Basic Travel Guide To Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Basic Travel Guide To Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Travel Guide To Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Until a few days ago, I bet that most people could not identify Qatar on the map or have heard about it. But as Qatar will be hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022, lots of football fans are looking for a travel guide to the Middle East Kingdom of Qatar.


On uttering Qatar’s name!! I think you will imagine people living in their living rooms mistakenly for a condition, catarrh, a very unpleasant condition that involves the formation of mucus in the nasal passages.

But now you will be amazed to know that the small country of Qatar has now become a significant contender for the World Cup and the center for a crucial media debate. As a country rich in gas and oil, there is no doubt that Qatar has the funds to host the 2022 World Cup, but the region also has few problems for fans.

First, alcohol is only available in licensed hotel buildings, and it is not permissible to get drunk or behave drunk in public. So I think the World Cup in Qatar is almost like going to Disneyworld- even though those in charge say it will focus on ‘family,’ I think many frustrated parents wish they could have a good soft drink.

Then there is the fact that homosexual behavior is illegal in Qatar with the slightest problem of 50-degree temperatures. So why did Qatar raise its arms, and why should you want to go there?

No matter your opinion of the 2022 World Cup winner, if you are planning to enjoy football, here is some information that will help you.

Where is this Qatar place?

It’s an Arabic country in the Middle East on the Persian Gulf. Neighbors include Saudi Arabia and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The capital city is Doha, where you may have stopped if you’ve had a long-haul flight on Qatar Airways.

How big is Qatar?

This smallest country is just 11,437 sq km (4,416 sq miles) smaller than Connecticut in the US and apparently around half the size of Wales in the UK. However, Qatar has proposed 12 stadiums, 10 of which are located within 30 kilometers, which has raised concerns about food.

But it’s going to be hot?

Yes, that’s right, in June and July, when the World Cup is hosted, temperatures will be around 40 degrees. They may even reach a stifling 50 degrees outside, so how will Qatar keep the open-air experience of the games without spectators keeling over and the footballers dropping like flies?

Qatar reckons they’ve come up with new cooling technology to keep the stadiums super cool, like a giant cool box.

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The bid promised that spectators would be kept in a comfortable 27-degree climate thanks to excellent air blown over football fans’ necks and ankles. In addition, they will use the power of the sun’s rays using solar panels to generate electricity and keep the stadiums cool during matches.

What about alcohol in Qatar?

Let’s face it, many of us enjoy an alcoholic beverage while watching a game. Nothing goes down better in 40-degree heat than an ice-cold beer, and it’s going to be hot hot hot. In Qatar, it is a punishable offense to be drunk or behave drunkenly in public. But alcohol is only available in licensed hotels, restaurants, and bars. Chief executive of the Qatar 2022 bid, Hassan Abdulla Al Thawadi, said that although they aim to be a ‘family event,’ there will be alcohol permitted during the World Cup in dedicated Fan Zones. In addition, resident expatriates can buy liquor from one liquor store, called Qatar Distribution Centre in Doha, but they have a special license. So while it will be more family-orientated the FIFA World Cup 2022, at least it may stop the hooliganism that football has had issues with in the past time.

How to get there for the FIFA World Cup 2022

At the moment, Qatar has one airport receiving international flights in Doha, with the significant global and long haul carrier being Qatar Airways. However, a second international airport is open in 2012 to handle fifty million passengers in one year. They have also planned an extensive metro system making it easy for people to move around during the World Cup. In addition, the Doha Port Stadium will be surrounded by water. FIFA world cup’s Fans will be driven by ferries and different water cabs.

Taboo Behaviour Including Homo-sexuality:

As with many other Islamic countries, you should dress modestly in public, particularly to females. Females visiting Qatar should avoid petite dresses, shorts, and mini skirt. Their clothing must cover the shoulders. I think it may seem backward, especially in the sweltering heat. Still, it will ultimately stop you from feeling uncomfortable and prevent you from being stared at or offending anyone else. My suggestions for women will be a shawl or pashmina to cover the shoulders if you’re wearing sleeveless or a loose sleeved top. Take dress or skirt that come below the knee or wear some loose trouser or legging.

There have been many controversies in the press about the fact that the World Cup won’t be gay-friendly; homosexual behavior is illegal in Qatar. However, as long as gay or straight people don’t engage in sexual conduct. The higher authorities will not go out of the way to put them down.

What about the participation of Israel,

Israel’s citizens are banned from Qatar, but Qatar has said it will welcome all nations qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022, including Israel. This will set a precedent in the Arab world, as most Arab countries shun Israel.


The time difference is GMT + 3 hours. You can utilize multi clock feature of your smartphone. There are many other things that You must know before getting set to visit Qatar to enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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Plan Your Trip for FIFA World Cup 2022

The best time to visit: If you’re looking for a sunny, warm getaway, this is the right place. Doha has a sunny climate with three inches of rainfall per year. However, there are often heavy rains in winter. The best part is you will be able to watch live matches during the best weather conditions. That is the way, it is planned for November- December 2022.

It is best to visit between October and April when the sun shines, but it is still comfortable. Even in January and December, temperatures seldom drop below 57°F (14°C), while in summer, temperatures can reach 115°F (46°C).

Qatar is a Muslim nation so keep track of Ramadan. It is subject to change every year. During Ramadan, it is illegal for people to drink or eat in public between sunrise & sunset. It means that most cafes and restaurants will be closed, even hotels.

Language: Although Arabic is the official language, everyone speaks English, so communication is accessible. You should note that Arabic is a phonetic language to find different spellings of the exact words in English translations. For example, Al Thakirah Beach is also called Al Thakeera and Al Thakira.

Currency: The Qatari Rial, also abbreviated as QR or QAR, is Doha’s official currency. One riyal can be made up of 100 dirhams. That is the smallest denomination of the coin. You can find notes in five riyals, 10 riyals and 50 riyals. There are also 500 riyals.

At a fixed exchange rate, US$1 = 3.64 QAR, the Qatari Rial is pegged to US$1. 2 ATMs dispense local currency around the airport and in the city. Most of these ATMs allow you to withdraw QAR using a foreign card. You can also exchange money for riyals at many money exchange kiosks.

Banks are open every day except Fridays from 7:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. Some branches, such as those in busy shopping centres, maybe open into the evening.

Moving around: The taxi and hire car are the most popular forms of transportation. There is a kiosk for all the major car rental companies at the airport. Karwa taxis are plentiful and inexpensive. The meter starts at 20 Qatari Rial from the airport and goes to 4 Qatari Rials elsewhere. That adds 1.2 to 1.8 Qatari Rials per kilometre, depending on the time of the day. Public buses are clean and air-conditioned, but the service can be unpredictable. To pay for bus tickets, you will need a Karwa smart card.

The airport has machines that can dispense them. You can also use the Doha Metro.

Suppose you wish to make multiple stops in comfort and privacy. In that case, your hotel can arrange for a limousine driver and chauffeur for you at an hourly rate or daily rate.

Travel tip: Qataris value modesty and are open to visitors dressing according to their culture and traditions. While women don’t need to wear an abaya or cover their heads, it is recommended that they cover their shoulders and legs to the knees. Shorts for men are also frowned upon, especially out and about. You are allowed to wear shorts or bikinis on the beach, but no topless sunbathing.

Layers are a must – indoors or in malls. The AC can be pretty loud, so bring layers.

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Things to Do

Doha is a vibrant city in a desert land. You can explore the fantastic museums and galleries in Doha or walk along Corniche’s beach promenade. Shop all day long in the traditional souks and modern malls. The only thing missing from Doha is the essential part of Qatari life: the desert. To truly experience this tiny country, you must take day trips or go on overnight glamping tours.

What to Eat and Drink

Qatari cuisine is a mixture of Indian, Yemeni and Lebanese. You can expect a lot more chicken, lamb, and rice. It is paired with lots of salad dips like hummus, moutabal, fresh fish and honeyed sweets. The variety of restaurants in Doha is as varied as the cuisine. Either you choose to dine at a luxurious restaurant like Hakkasan or go for a more casual but delicious meal at Bandar Aden. For traditional desserts, visit Al Aker Sweets. Tourists will also find bars and nightclubs.

Where to Stay

You will be amazed if you are your first time on the Arabian Peninsula. Although you might assume that you are familiar with the luxury hotels of Doha and what to expect from a Ritz Carlton, or a Kempinski hotel, Doha has added a little more. You can choose from either city-business hotels or beach resorts, as most luxury and lower-end global hotels have properties in Doha.

How to Get There

You can only get to Doha by plane unless you cross the border from Saudi Arabia. Qatar Airways is the only airline that flies directly from 160 destinations around the world. It has received many awards for outstanding service and customer care.

Travel document requirements

The Qatari government allows citizens of 85 countries to enter Qatar without a visa. They can stay in Qatar for 30 or 90 days without visas. These countries include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and the EU. Your passport must remain valid for at least six months after your arrival.

Culture and customs

Qatar is a Muslim nation. Visitors should dress modestly and cover their shoulders and legs below the knees when they leave their hotel. Bikinis are permitted on beaches and near pools, but topless bathing is prohibited. Although alcohol is allowed in many hotels and restaurants within them, you’ll find smaller restaurants that don’t have an alcohol license. Qatar does not allow pork products. Ramadan is a time when it is prohibited to eat or drink in public between sunrise & sunset. Most shops and restaurants will also be closed during Ramadan. Visitors can dine at a private restaurant in the major hotels.

Avoid using your left hand when eating. That is because it is considered unclean. If you are seated on the ground with locals, don’t show your soles to them.

Money-Saving Tips

It is possible to spend a lot in Doha, dining in five-star restaurants and shopping for designer clothes. Many smaller hotels around town are much cheaper and offer a more authentic experience. You can enjoy delicious local shawarma (a wrap made with chicken or lamb meat) or egg shawarma (essentially an omelette wrapped in a wrap) for very little money.

This travel guide will help you to enjoy live football matches in Qatar.