necessary to actively create the necessary space and resources to help children unleash their creativity through this activity.

Coloring books and papers are an essential educational tool for preschoolers. It is also one of the children’s favorite pastimes. Painting introduces children to the world of imagination and gives them the opportunity to express themselves. Give your kids their favorite cartoons from animals to movie stars, and they’ll spend hours painting them! Here are the benefits of coloring pages for kids:

Benefits of letting your baby color

Coloring for children is one of the ways to help them develop comprehensively both physically and mentally.

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Fine motor development

Movement is one of the important factors stimulating the development of children. Running, swinging arms, bending elbows are activities children do when playing games that can be considered gross movements. Holding a pen, writing, typing, buttoning a shirt, embroidering, etc. are considered fine movements. Fine motor is movement in the small muscles of the hand and fingers. The movement towards the end of the hand is more difficult and requires more subtlety. Coloring helps children move their fingers more and develop fine motor quickly.

Promotes hand-eye coordination

Your baby’s hand-eye movement is more flexible thanks to the muscles in his fingers that work in harmony with the eye movements when he paints.

More skillful

By practicing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination when coloring, children will become more skillful in activities that require fine motor skills such as holding chopsticks, buttoning a shirt, holding a pen, holding a pen glass,…

Developing thinking

Coloring children will attentively look at the pictures and have the associations attached. Parents should also encourage children to voice their thoughts related to the colored characters. For example, when coloring an animal, the child will associate the corresponding sound of that animal.

Promoting creativity

Children coloring will be free to use many different colors and shapes. The combination of many images and colors will create more works. These are new and attractive, stimulating the baby to create more products.

Emotional development

Children are often sensitive to emotions. Using a variety of colors will help children express many different emotions. Bright, bright colors evoke fun emotions while dark colors show a more muted character. So coloring for kids will help them develop different levels of emotions.

When to let your baby practice coloring?

From the age of one, babies are interested in holding a pen and scribbling on paper. The older the baby, the better his ability to control his movements. From drawing horizontal lines, spirals, to more pronounced shapes like circles, faces, houses. So, the period from 1 to 3 years old is the right time to start coloring.

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Adults should let children experience coloring activities according to a certain process from simple to complex. Also, find out what your child’s interests are and let him draw on his favorite shapes. It is very necessary to create interest, then children will actively draw many different shapes according to their emotions. This is a way to stimulate the hidden creativity within.

Remember, when the child does not want to color, do not push or force the child. With children’s works, even if they are simple, adults should not criticize or criticize that work. In return, it is necessary to encourage the effort the child has put into his work and encourage him to continue practicing.

Suggest some pictures for kids to color

If you are still confused in choosing pictures for your baby to color, readers can refer to the pictures for children to practice coloring below.

Paw Patrol coloring pages for kids

Image attribution:

Beautiful anime girl holding a flower coloring pages

Image attribution:

Star Wars coloring pages for kids

star wars
Image attribution:

Lol Surprise Doll coloring pages for kids

lol coloring pages
Image attribution:

Teaching your child to color from an early age is a useful, even necessary, activity to improve his technical skills. Coloring activities also create a suitable environment for parents and relatives to have the opportunity to learn and play with the children. hopes that through a few sharing about this coloring work, parents will use it to help their children start different colorful activities such as coloring, and experience moments of joy and comfort with their children. , with activities that bring special values, in the coming holidays.