Best stock to invest in 2022 for beginners

Best stock to invest in 2022 for beginners

Best stock to invest in 2022 for beginners

This article will discuss the best stock you can invest in 2022 as a beginner and get maximum profit. As we all know, stock selection is one of the most tedious tasks, and sometimes even good stocks do not give good results, but we have got you covered. We suggest some stores invest in 2022, which are safest to enter the market. Although these stocks are a bit too expensive, they are quality and trust.

Why invest in Stocks?

As we all know that 2021 is almost about to end right now, it was one of the most heartwarming years for nearly all the world. Things are not getting normal ever since the pandemic started. 

Despite all the facts, it is more of a challenge for most people to find the best investment for 2022. Right now, most people are predicting that there will be a massive catering of the stock market in 2022. Some are less alarmist and still believe that things could continue upward.  

The best we can do from our side is just an attempt to find stocks with a catalyst that can propel them higher and reasonably strong business fundamentals, and that’s why the stores listed below all have in common and make them the best investments for 2022.


The overall performance of uber in the last few months was feeble on absolute and relative basics. Uber technologies share price fell by -20.2%and Uber’s stock price dropped by -30.4 percent in the previous 6 months, but there is a strong belief that it will increase in the year 2022

There are some reasons to believe that delivery giant Uber and ride-hailing will be one of your best investments in 2022. Right now, the market is concerned that all the other states in the USA and other countries might pass some new law to treat their uber drivers as employees rather than just independent contractors and other new regulation that has to be provided to uber drivers. This could lead to a potential increase in UBER employee-related expenses going forward. 

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We all know that Covid-19 has a significant impact on both supply and demand for the ride-sharing economy. There are a lot of indicators that when everyone gets their vaccine shot, the need for ride-sharing customers and the stocks will go high and will be profitable. Analyst projection certainly reinforces the idea that uber has massive potential for the following year. 

Alibaba (NASDAQ: BABA)

Alibaba Group Holding Limited, also known as Alibaba, is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in retail, eCommerce, internet, and technology. Alibaba stock got hit very hard across the board this year, starting from $270 in February to $120 on December 22. This disappointing performance only made worse if we compare it to the competition in the US, which skyrocketed this year. 

But we got excellent news for you: the stock is expected to go up in 2022. BABA stock is a good buy now because the stock price right now is $118.72. The BABA stock prediction in January 2022 is expected to be a maximum of 148 and a minimum of around 132. if you buy BABA stock right now and keep it until December 2022, it will be a maximum of 153 while a minimum of 135, which will be profitable for you 

Alibaba is a unique stock that offers investors growth and attractive valuation. Alibaba stocks are very attractive in a low-interest world wherein safe investment produces a very little return. Over the long term, Alibaba stock will be a winner. 

Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA)

Moderna, Inc. is a US biotechnology and pharmaceutical company based in Cambridge. Moderna shares fell by more than 15.6% last Thursday after the company announced that it would cut its Covid-19 vaccine for this year. However, there is still a gut feeling from the owners that it will rise in the year 2022.

But here is where the question arises: should we buy it for 2022? The answer is yes because Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Burton said the vaccine could roll out a reformulated vaccine against the omicron coronavirus variant early next year.

The stock price for Moderna today is $249.99.Moderna could have the omicron vaccine ready in 2022, so there may be an increase in its sales which in return will increase the stock prices and could be very beneficial if we buy it right now 

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Oshkosh(NASDAQ: OSK) 

Oshkosh Corporation, formerly Oshkosh Truck, is an American industrial company that usually designs and builds specialty trucks, military vehicles, truck bodies, and many more. The company has recorded annual revenue of $7.74 billion. On December 23, 2021, the last stock closing price was $110.22, and the all-time high closing price for Oshkosh this year was $136.47, which is a w24.7% increase from the current share price. 

The question here is whether it is beneficial to buy in 2022? The answer to this question is yes, because Oshkosh was awarded a 23 million dollar contract to build the JLTVs for the countries like brazil North Macedonia and Lithuania and work for that contract is expected to be completed by October 31, 2022

Oshkosh has generated $6.82 earnings per share over the last year and has the price -to- earning ratio of 16.2. Earnings for Oshkosh are expected to grow by 33.53% in the year 2022, from $6.62 to $8.84 per share, which is a great reason to buy this stock at the start of 2022.

Prologis (NASDAQ: PLD)

Prologis, Inc. is a real estate investment trust headquartered in San Francisco, California, that invests in logistics facilities, focusing on the consumption side of the global supply chain. Suppose you are looking for the best investment in the year 2022 and also starting as a beginner. In that case, Prologis could be one of the best investments for the year 2022. The company itself is a global player with the most extensive portfolio and highest-rated balance sheet, which makes it less risky 

The question that should be arising in your mind is whether we should buy this stock in 2022 as a beginner and get the most out of it? The answer to this question is yes because the earnings from Prologis are expected to grow by 11.65% in the coming year, from $4.12 to $4.60 per share. This stock is not only best to buy for 2022. It is also best to hold and then sell 

If you buy the Prologis right now at $161.73, the expected price from the company is $171 by the company in the mid of the year 2022 

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Pubmatic (NASDAQ: PUBM)

PubMatic, Inc. is a company that develops and implements online advertising software and strategies for the advertising industry and digital marketing. It was priced at $20 per share but opened at $25.12, and at one point this year, it rose more than 64% to $33.6.The company has a total net worth of around $180 billion. The stock is on so many investors’ radars because of its rising short interest.

So the real question that arises here is should we buy this stock in 2022? The answer to this question is actually yes; you can actually can if you are a beginner. The stock price right now for the stock is $34.81. Many investors are looking up to it in 2022 because it will benefit you if you are a beginner and want to invest in something big to make a good profit. 

The expected price for the public stock at the end of the year 2022 is around $40 to $50. If you are willing to buy it right now, you can make a lot of profit by the end of 2022 

General Motors (NASDAQ: GM)

General Motors Company is an American multinational automotive manufacturing company. William C.Durant founded it on September 16, 1908. General Motors’ gross profit for the twelve months ending June 30, 2021, was $ is the best stock in which you can invest and make a profit easily this year as a beginner 

Due to the pandemic, there was a smaller decrease in its worth than last year, but many investors have a sharp eye on this stock in 2022. If you are thinking about whether you should buy the stock in 2022 as a beginner, the answer is yes if you are interested in making a short-term profit. 


We have carried out the best stocks for you in which you can invest if you are a beginner and make maximum profit out of it. These stocks are risk-free and are the best to invest right now, but we recommend you do your research on them before investing to make maximum profit out of them.