Best Seafood restaurants in the US 2021

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The best Seafood restaurants

It is not just seafood restaurants on the coasts that made this season’s Top ranking. Certainly, high-earning seafood theories live in California, Florida, and up the East Coast. Still, others in the center of the united states –Atlanta and the Chicagoland region –also made a list. They’re serving up crab, lobster, oysters, and more casual fish meals to their guests annually across the nation. See which brands created the list this season.

Seafood harvesting and ingestion is as early as the invention of stone tools. Besides salmon and shellfish, even sea plants are an edible component of those massive water bodies that constitute all the planet. Wonder how far humans can venture, even to the shyest of regions, to fulfill their need.

But you are lucky. Seafood restaurants are everywhere. Let us discuss some of the best in the world.

Best seafood restaurants

Fish auctions, to Sukiyabashi Jiro, arguably the best sushi restaurant in the world, Tokyo in Japan is the heart where seafood fans flourish. Even local chefs, encountered at virtually every corner of this beautiful city, won’t fail in providing you with all the freshest and tastiest fish!

Panama City, Panama: Never failing to supply the planet with the very best seafood restaurants, the most fantastic Panama city is a place. It is where locals and tourists alike cannot get enough of this savory and addictive fish this town offers. Like every excellent fish town, it has its fair share of fish markets, with the busiest and most famous being Mercado de Mariscos. This fish market is set right on the pier and provides the best catch of the day to shoppers and restaurants.

Maine, United States: as soon as you enter this city and ask about, you’ll know it’s all about lobsters. With its famous Maine lobster rolls, this city is renowned for providing the best-coveted crustacean meat globally.

Hong Kong: Seafood in Hong Kong is essential in its Cantonese-styled cuisine, makes this destination a must-visit for any person who wants to eat fish as fresh as it had been when alive. An individual can see the catch being sold directly from the catcher’s ships.

Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant

The seafood market in Sai Kung and Lei Yue Mung, an almost ancient fishing village, are the places to be if you’re a fish lover who sees themselves in Hong Kong. Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant is an instance of the traditional yet contemporary seafood restaurants all over the city. It permits you to bring the grab you bought yourselves from the sanctuary markets.

They will cook it and put on your plates for immediate consumption, with a jar of baijiu if your budget allows. 

Best Seafood restaurants

Cajun and Creole seafood restaurant in Lousiana

Lousiana town has never backed down as it came to a battle of flavors. Cajun and Creole, being this town’s local restaurants, could leave anybody laughing and begging for more of these intricate mixtures of seafood dishes. This town automatically fixates to a food lovers’ mind and tongue with its gulf oysters and catfish. Crawfish etouffee and southern crawfish boil are experiences a seafood lover can’t afford to miss!

In all of these cities and many more, seafood brings individuals together. Several festivals and celebrations are held in those cities to honor fishing traditions and catching those seafaring creatures. We’ve always respected the food this nature has provided us.

The Best Upscale Seafood Restaurants in New York

 Amid the endless hubbub about bagels, pizza slices, and fat-Angus steak places, New York City is a port city. And we have a lot of seafood restaurants in the city. Thanks to the oceans’ overfishing and the long-past history of the harbor’s fantastic fish and shellfish populations, there has not been great news to report on the waterfront in recent decades.

But recently, we can experience a welcome uptick in worthy new venues to see a $28 lobster roll and an expense piece of Dover sole. Here, without further ado, is our listing of the absolute best upscale seafood restaurants in town (sushi excluded).

Le Bernardin

Seventh Ave.; 212-554-1515

 Maguy Le Coze and her brother Gilbert opened for business in 1986 at the base of the Equitable Life Assurance construction on West 51st Street. Their restaurant instantly became the top seafood destination in the city. And until Mme Le Coze and her chef-partner Eric Ripert opt to retire in the city’s dining scene, that is not going to change. 

Opt for the selection of wine, which is the best in town and possibly the entire USA. Go for the timeless, old-world table support, which rivals any of the grand dowager restaurants in Paris.

The rainbow of fish textures and flavors will amaze you. The chefs will speak about the challenges of maintaining quality and sustainability in the face of mounting chance. But they retained its pride and authority for all these years.

 Let us hope that seafood does not evaporate from our dining world faster. With the rapid pace at which fish are disappearing in the sea, we don’t know when Maguy Le Coze and chef Ripert do eventually opt to permanently shut their doors. We won’t see a restaurant like this in town again.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

The Jean-Georges Vongerichten has made a profession of taking tired old formulas (French cooking, Asian fusion, farm to table) and standing them artfully on their mind. And in this remarkable new destination restaurant down Pier 17 at South Street Seaport, he does the same thing for this demanding and exacting of restaurant genres — fish. You can get a first-rate lunchtime crispy fish taco to bowls of seafood soup at this superb waterside seafood restaurant. 

Lobster with Cantonese-style” Longevity Noodles” for supper, together with a real black sea bass baked to order in a fish-shaped pastry crust, is awesome. From the legendary bridges to the north (Brooklyn, Manhattan, etc.)down south into the ferries and sailboats cutting to and fro in the open refuge, you have one of the finest fresh seafood restaurants in town.

Seafood restaurants in NY

Saint Julivert Fisheries

264 Clinton St., in Verandah Pl., Cobble Hill; 347-987-3710

The announcement of a new Alex Raij and Eder Montero restaurant is always a joyful occasion. But if the joy of seafood is the particular theme in these seafood-challenged times, it’s cause for a special celebration. 


Depending upon the season and accessibility, you may come across all sorts of strange and tasty little miracles served in the tiny, railcar-size Cobble Hill dining space. It ranges from silvery anchovies plated with moons of unmelted vanilla butter, bowls of risotto garnished with chopped conch and smoked eel, and steamed bass served with appropriate service at a fold of lace. 

When compared with the fantastic seafood restaurants across the river, the rates are a bargain. And when you’re longing for a taste of beef steak with this seafood bounty, phone for your Portuguese” Prego” steak sandwich. Don’t forget to try the surf and turf.


Broadway; 212-582-5100

Michael White’s famous midtown pasta-and-seafood flagship falls a little lower on our recently updated list for the usual reasons. Improved competition, ever-rising rates, and the sense, as with any powerful, widely imitated formulation. 

However, the quality of the famous crude and Mediterranean-themed pasta creations are the same as ever. And our favorite time to visit remains at lunchtime. The dining room’s mood feels much less formal, and sunlight filters into the tall windows throughout the screen of trees at the park across the street. 

Go for the great house-grilled octopus, or a tangle of freshly made, perfectly al dente tagliatelle chucked with Manila clams. It is a small price to pay in New York in some sun-dappled fish trattoria. It is perched on the Amalfi cliffs, high above the blue Mediterranean sea.

Lake Pavilion

The voluminous, mostly Cantonese menu at this cavernous, bustling Flushing standby has all kinds of wonders. You will love the slippery piles of small sea snails or Manila clams smothered in black-bean sauce. And the shell-less flash-fried jumbo prawns. The platters of Maine lobster tossed with scallions and chunks of ginger is an all-time favorite there. As with any fantastic seafood restaurant, the key is freshness, which leads to an endless array of selections.

It includes five types of crab cooked in a multitude of different ways, depending on the season.

If you’re feeling flush, then we recommend the Dungeness monsters. It will arrive at your table more or less straight from the chilly waters of Alaska. 

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dallas

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dallas
Top Seafood Restaurants

The 20 Feet Seafood Joint

1160 Peavy Road

Located in East Dallas, 20 Feet is a casual counter-service seafood place. Co-owned by Marc Cassel and Suzan Fries, this place is well known for its lobster rolls and pork ramen. Yes, ramen is on the menu in case you’re not feeling fish at the moment.

The fish is a must-try, though. Starters include New England Style Clam Chowder, Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, and Green Room Mussels. 

There are salads and sandwiches, including the well-known lobster roll. The main dish choices are fish & chips, oysters & chips, and shrimp scampi and parmesan grits.

Top off the evening with the chocolate cream pie or key lime pie. The place is BYOB, so bring your favorite beverage also.

TJ’s Seafood Market & Grill

4212 Oak Lawn Avenue

Founded in 1989, TJ’s is about shellfish, grilled fish, fish tacos, and sandwiches. The Oak Lawn place boasts favorites such as shrimp enchiladas, TJ’s fish tacos, and crab cakes.

Come with a group and share a side of honey sriracha Brussels or charred corn & poblano hush puppies. Other options include sauteed squash, sea salt & herb chips, coconut rice, and more.

The wine list contains” fish friendly” crimson and white options, with a header that reads” Yes, Drink Red With Seafood.” For dessert, try the chocolate Frangelico bread pudding with butterscotch creme.

The Montlake Cut

8220 Westchester Drive

This University Park seafood spot is a concept out of Nick Badonvinus (Neighborhood Services, Town Hearth, Offsite Kitchen). Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, the menu features everything from poke bowls to noodle dishes and taco plates.

Together with a raw bar and oyster bar, there is Neo Crudo with options like smoked salmon, red snapper ceviche, hamachi, and prime tartare. Receive a side of garlic spinach, roasted cauliflower, or stir-fried Brussels to list a couple.

The restaurant has a nautical theme with boat paddles, decor, and chairs to make you feel like you are at sea.

Cafe Pacific

Address: 24 Highland Park Village

For upscale dining and seafood, this Highland Park restaurant is where to go.

Popular dishes include the three onion crusted sea bass, grilled Texas gulf red snapper, and ceviche. There is also lobster & truffle risotto, scallops, and smoked salmon.

Cafe Pacific also does a Sunday Brunch with crab cake Benedict, lobster Benedict, and smoked salmon, Benedict.

Lovers Seafood & Market

5200 W. Lovers Lane

The next restaurant out of Tracy Rathbun and Lynae Fearing (their other concept is Shinsei), Lovers, serves lunch and dinner. Lovers are known for their tempura-fried lobster spoons, which are intended for sharing.

Entrees choices include battered fish & chips, pecan-crusted rainbow trout, and pan-seared halibut, to list a few. Or, if you are more into handheld foods, then order the lobster roll or fish tacos.

A special element of this restaurant is that you can purchase fish from the market. Everything from King Crab legs to Tiger Shrimp to flounder is available to bring home to cook.

Hook Line & Sinker

3103 Lemmon Avenue

This casual Lemmon/McKinney Avenue area has been an Uptown staple for quite a while now. It looks funky on the exterior with old boat motors wrapped around the outside patio as decor, but that only adds to its charm.

Catfish is a must-try, in addition to snow crab, fried oysters, and shrimp po boy. Pair any using a side of hush puppies, fried pickles, or fried okra. There’s also seafood gumbo, clam chowder, peel and eat fish as starters.

Beer and wine are available, key lime sauce, homemade coconut pie, bread pudding, and chocolate cream pie for dessert.

Dallas Fish Economy

1501 Main Street

Located in Downtown Dallas, this fish market is an upscale New American restaurant focusing on fish. The kitchen is run by executive chef Richard Treptow, who used to be a sous-chef at The Mansion. Dallas Fish Market serves elegant seafood dishes for the food not only tastes great but looks amazing.

Fresh oysters are flown in daily, and Sushi Night takes place every Wednesday from 3 pm to 7 pm. A distinctive must-try thing on the menu is the Tuna Pizza, a crispy flour tortilla topped with tuna, wasabi mayo, serrano, pickled red onions, and chile tomatoes.

Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour is every Thursday from 3 pm to 7 pm. The Gin and Thyme Lemonade is a refreshing option.

Top Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco


Top Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco


There is nothing better than a bowl of Cioppino with a gorgeous waterfront view of the San Francisco Bay. Don’t miss out on their signature Cioppino — a mixture of seafood favorites that will have you in fish paradise until the very last bite.

Fog Harbor Fish House (PIER 39)

Who does not wish to consume 100% sustainable fish served with a side of the Golden Gate Bridge? Fog Harbor’s menus are ever-changing, as their chefs craft the menus according to what seafood is fresh and sustainably caught.

Tadich Grill (240 California St.)

This list must begin at the beginning. Meaning 1849, the year San Francisco grew from a gold nugget, and the year Tadich Grill came to being. Imitated by many, but none better than Tadich Grill, this restaurant was serving varieties of seafood forever. It must be in your bucket listing.

Hog Island Oyster Company (1 Ferry Building)

The Bay Area’s freshest oysters are at Tomales Bay, in which the Hog Island Oyster Farm is located. If you can not make it up there, Hog Island Oyster Company in the Ferry Building is a great second alternative. In addition to freshly shucked oysters, you get a gorgeous view of the bay.

Scoma’s (Pier 47)

Once a little coffee shop on the pier in 1965, Scoma’s is now a force of buttery goodness today. There is butter sauce, and then there’s Scoma’s butter sauce. Nothing compares. Site

Swan Oyster Depot (1517 Polk St.)

Swan Oyster Depot

There are a few myths that ring free from San Francisco. A line out the door of Swan Oyster Depot is one of these. Folks have come from the farthest reaches of the nation to suck down clams and oysters from this institution. Anthony Bourdain was quoted. If God made anything better, he kept it for himself.”

Bar Crudo

Bar Crudo is your initial neighborhood’s place on this listing. A lot of people hope it stays that way since the awaiting table is long enough. In case you have time to come back here more than once, you should make your way through the full menu. However, should you come only once, you always need to order the chowder. It is legendary. The best way to eat: Seafood Chowder.

Woodhouse Fish Co.

Woodhouse Fish Co. is a local spot serving up quality seafood in a New England style setting (believe red-checkered paper mats). The clam chowder and sourdough bread is a match made in heaven, and the Crab Melt ought to be on your list for next time.

Anchor & Hope

Should you end up wandering the SOMA neighborhood’s streets, Anchor & Hope is a good place to stop for dinner and lunch. Named to 7X7’s 2010 Enormous Eat listing, Anchor & Hope has not let the press get into its head. Come in for the $1 oysters and stay for more. The best way to eat: Angels on Horseback.

The Godmother Fish & Chips (2824 Jones St.)

A place both locals and tourists can agree is yummy. This stationary food truck near Ghirardelli Square cooks up amazing fish and chips, chips and shrimp, and Baja fish tacos. Since the inception of Yelp, Godmother has been named one of the best from town.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Boston

Octopus dish in Boston
Octopus dish in Boston

The Barking Crab

Suzanne Wenz, manager of marketing communications and PR at the Taj Boston and Boston Park Plaza, says,

“I’d say if you would like a super-casual, outdoor-picnic-table situation, The Barking Crab is quintessential, together with lobster rolls and fried seafood.”

The Barking Crab, located in the Seaport District, has been serving up seafood for at least 20 years. Seafood costs, especially for freshwater and oysters, alter every day, but appetizers such as the hot crab dip or the chorizo-stuffed littleneck clams are $12. The Fisherman’s Platter, a popular entree with fried clam strips, scallops, shrimp, and haddock, is $31.


Local experts universally seem to praise Neptune Oyster in the North End. Keith Loveless, head concierge at The Langham, Boston, states, “I love Neptune on Salem Street,” calling the meals only” incredible.”

Both Wenz and Senatore provide the lobster rolls at Neptune high marks. Senatore loves the” hot butter and gorgeous brioche bun” that the lobster rolls are served. Neptune’s raw bar is a big attraction, with a choice of oysters, clams, shrimp, octopus, crab claws, and other fish. The Maine lobster roll is $29.

Julianne Boyle, the concierge in The Ritz-Carlton, Boston, offers another view on lobster rolls: “The best lobster rolls are served in Pauli’s North End restaurant,” she says. “It is not a tourist hot spot or elaborates in the slightest, but that’s what makes Pauli’s such a jewel. The lobster is incredibly fresh and overflowing in the bun.”

Additionally, located on Salem Street, Pauli’s functions up what might be Boston’s largest lobster roll, the” Constitution,” having an astounding 25 ounces of fresh lobster meat onto a long sub roll. The cost changes daily, but expect to pay approximately $70. The smaller 7-ounce variant is about $18.

Yankee Lobster Co.

Since 1950, Yankee Lobster Co. in the Seaport District started as a bass provider for restaurants and shops. Thankfully for seafood fans, the wholesaler also has a restaurant, where crab cakes are approximately $14, clam chowder is about $5, and traditional lobster rolls are about $24.

Sara Flight, manager of public relations at Mandarin Oriental, Boston, states, “Being a local, it’s about authentic seafood. In the city, I would recommend the more compact countertop areas like Yankee Lobster.”


For a more luxurious experience, Boyle says, “Ostra is your very best seafood restaurant in Boston, in my view. The quality of food is outstanding, and the raw bar is outstanding. Not only that but also the ambiance and service are top-notch.”

Kim Weeks, guest ambassador at the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel, agrees, saying, “For high-end, a superb quality adventure is Ostra in downtown Boston. It’s amazing.”

Located in the Back Bay, Ostra focuses on Mediterranean seafood dishes.

Row 34

Boyle says, “Row 34 is a more casual, equally tasty favorite of mine. The food is fresh, and the flavor is chic. It is the best date spot” in case you’re looking for a place that serves oysters, lobster rolls, and quality draft beer.

Found in the Fort Point area of South Boston, Row 34 is the sister restaurant to Island Creek Oyster Bar (see below) and provides a broad choice of seafood meals and beer. It’s a lively and hot after-work spot, with raw oysters and calamari flying out of the kitchen. Lager-steamed mussels with scallion butter are a perfect appetizer at $15, and entrees include a special daily complete fish cooked the way you like for $28, whereas beer-battered fish and chips are 18.

Top Seafood restaurants in Las Vegas


Mastro’s has more seafood choices than any non-coastal restaurant should have any right to serve.

Are you currently thinking of appetizers? Would you need sushi? They obtained it.

It would help if you had bisque. You’re set.

Not just that, Mastro’s is a name you can trust to serve tasty seafood because they are not only doing it in vegas. They have placed all around the country to dish out excellent seafood.

Naturally, it’s not all about the seafood at Mastro’s. There’s also the hot butter cake or chocolate sin cake. Both of those are perfect toppers for your seafood meal.

Additional Mama

Additional mama Sea food

The brainchild of owner and chef Daniel Krohmer, Other Mama, doesn’t sound like a fish place, but you notice they do seafood right as soon as you’re there.

In a lot of ways, Another Mama is a bit of a contrast. The décor is pleasant, but not overly luxurious. The mermaid emblem is a bit risqué for any place other than Las Vegas.

Despite these natural states, the food is directly from a five-star restaurant you’d find anywhere in the world. For people who desire more than fish, there’s also Japanese fried chicken and kimchi fried rice.

It’s hard to pick just a few dishes to try (other than the French toast caviar), so go and plan out a perfect seafood experience on your own.

Water Grill Las Vegas

Water Grill is another national phenomenon that has found a home in Las Vegas. Situated in Caesar Palace’s Forum Shops, Water Grill has some of the freshest seafood to be found in Sin City.

Additionally, it has one of the very impressive raw bar menus in town, also.

The raw bar contains multiple types of oysters from each coast and chilled stone crab claws, clams, scallops, and mussels (amongst other things.)

There’s also sushi (including smoked hamachi nachos), toppings such as tortellini, oysters Rockefeller, clams and chorizo, and entrees of both the surf and turf variety. It’s kind of hard to select an entrée after the raw bar, but I urge the mahi-mahi caponata because of its powerful mixture of tastes or the” Double R Ranch” filet mignon.

Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House

It might sound like a blasphemy to say, but while Emeril Lagasse, a guy who almost singlehandedly changed how we look at home cooking, has opened up several restaurants, maybe not all they are good.

However, Emeril’s Las Vegas empire breaks that mold and provides consistently high-quality dishes that are concurrently fancy enough for the pickiest gourmand and delicious enough for almost any eater.

Plus, their Creole roots create the food approachable, which isn’t necessarily true of high-class dining.

With that said, if you are in or around the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, then take a moment out of your day to go across the Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House. Start with the Creole poached shrimp remoulade and fried okra or a chilled fish tower and then dine on the fresh catch or a Creole buttermilk fried chicken sandwich.

End together using the bread and butter bread pudding, and you’ll be one happy eater.


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When you’re in Las Vegas, there is no doubt in eating like you’re on the East Coast, especially when you’re at Luke’s. Luke’s is situated in front of the Fashion Show and proudly serves independently sourced, sustainable seafood from fishers with whom they work.

Luke’s can also be great for the health-conscious since they provide calorie counts with their sandwiches. However, in regards to lobster mac, shrimp combos, jumbo combos, Luke’s Trio (crab, lobster, and shrimp, available in jumbo), I don’t believe I want to learn how many calories I’m eating.

If Luke has some drawbacks, they don’t have a robust non-seafood menu for all those poor souls who don’t enjoy the sea’s bounty. On the flip side, if you prefer Luke’s, there are locations all across the world.

Oyster Bar in Palace Station

Oyster Bar at Palace Station is a tiny little oyster bar directly in the casino, which should mean that you will confront a huge wait. However, the casinos need you on the floor and gaming, not waiting in line. Therefore Oyster Bar is pretty good for getting you in and getting you out.

I highly recommend getting oysters raw on the half shell when you are there because a desert is a superb spot for uncooked seafood.

In all seriousness, the oysters are fresh and delicious. If you want something cooked, you can also look at the littleneck clams or mussels. Additionally, pan roasts (seafood cooked in creamy tomato stew) feature fish, crab, lobster, or mix.

That is only the tip of the Oyster Bar’s menu, so get over there and find a dish you will love.


The Nobu isn’t a seafood restaurant. It’s a sushi bar. But, sushi is fish, so I don’t feel too bad, adding it to the listing. Plus, it is conveniently situated by the Caesars Palace Casino.

Nobu is a Peruvian-Japanese combination, which does not seem to earn a lot of sense until you arrive and order off the menu. I won’t waste a lot of time around the non-sushi entrees (since lots are not seafood-related.) I have eaten a lot of sushi in Las Vegas, and I have not found a place that serves higher caliber or fresher fish everywhere. Do not expect huge portions, but do hope to appreciate what you get.