10 Best First Time Credit Card To Build Credit Score in 2022

10 Best First Time Credit Card To Build Credit Score in 2022

Best First Time Credit Card To Build Credit Score in 2022

When you choose your first credit card, it can be a challenge to know which card to select. Selecting the first credit will depend on a combination of factors. You will have to consider these factors under consideration whether you are just starting your credit journey, your willingness to pay annual fees, or other aspects such as employment status.

No matter what category you belong to, your goals must be the same: the first one that best suits your unique needs and financial position to help you establish good credit card habits from the beginning.

Even if you don’t have a credit card, you may have a credit history. Users who have bank accounts, cell phone accounts or someone else’s card with a streaming service in their name approved can potentially help boost their overall credit score. A car loan or student loan can also help create a history of responsible payment behavior.

In this article, we proposed a list of the best credit cards of 2022 with the best combination of features. This list will help you if you are seeking to get your first credit card.

Top First Time Credit Card To Build Credit Score in 2022

1. Petal® 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card

The Petal® 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card is a unique card that utilizes a different approach for the application process. This card is beneficial for anyone who wants to build his credit in 2022. It has a minimum credit limit of $500, with no annual fees. Although customers can earn a cashback of 1% on each purchase for the first year.

It uses Petal’s technology to analyze other data such as bank statements, invoice payments, and revenues to determine eligibility. The Petal 2 Card is one of the few cards that does not charge a fee *: No annual fees, reminder fees, or foreign transaction fees. It also does not require deposits, making it ideal for consumers seeking to create credit.

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Annual Fee: N/A

Credit Score: It’s an excellent credit card having a $300 – $10,000 credit limit

Regular APR: 12.99% – 26.99% variable APR

2. Capital One Platinum Credit Card

If you have average credit and are trying to build good credit, consider a card designed for average loan applicants like the Capital One® Platinum credit card. This card also offers the benefits of travel that can save you money and protect you from unexpected problems. Most importantly, on this card, there are no international transaction fees.

This perk saves you from a 3% fee and many other charges every time you purchase the United States. The card also offers travel accident insurance, car rental, fully comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance, and 24-hour travel assistance services. Third-party roadside assistance fees apply but at no additional cost. These perks are a great way to reduce travel stress and cover legitimate issues.

Annual Fee: 0$

Regular APR: Variable of 26.99%

Credit Score: Access higher credit limits after making on-time payments for the first five months

3. Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

This card is available for customers having an average limit of credit. It can be accessible for a person having limited credit. It is a reliable option for people with fair credit who want to build a bankroll while earning simple cashback rewards. With an annual fee of $39, you’ll get an unlimited 1.5% discount reward on each purchase. At the same time, card membership holders can avail higher credit card options within six months of subscription.

Annual subscription charges: $39

Regular APR: It offers a regular APR of 26.99%

Other Benefits: There is an annual fee, but thanks to the unlimited cash back rewards of 1.5%. Customers can avail of it back after spending $ 2,600 a year on your card. Your reward possibilities are unlimited, and your will earnings never expire.

4. Discover it® Student Cash Back

Discover it Student Cash Back is one of the best opportunities for all students who will build their credit history. It is quite beneficial for all cardholders. It offers many perks to customers ranging from no annual fee to no foreign transactions. You only need to have a first deposit of $200 to get a subscription to Discover credit card.

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This card lets its customer get social security number tracking, fraud liability, and no late payment charges, in addition to a free monthly credit check. If you want to earn rewards without an annual fee and build credit simultaneously, consider signing up.

Annual subscription fee: Nill

Purchase Rewards: Customers can earn a discount of 5% by purchasing Welmart.com, Target.com, or Amazon.

 Credit score: Fair or New to credit

5. U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa® Secured Card

The U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa® Secured credit card considers one of the best cards to earn credit as a cashback. Its customers can avail of a discount of 5% on their first $2000 purchase. Not only this, but they are also eligible to get a cashback of 2% on fuel stations, restaurants, and grocery stores.

New cardholders will have to pay a deposit of $ 300- $ 5,000 as a credit line. If you pay within credit limits and invoice by the due date, USBank can be upgraded to a USBank Cash +® Visa Signature® card over time. But unlike the other cards on this list, there is no clear timeline. When you upgrade, your deposit will be refunded.

Annual Fee: 0$

Foreign Transactions: It counts all foreign transactions up to 3%

Regular APR: 25.99%

6. Deserve Digital First Card™

Deserve Digital FirstCard ™ is suitable for people who have no or limited creditworthiness and no means of depositing money. There are no annual membership fees or foreign transaction fees. In addition, if your card is approved, you can access it immediately and put it on Apple Pay.

Additionally, cardholders can regain a cashback amount of 1.5% based on the amount spent in each billing cycle.

Annual membership dues: N/A

Cashback rewards: 1% to 1.50%cashbach depending on the limit of purchase

7. Citi® Double Cash Card

The Citi Double Cash Card takes the stress and hassles of receiving credit card rewards with a simple (but profitable) double reward scheme and simple cashback payment option.

Reward Rates: 2% cashback on every purchase through Citi Double Cash card

Annual Fee: N/A

The reward percentage is the same as for qualifying purchases, and you can also use your income on travel, gift cards, and merchandise. However, to cash out, you must accumulate a minimum of $25 in rewards. It also has international transaction fees, making it unsuitable for international travel or international purchases.

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8. Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students

It is one of the best credit card options for beginners, especially those who will start their credit journey for the first time. It is designed for U.S. and international students with no credits or those just starting to build a resume. To determine creditworthiness, deserve uses alternative data, including banking history, scholarships, or grants. All purchases earn 1% payback with no annual fees.

International students do not need a social security number to apply. The Deserve EDU comes with protections like cell phone insurance and rental car insurance. But only students can register, and other student cards can offer higher rewards. While it offers a one-year, $59 Amazon Student Prime subscription, it requires $500 or more to spend in the first three billing cycles after opening your account.

Annual subscription fee: 0$

Soft Inquiries: Credit is not required for international students but yes for U.S. citizens

Discount Offer: It offers a payback of 1% on each purchase

9. Chase Freedom Flex℠

The Chase Freedom Flex℠ is a great add-on for almost any Chase Ultimate Rewards® collector. The $0 annual fee means there’s virtually no risk in using the card, and the wide selection of high bonus categories means this card offers tremendous earning potential. Its customers can redeem a cashback of 5% on rotating categories, travel purchases. While a discount of 3% on pharmacies and restaurants. 1% on all other purchases through Chase Ultimate Freedom Credit Card.

Annual membership dues: There is no annual fee for membership holders

Security Check: No requirements for security deposit

10. Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

If you have an average credit score but are interested in building credit, you are already one step closer to your goal. Improving your score begins with asking the right questions. And it starts with finding the right card to help you. With an annual fee of $ 39, you’ll get unlimited payback rewards of 1.5% for each purchase, and a card membership of just six months will give you higher credit line options.

Annual Fee: $39

However, there is an annual fee, thanks to the unlimited discount rewards of 1.5%. Customers can get it back after spending $ 2,600 a year on your card with this cashback offer. Customers’ reward possibilities are unlimited, and their earnings will never expire.


This article covers the best credit cards for beginners to build up their credit score in 2022. It covers several factors, including an annual fee, pros and cons, cashback rewards, and regular APRs for our ease to select the best for yourself.

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