5 Best Real estate guest posting sites/ services in 2022 | Finance Niche

best Real estate guest posting sites/ services in 2022 | Finance Niche

Finance Niche | Best Real estate guest posting sites/ services in 2022

Do you have a real estate blog and want to get quality backlinks? If so, you can use guest posting as the links generated using this strategy are of high quality and niche relevance. This article has listed the best real estate blogs that allow guest posts.

Link building is an essential ranking factor in SEO. That’s why it’s important to build good backlinks to your site. Guest posting helps you build quality links and builds good relationships with other bloggers or websites.

How To Find Guest Posting Websites For Real Estate Blog Publishing?

Getting a higher ranking on Google is a priority for most webmasters. In other words, links are one of Google’s main ranking factors. However, guest posting/guest blogging can help you get high-quality backlinks and higher rankings.

Guest blogging allows you to reach a larger audience by connecting with the audience of guest blogs where your articles are published. The type of response depends on the website you choose for guest blogging. But ultimately, guest blogging is very important to your SEO strategy. Many website owners understand the need to publish more guest blogs. However, they struggle to find a suitable guest blog site for posting. Here I’ll tell you the best ways to get backlinks from high DA websites.

Before you find a website to post guest blog posts to, make sure you know guest blogging goals. It can be anything from increasing search engine optimization to increasing website traffic.

Next, we need to filter the list of guest blogging sites. Furthermore, the authentication process requires comparing websites that accept guest posts based on the Domain Authority (DA) and traffic. The higher your DA and traffic, the more trust you have in your site when writing guest posts.

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What Are The Best Websites For Guest Posting?

Guest posting revolves around site selection. Suppose you’re guest blogging to a low-privileged or low-traffic site. You can not get the benefit from targeted guest blogging. So, you need to go to a site with high privileges that can generate strong backlinks to your site. A successful Webnews21.com guest post can be your dream as a marketer. Because who doesn’t like seeing their name as guest members on premium sites? However, we know that it is a dream that requires hard work to achieve.

That doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream of becoming a successful premium site guest writer. You can keep trying. But in the meantime, take a look at other reputable sites that can add significant value to your site. Here are some tried and tested guest blogs publishing websites that accept guest posts:

  • Webnews21.com

Webnews21 is the best real estate guest posting site and is surprisingly easy to get started. This website has very high domain authority (DA). It implies that a single backlink in your author’s profile here is a great way to proceed successfully in backlinking.

Moreover, it is one of the best online publication sites for real estate tech news and opinions, making it a great platform to build your reputation and credibility in your niche. If you want to submit your guest posts here, your post should contain 1000 words and two Do-follow links pointing to a similar domain. You can reach their website through the Contact Us Page

  • Young Professional Network (YPN)

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a group of real estate brokers operated by the NAR for agents under 40 (any age can join). Moreover, there is a “lounge” to view various real estate-related articles.

NAR and YPN members can email articles and ideas they would like to publish on almost any topic related to real estate sales and best practices. The site is newer and has a relatively low domain authority of 24.

  • BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is a very simple guest publishing platform. That is, after paying the dues. It is aimed at

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investors, but it is very easy for the average non-investment agent to get their attention. Write about the foreclosure trend of the market. Or a large family. Or it could be your market profile. Investors want this information. The power of  BP is 79. The forum is also a great place to chat with investors in the market. It has accounted for almost a third of my sales over the past few years. Although BP is strict about banning most external links, it is still the best to connect with potential investor clients.

  • Reality Times

Realty Times is an existing site (domain authority 70) that publishes many contents. Additionally, you can easily publish articles and actively solicit listings, agent tips, expert advice, market outlook reports, and presentations.

  • ActiveRain

And the old but good: ActiveRain has been around for a long time and is still one of the best online and blogging options. There is a lot of content and forums, and it’s very easy to get started. I have 83 high-domain privileges.

Other Ways to Get Engagement

Guest posting involves writing content or answering questions on some popular forums. Here are places where you can write and answer questions and answers.

  1. WikiHows
  2. Quora

These are no-follow links, but they are easier to get started with and, more precisely, target user intent. For instance, even if your site doesn’t get SEO love for backlinks, a “How to Sell My House in Anchorage” article that sends people to your site from Quora isn’t bad!


I wish I had more ideas to share. There are only a few really good options for real estate agents and content creators.

However, there are a few simpler ways. An easy way to quickly increase your digital marketing effectiveness with high-quality backlinks and ads!