5 Best High DA sites to submit guest posts 2022 for Content marketing campaign

5 Best High D.A. sites to submit guest posts 2022 for Content marketing campaign

5 Best High D.A. sites to submit guest posts 2022 for Content marketing campaign

Who else wants to be a guest posting rock star? If you’re looking for a guest blogging site where you can post guest posts for free in 2022, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to build awareness of your brand and gain the trust of many people, take advantage of the great benefits of guest posting. It works for you and your organization. It is one of the best ways to set your brand importance and build professional connections.

Undoubtedly, writing is a passion for a lot of people. As time goes on and blog posts grow in popularity, businesses are using this as an opportunity to write about a variety of industry-related topics to meet the needs of their audience.

What Is Guest Posting?

In general terms, guest posting means writing and publishing articles on someone else’s website or blog. So basically, anyone who works as a content writer or freelancer can publish their guest posts for employers.

Guest Blog Posting is simply writing blogs and articles about other sites. Several websites require content that matches the site. Free guest posting sites allow backlinks in author bios, so bloggers can take advantage of the sites’ traffic to blog posts.

What’s The Purpose Behind Guest Posting?

Guest posting usually works well as a marketing strategy because it benefits both the company that posts the guest posts (the author) and the company that hosts the guest posts (the publisher). Instead of asking for or paying, you offer something of value in exchange for exposure.

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Before we dive into the best practices for guest publishing, let’s look at the main benefits.

●  Building backlinks to assist SEO

Website owners who accept guest posts often allow them to include backlinks to their websites in exchange for content. It is a great way to strengthen your backlink profile and strengthen your domain authority.

●  Expand your brand reach

Guest posts introduce your brand to a new target audience. You will prove your credibility and present your company to people already interested in your industry.

●  Network Extension

Suppose you or someone in your company has written other publications. In that case, you will start to receive more connection requests, and you will never know what business opportunity or partnership this will lead to.

●  Increase your number of subscribers on social sites

You can include links to your company’s social media in your member profile or bio. Many posts will tag you when you share articles from their accounts.

What are the best websites for guest post submission?

Below is a categorized list of high-quality blogs and websites that host guest posts and allow you to submit comments as guest posts.

Always remember to read and follow the posting guidelines. Of course, no matter how well-written guest posts are, there is no guarantee that the sites listed below will accept your content.

1. Webnews21.com

Webnews21.com brings the latest news, insight, topics covering the world’s trendy information regarding politics, entertainment, education, food, and health. Moreover, it shows its expertise in these fields by presenting great, effective, and helpful posts. It’s considered one of the best free guest posting websites with 400,000 readers. It would be best to follow some guidelines before submitting your free guest post on their website. Your post should contain a minimum of 1000 words per article.

You may reach their website through Contact Us form.

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2. The Huffington Post

One of the best news sources, entertainment, personal stories, wellness, style, technology, and the hottest topics. The perfect place for writers in multiple disciplines. This website is globally ranked at 152 positions. The guest posts they provide cover a wide range of topics and can be used by everyone from small independent bloggers to celebrities and award-winning journalists.

If you need to post guest posts on this platform, the content must be written and raw, and the message must be loud and clear.

3. The Guardian

The Guardian is another excellent platform to get links from the website because it has millions of monthly readers. It covers news, opinion, sports, lifestyle, technology, and business-related topics.

4. Creative Bloq

Suppose you are passionate about its design and development. In that case, Creative Bloq invites all of these professionals to share their experience and expertise through a guest blog on their platform. You submit your idea on their listed email id and wait for them to accept. Taking the powers of Creative Bloq, it has a domain authority of 87 and serves almost 4 million readers per month.

5.      Miska

Miska.co.in is a platform that allows authors and publishers to host guest posts with backlinks. The website has a niche in healthcare, technology, business, and education with good global traffic that helps authors rank keywords and keyword traffic. Authors, entrepreneurs and publishers can share articles in their niche with a single click. If you are a writer or publisher and would like to publish your content, they are always welcome.

What Is The Best Time To Pitch A Guest Blogging Post?

You won’t always acquire a golden chance for guest posting, but there are a few things you can take advantage of when they arise. These includes:

  • when a blog mentions you in one of its posts or on social networks (Twitter, Google, Facebook)
  • If the blog specifically announces that they are looking for guest posts
  • That time when blog lists you, your business or your product in one of the articles
  • In case of blog posting by another guest post
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Summing Up

Guest blogging on a reputable site is a great way to capitalize on blogs that are already popular in the industry. You need to send interesting posts that demonstrate your worth to get guest blog space.

Guest blogging is just one of many strategies you should include in your content marketing campaign. If you need help shaping or tracking your content marketing practices, you can contact us by reaching us through the given email.