Best Free Parental Control App For iPhone and Android 2023

Best Free Parental Control App For iPhone and Android 2023

Best Free Parental Control App For iPhone and Android 2023

If you’re wondering which apps are the best free parental control apps for iphone and android, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed mSpy, Screen Time, Kidlox, and NetSanity and ranked them based on their functionality. All of these apps can help you monitor your children’s mobile devices and ensure they’re staying within the boundaries of their parents’ rules.

1. mSpy

mSpy is one of the most popular parental control apps, allowing parents to monitor the activities on their children’s devices. It lets you read text messages, emails, chat conversations, social media activities, and even track where your child is. The app sends you updates every five minutes, so you’ll know exactly where your kids are spending their time. The app also lets you block callers and monitor websites visited.

mSpy is free and can be downloaded to your child’s iPhone or Android device. Its free version allows you to monitor your children’s internet activity, and you can block websites that you don’t want your kids to visit. The premium version adds a variety of parental control tools, including the ability to monitor your kids’ locations, block payments, and limit screen time. The premium version also comes with a daily summary of children’s activity.

There are many different parental control apps available for iPhone and Android. Choosing the best one can be a challenge. Look for apps with the lowest fees, the most features, and website links. mSpy is one of the best options for parents. It lets parents monitor their children’s text messages, web activity, SMS, and WiFi networks. It also offers basic reports.

mSpy’s parental control app can monitor all calls and text messages, as well as emails and social media accounts. It can also monitor a child’s web browsing history, and can alert parents if they find their child using pornographic websites. Unlike most parental control apps for iPhone and Android, mSpy doesn’t require a monthly or annual subscription. However, it does have a free version, which includes limited features.

mSpy is another excellent free parental control app for iPhone and Android. It lets you monitor texts, photos, videos, calendar events, and social media. You can even monitor the target device’s geo-fencing activities. Another great feature of mSpy is its ability to monitor non-jailbroken devices. It also features a fast sign-up process and efficient customer support.

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2. Screen Time

You can control your kids’ screen time and content with parental control apps. There are a few great ones that are free and can help you keep tabs on what your kids are doing online. Screen Time, which is an Apple app, has some really good features. This app will also block websites that are inappropriate for your kids.

The premium version of Screen Time has additional features such as geo-fencing and web filtering. It’s also available for tablets and PCs, and you can get a seven-day free trial. Screen Time can help your kids develop positive habits and keep their screen time within reasonable limits.

Umobix is another parental control app for phones and tablets. This app helps parents monitor texts, calls, and locations of their children. It’s available for both iPhone and Android devices, and allows you to set up a profile and monitor your kids’ behavior. It also offers detailed reports and real-time updates.

Screen Time is another free app that is available for both iPhone and Android devices. It has many features, including a pause-now function that lets you pause your child’s screen time. It also helps parents monitor web history and social networks. It allows you to block apps and restrict screen time. You can also set the timer and monitor your child’s location.

As you can see, there are many options for parental control apps for both iPhone and Android. Choosing the best one will depend on your preferences. You can try free apps, or subscribe to powerful subscription services to find the best fit for your family.

3. Kidlox

Kidlox is a free app that enables parents to manage their children’s use of the internet. Parents can block access to certain websites and apps in the app. These restrictions are based on the user’s age and expectations. It is also possible to restrict access to specific websites or apps manually.

Kidlox offers a free trial that allows parents to evaluate the app’s functionality and features. While the trial period is brief, parents should focus on the features that are important to them. Some features might not work on all devices. In addition, the trial period automatically rolls over to a paid subscription. The app offers a variety of subscription lengths, so parents can choose to pay for a longer period if they prefer.

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The app is user-friendly, but it is still required to pay close attention. While most parental control apps are time-based, Kidslox has a flexible approach to monitoring. Parents can lock the devices during certain events, such as when their kids are spending too much time on their phone. In addition, parents can schedule screen time for their kids. This way, parents can relax their control while keeping their children safe.

Kidlox is an excellent parental control app that has the features most parents look for. It allows parents to manage screen time, manage the time spent playing games, and log online activities. It also allows parents to monitor their kids’ activities and block access to sites that are inappropriate for children. Its free trial period allows parents to get a feel for how Kidslox works.

Another good app is Famisafe. This is a secure parental control app for the iPhone that offers flexible parental control features. It also has a location tracking feature. You can set up geofencing to restrict access based on location.

4. NetSanity

NetSanity is a free parental control app for iPhone and Android that helps parents manage content and screen time on their children’s devices. It allows you to set time limits for text messages and phone calls and allows you to block specific websites. It also allows you to filter web content in 40 categories and offers 24/7 support. NetSanity has a large database and is compatible with most popular mobile devices.

It also features a blacklist so you can limit inappropriate YouTube searches. This app can also help prevent bullying and other negative experiences that can happen online. You can set a time limit for your child to stay on the app, and you can gradually increase the restrictions as they get older. The app also includes expert tips and guides on how to talk to your child about inappropriate content online.

Another useful feature of the app is its AppBlocker, which can block a variety of apps that are flagged as inappropriate for children. You can also set a screen-time limit to help your kids focus on schoolwork and other tasks. Parents can even enable a digital timeout with just a few taps on their iPhone.

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NetSanity is a free parental control app for iPhone and Android that lets parents monitor their children’s phone activity and set rules. It lets parents limit screen time, block certain websites, and even track their kids’ locations. Using GPS, parents can locate their kids using their smartphones. The app also lets parents track their kids’ whereabouts with geofencing and GPS.

A free parental control app can limit a child’s internet use but does not provide full control. However, some free parental control apps offer additional premium features for a small fee. You may want to purchase the premium version, which includes time schedules.

5. Boomerang

Boomerang is a free parental control application that helps parents keep an eye on their children’s online activity. It is developed by National Education Technologies Inc., a Greater Vancouver-based tech company. Its previous projects have involved developing security systems and apps to block harmful content. Now it offers many additional features to keep your children safe online.

Boomerang is a reliable app that limits the time kids spend on their devices. It can also track their location and ensure they’re using safe sites. In addition, it can hide apps based on their age ratings. It also generates activity reports. Boomerang is made by Kaspersky, a leading antivirus software company, so it provides a more focused solution than other apps on the market.

Another useful feature of Boomerang is its ability to set time limits for specific apps. You can also set a daily time limit and block certain websites and apps. The app also features the ability to track your child’s location and send you notifications when they leave a specific place. You can also disable your child’s access to settings, lock the phone, and pause their device.

This free parental control app for iPhone and Android devices categorizes apps and keeps records of online activity. It works both on Wi-Fi and cellular data, ensuring maximum safety for your children. The app’s UI makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy parent to use.

Mobicip is a free parental control app that allows you to set screen time limits. It also lets you block inappropriate websites and videos and can monitor battery life. It also has a pause-all-devices feature for allowing you to pause everything your child is doing. It also provides a usage report.