Best 12 Sites To Buy TikTok Followers For Faster Growth

Best 12 Sites To Buy TikTok Followers For Faster Growth

Best 12 Sites To Buy TikTok Followers For Faster Growth

Do you have TikTok account?

Have you tried becoming an influencer and it did not work out ?

Have you also perhaps tried to promote your business on the TikTok platform and that did not work out as well?

So, if you are one of these people, or perhaps totally someone different but in need of some advice in terms of where to buy TikTok followers. You are in the right place. 

These are the 12 sites to buy TikTok followers for faster growth!

With these platforms you can not only grow fast, but also maintain the growth, and keep your platform

This is the first platform on our list that offers all the TikTok products including followers and likes and more. 

This site is mainly focused on TikTok and also providing a good service. The platform offers chat support where you can ask questions and find out more about their products etc.

The platform also has free TikTok views and likes that anyone could come and get. Apart from the free products, they have tons of free tools. One of the things that we liked very much is the TikTok money calculator tool. 

This tool calculated the potential of how much you would make considering the certain market value from a certain number of views and engagement.

The reviews on the site are also very positive; when you read the reviews on Trustpilot, you understand that the site doesn’t want to leave anyone unhappy. 

Tiktok Gurus 

This is not a usual social media platform that sells TikTok followers or likes, but they are the platform that can get you all those just as well as the others in our list. 

Tiktok gurus seems to be an agency that takes control or hold of your account and grows it for you. They offer services like content creation, influencer marketing, and video optimization. 

The platform doesn’t seem to be new, but their popularity doesn’t reflect in the reviews of the platform. They do have a Trustpilot site, but their Trustpilot page doesn’t have any reviews whatsoever. 

The transparency of the company and its employees is something that is unique and hard to come by in this industry. This is probably one of the digest advantages of the platform when compared to others. 

You might not grow fast but it seems like you will be growing organically and for real. If you want to grow a bit slower but with almost a %100 guarantee, then you should go for this company. 


This is a big platform that offers not just TikTok followers but a whole load of other social media products. The platform is one of the biggest in the industry and they happen to have very positive reviews on Trustpilot and on other review platforms. 

Feedpixel offers a few free tools as well like free money calculators for various platforms like TikTok, youtube and more. They also have chat support that answers all the queries the visitors have. In fact, this chat feature seems to be something of rarity in this industry. 

You will see as we move on there are not many platforms that have this support. Therefore if any of the platforms to buy tikto followers form has this chat support, we will make sure to mention it. 

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The pricing strategy seems to be just the industry average. Theirs is not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. The platform’s coolest feature probably is the chat support with positive reviews. And surely the offer of TikTok followers for faster growth. 


Tikfuel is a platform that has been around for a while in this industry. They mainly focus on TikTok products only, like TikTok followers, likes and so on. 

If you were to buy TikTok followers for faster growth with them, you will not only grow fast, but the growth will be maintainable. They are different from the gurus, and feedpixel in the same way pubtok was different. It’s their focus on one platform. 

It just makes one think that if you are focusing on one platform that you may be better than other platforms that have many other focuses. While this is just an unproven hypothesis, their clientele might beg to differ.

It is also worth mentioning the number of payments available on the platform. They have the most needed payment options like PayPal, and cc. Having the option to pay with PayPal is a great thing for it helps you keep your personal information to yourself. 

It is hard to talk about their reviews, for they lack those on Trustpilot, but the platform has the testimonials on their webpage which seem quite authentic enough. 


The trollishly is a website that sells not just TikTok followers, but a great deal of other platforms as well. They are popular for their Instagram and TikTok products. Thus the platform offers some of the best TikTok followers for fast growth. 

Their service is distinguished among all other social media platforms. The quality of the products are even more so. Although, quality is probably as high of a level as the other 

Another one of the biggest advantages of the site is that their products are lifetime guaranteed. This is something new that we are encountering. There was not any platform that guaranteed the lifetime of the products as , well, lifetime long. 

Trollishly also offers 100% money-back guarantee which is also a solid way to do business online. After all, despite their best efforts, they don’t have a single review on Trustpilot. 


The next website we have on our list is a great example of how your site should look. For theirs look sleek and neat. 

The site offers TikTok likes and followers together with a bunch of other platforms products. Their focus seems to be on the USA market specifically. Well, all the other websites do focus on the USA, but none of them would mind dealing with international customers. 

The platform comes a bit later after all the other platforms only because of their popularity which seems to lag behind others. But if we are to discuss their service and the reviews they could as well come in first.  

This is the only platform with 5 star reviews on Trustpilot. It is hard to tell if they are fake or not, but considering it is Trustpilot, it is highly likely that they are actually real. 

The site offers chat support where they reply almost immediately. The only drawback is that they ask you to enter your emails and stuff before you even know whether you want to shop or not. 

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The next platform on our list is a site with a different site structure. This is the first website that we have encountered that had a vastly different looking structure of the site. 

Although it is different, it seems like it is way more convenient. Because the site allows one to purchase the TikTok likes and followers with just a few clicks. 

Although they don’t have a chat feature, the fact that ordering is quite easy and all it takes is just a few clicks is helpful, plus you can always send them an email as they seem to reply to them all. 

When it comes to discussing the reviews of this platform.. First of all it is obvious that the reviews are real and by the organic customers. Second, they try their best to help them and serve their customers which is easily understood if you read the reviews. 

Yet, despite all that there always are a few unhappy customers, who don’t appreciate what you do. 


This is one of the biggest platforms in the industry of buying and selling TikTok likes and followers. The platform also offers automation services. This probably is their biggest advantage offering automation. Because there are not so many other platforms that offer that. 

Although they don’t offer an easy way to order products which seems to be quite the inconvenience. 

Although they offer some of the cheapest prices in the market, to actually order say 100 TikTok followers, users would have to pass a rigorous registration process. 

However, once you are a registered user, ordering becomes very easy. You will also be able to open tickets or complain about your orders if that doesn’t go well. 

Media Mister

This is another SMM panel that sells a whole bunch of things at once. They offer almost all the possible social media platforms on earth , including TikTok. We highly approve of the sites’ look, it is big with clear big fonts and everything. 

If you are planning to buy TikTok followers, and you want them to come from a certain country, you can do that with them. Although they don’t offer many countries, depending on the type of product you choose you will have a country or two to choose from. 

This is one of the most unique features of this platform that we came to find out. As it is hard to make the followers come from one country.  

The platform also has a great support, the chat pops up on its own and asks to help you every 5-10 minutes. During our research we spent on their site, we had the chat pop up a few times. 

We did not think of it as a bad sign but as a good intention to help. Which is a good thing to have to e-commerce platforms.


Another one of the platforms that sell TikTok followers is the followersup. This is a website that also offers a lot of other platforms but again including titkok. 

Their service seems to be the distinguishing aspect of this website. This may be vastly due to the chat they offer. 

Comparing the prices of this platform they’re on par with the industry standard. But the guarantee of the 30 days seems like the negative aspects of the platform. What if it all starts to drop after 30 days. 

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The reviews of the platform are also not bad. They have a Trustpilot platform which is already a great deal. They also have about 3 star reviews on there

They have been in the business for a while now, and that really says a lot about them. In general it is a good platform to buy TikTok followers for faster growth. They may not be the best or like one of those platforms from the top of the list, but sure enough worth shopping. 


Instafollowers is a platform that focuses just on Instagram or TikTok they have products for other platforms like facebook, youtube, and more. 

Their website is really neat and clear to understand. The platform has all the necessary information about how you order, and how fast you want order to come et cetera, et cetera. 

They have one of the best site intersm of all the usability. The chat support answers the question quickly and makes sure you are satisfied.  

The only thing is that you cannot just start writing. You have to enter your email, to even start a conversation. They will then send emails about their products and stuff which is not what I had in mind. 

Discussing the reviews of the site, it becomes clear that some of the people are quite unhappy with their services. 

But the fact that among the reviews, one of the users mentioned another platform, makes it seem more like an attack of some sort. Yet, regardless there are quite a number of bad reviews. 


Although this is the last platform on our list, they are actually quite well that we consider placing them higher in the list. 

The site is clean and neat without much of any unnecessary items or widgets and things of that sort. The checkout modal is quick and lets us choose the quantity and place order with ease. 

The platform has two domains. One is dedicated for payments with crypto, while the other domain they have is reserved for every other mode of payment. 

Although the reviews mention only one platform, we came to believe those two are the same and belong to the same business.

The site doesn’t offer chat support, which is really bad because there are many others who do. But even without the chat support, the platform makes sure its customers are happy and satisfied. 

The prices of the TikTok products they sell seem to be a bit more expensive than the industry average. The same inconvenience of entering the email before you even press the button of order exists even with these guys. 

To wrap up

If you have ever wanted to grow fast on TikTok, now you have 12 platforms that will help you do so. Among the platforms there are many differences in inservice and prices, and quality. 

But when it comes to the TikTok followers, they shall have pretty much the same quality of products and almost always the same. 

If you are actually really serious about growing on TikTok, then you can check each platform one by one and see it for yourself. 

Apart from the quality of the protection, you may be able to check how they talk or serve their clients and help solve problems if you encounter them. 

So, it might be worth at least checking out the first few, and decide which one you want to stay with. Although 12 platforms might not seem like much, they must be enough for you to never ever have to search for TikTok followers online.