Best Quality Guest post Opportunities with your Keyword, Blogger Outreach Service

Best Quality Guest post Opportunities with your Keyword, Blogger Outreach Service

Best Quality Guest post Opportunities with your Keyword | Blogger Outreach Service in 2022

Quality Guest posting, or guest blogging, has long been quite popular because of the many benefits. Today, individuals and freelancers are hired to blog on behalf of companies and influencers. Since guest posts have become a mainstream content strategy, this has become the norm. Many people are choosing guest blogging due to its wide range of advantages. However, if you are looking for someone to do it for you, below are ten options we recommend to rank your keywords.

Alexa Ranking

Generally, Alexa rates over 30 million websites. These websites are based on traffic data collected from millions of internet users using the Alexa tools. In other words, Alexa is a good indicator to determine the DA of a site. Moreover, here are some of the best guest posting sites that I highly recommend for submitting your guest posts. So, these are all the best sites ranked in the top 100,000 on Alexa.


Blogger Outreach Service | Best Quality Guest post Opportunities with your Keyword

  • Webnews21

Webnews21 is very selective in its publications. So, this website only posts research-based articles helpful to our readers. This website accepts guest posts on various topics, including entertainment, food, education, finance, and beauty. Webnew21 has an audience of over 400,000 monthly customers. In addition, most of the traffic on this website comes from worldwide. So, writing guest posts can help you get more backlinks and traffic worldwide.

General guidelines for guest posting on this website:

  • Articles should not exceed more than 1000 words.
  • Articles should be unique, research-based, and informative.
  • There should not be any grammatical errors.
  • Articles should be in a proper format.
  • VentureBeat

VentureBeat regularly publishes posts from experts that can provide readers with unique and valuable information. They post about news, trends, new technologies, and other areas of interest related to technological innovation. To send an added post (idea or complete draft), send it to that channel. 

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Guidelines for submitting your pitching ideas:

Before the entire draft is written, feel free to send them your story presentation. Your pitch deck must include a catchy title, a list of key points to discuss, the author’s bio, including details about your experiences. That bio will clarify why readers should consider your opinion on the topic. Furthermore, most importantly, VentureBeat doesn’t accept stories written by ghosts. Anyone listed as an author must be an actual author. 

  • Mashable

Mashable is the premier news source for the digital and social media, technology, and web industries. It is the most popular news site with over 40 million page views per month. This website includes topics about breaking web news, trend analysis, website and service reviews, and social media tools and guides. Mashable’s audience is all early adopters, social media enthusiasts, founders, influencers, brands and companies, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, Web 2.0 enthusiasts, and tech journalists.

Moreover, they are looking for experienced writers who can write quality original articles about all niches. Besides, you will get paid for every post you make, so you can submit your posts now and get benefits from them.



  • Getresponse

Getresponse is a popular lead automation tool. Its blog has nearly 9 million monthly readers. If guest posts are more of internet marketing, Getresponse is the perfect idea to share your content and get guest posts for free. However, this guest blogging opportunity with a domain authority of 81 provides a lot of referral traffic from the Getresponse blog. 


  • OutreachZ

OutreachZ has over ten years of experience working with invite-only customers. They currently have over 15,000 blogger connections in over 20 niche markets. However, the company still offers customers the option to customize their guest publishing services, giving them a choice of blog niche, pricing, metrics, and more.

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Lead time for OutreachZ is approximately four weeks and two weeks for small orders. The company offers a 12-month warranty so you can get a free replacement in case of publication failure. Furthermore, with fantastic quality and priced far below the competitor, OutreachZ took second place on our list. 

Contact: +919963426873 


  • Adsy

Adsy brings great publishers and buyers together to help them reach the next level of business greatness. Furthermore, choose a suitable publisher and commission a blog post or provide your text. So, this is the best solution for both buyers and publishers. However, you can register here to increase your ranking on Google SERP. Moreover, you can also raise your brand awareness, or get paid for posting content on your site.

Sign up now and get a $10 welcome bonus on your account. 

Contact: +1 347 441 4137 


  • Accessily

Accessily is the first and best marketing platform for AllInOne Creators. You can purchase guest posts, shoutouts, and press releases from high-quality websites. Hence, the Accessily Marketplace makes it easy to find unique online influencers in one place. In addition, search their wide directory of websites and social media channels that accept guest posts. Their primary clients are Radd, WeWork, Wix, BuyWith, and River. 

Price: Free, $12/month for premium features.

  • Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner pays special attention to social networks and authored content. They publish original articles that show how SMBs and busy marketers use social media and related third-party tools. However, their articles cover platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Periscope, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Tools such as dashboard solutions and tools to track analytics or create images, etc., and blogs.


  • OutBrain

They are an essential part of the media business skill stack. They can compete against walled gardens in attracting, engaging, and retaining audiences. Additionally, their advertising platform connects global and emerging businesses with consumers. You can click on the open web through powerful advertising formats that motivate them to take action. This website is a popular resource for performance and digital marketers, and it serves to keep it that way.


  • CoSchedule

A complete guest publishing website with over 1 million unique visits per month. It has + 800,000 email subscribers and 100,000+ fans and social media followers. So, they promote any guest blog posts they post as if their team members wrote them. You can rest assured that your content will be read and help build trust as a trusted name in the industry. Certainly, CoSchedule is a leader in content marketing. However, your signature will put your name on the ranks of elite marketers like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Julia McCoy, and other influencers.

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Benefits of Guest Publishing 

Whether you’re guest publishing or planning to start both, you should know the benefits of guest blogging. Here we will share some of the most effective uses of helping your site in SEO.

  • Build natural or high-quality backlinks 

A blog exchange site allows you to build quality backlinks. Certainly, you can do it by posting your articles on relevant niche websites. All links in your articles look natural. 

  • Increases Organic Traffic

Instantly approve guest posting sites to drive high organic traffic to your website. Most importantly, it increases brand awareness with business revenue.

  • Increase your website domain authority (DA)

By regularly posting guest posts on your website, you can elevate your website’s domain rights. However, you should always choose a high-authoritative webpage to host your guest articles. It is a more efficient way to increase your site’s DA.

  • Improve your writing skills 

You can quickly improve your writing skills by creating guest blog content. 

  • Brand Building 

During the guest posting process, you can interact with many bloggers and share your thoughts, reviews, and blog content on your website. It will help to add value to your brand and marketing relationships.


Guest blogging is posting your blog or articles on other websites to get backlinks and elevate your domain privileges. However, the most important benefits of guest blogging are better search engine optimization, brand authority and trust, and reaching new target audiences. Explore the above-discussed websites, write for them, and try to be a great guest blogger. Today’s content market is very competitive, and low-quality content is not acceptable for guest posting. So, take the time to prepare the best content and access hard-to-reach places that can start your guest blogging journey to success.