Best Video Advertising Platform For Publishers in 2022

Best Video Advertising Platform For Publishers

Best Video Advertising Platform For Publishers

If you are looking for the best video advertising platform for publishers, there are many different options available. While AdSense and Facebook audience networks have the most recognizable names in this industry, there are other options you may want to consider as well. This article will discuss the features of AdMedia, Taboola, and OpenX, and give you a sense of which one best meets your needs. Below we look at a few of the most popular video advertising platforms for publishers.

Facebook audience network

While many video advertising platforms offer a variety of features to help publishers monetize their video content, Facebook’s Audience Network is perhaps the most effective. Publishers can choose from pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, but cannot select a specific publisher. In addition, CPMs depend on several factors including location and bid density. This makes Facebook the most relevant video advertising platform for publishers.

Facebook offers a wide variety of video ad placements, including native and interstitial ads. This feature allows publishers to place their ads on desktops, mobiles, and TVs. Publishers can also customize their video ads and choose between click-to-play and autoplay formats. While Facebook’s Ads Manager lets publishers manage a variety of ad placements, they can also control the content that appears alongside each ad. Because most Facebook users browse on mobile devices, Facebook’s Ads network is best suited for mobile video advertising inventory. Although Facebook supports post-roll ads, it currently doesn’t support pre-roll video.

Facebook’s Audience Network ads are effective for re-targeting consumers. Among the Facebook publishers using the Audience Network, SpearmintLOVE saw a 38x return on ad spend. Facebook Audience Network is just a portion of the Facebook family, but it still offers many benefits to publishers and advertisers alike. While it’s not as flexible as other ad placements, it offers the lowest cost and most targeted audience.


The AdMedia video advertising platform for publishers works by monetizing third-party videos. The platform enables publishers to choose from a library of videos and customize the ads. Ads are displayed to audiences relevant to their interests, as they are based on contextual targeting. Publishers can sell their inventory for premium prices, and they can protect their brands by ensuring that their videos adhere to the Better Ads standards. In addition, publishers can customize the video player to their specifications.

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The AdMedia video advertising platform for publishers supports both mobile and desktop video formats. The platform includes over 180 DSPs and offers a unified control center. With its ad inventory management tools, publishers can easily control their inventory and optimize revenue through a single dashboard. Users can also run A/B tests to see which ads perform best. It is a powerful tool for publishers who wish to monetize their video content.

OpenX is another ad network that supports both outstream and instream video ads. With over 50 partners, OpenX has an extensive client list. Publishers can choose to use the in-stream video option or opt for programmatic direct deals. OpenX supports all popular video ad formats, including YouTube and Facebook, and it also provides its own tools for publishers. Furthermore, it supports most video players and ad servers.


As a publisher, you’ll want to use a platform that can maximize your exposure to advertisers. Taboola provides tools for publishers to monetize their content, as well as a step-by-step process to maximize revenue. Plus, its widget is easy to install, and customer service is reliable and responsive. Here are three reasons why you should use this video advertising platform. Listed below are some of its benefits:

The first thing to note about Taboola is that it works differently than other video advertising platforms. In general, Taboola offers a more personalized experience for its users. By providing relevant links and a personalized content feed, this platform has taken a cue from social media sites. Providing new content in feeds keeps users glued to the platform. The feed on Taboola includes links from both the publisher’s site and the advertiser’s. This way, users can interact with both.

The platform allows advertisers to target audiences by location, OS, and publisher. It uses data from billions of conversions to bid competitively on publishers that are more likely to convert. Advertisers can also choose from a variety of audience segments and view performance metrics by device, browser type, and location. Advertisers can drill down into specific metrics to better understand which content resonates with their audience. For publishers, Taboola is the best video advertising platform for publishers


OpenX is a video advertising platform that supports VAST 2.0 and 3.0 standards. It also supports end cards that appear in the middle of the video ad, letting users know when the video is over. This allows advertisers to offer additional content or a link to a web page. OpenX is available for all major video ad servers and players. Moreover, it supports in-stream video ads as well as in-content sticky ads.

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The OpenX video advertising platform enables publishers to realize the full value of their inventory and charge advertisers accordingly. The OpenX header bidding solution measures bitrate and provides min/max bitrate settings. This way, advertisers can get a balanced ratio between video quality and load time. It also allows publishers to sell bundles of multiple types of ads at the same time. With this feature, publishers can easily increase their revenue by offering bundles that target specific audiences.

The OpenX video advertising platform has a scalable network of over 1 million publishers and is backed by leading venture capital firms and investors. Its technology powers effective audience targeting across the open web and has an unparalleled scale. OpenX video advertising platform has become a key component of the Google ad network. If you want to reach a global audience, you must invest in the OpenX platform. You will be surprised by how much it costs to use OpenX.


When it comes to programmatic video ad exchange, there is no better platform than Magnite. This curated programmatic video advertising marketplace is backed by over 65% of the world’s largest publishers. This network supports instream, outstream, native, rewarded video, and video header bidding. It also provides advanced monetization features including video header bidding. In addition, it offers real-time analytics that help publishers understand their traffic and make the most of their video ads.

Video ad networks are a thriving sector. The rise of connected TV has accelerated the multiyear transition from linear television to ad-supported programming. More consumers are staying home to watch ad-supported content. That’s why publishers are increasingly turning to video ad networks. Magnite offers a platform that allows publishers to create and manage ads in a cookie-less environment. Magnite also offers audience-based packages, which allow advertisers to reach their target audiences with ads tailored to their interests.

Unlike other video ad networks, Magnite uses AI and advanced video ad technology to optimize video ad placements. Publishers have reported more revenue than ever with Magnite. The ad network also features video header bidding, which increases competition and video ad revenue for publishers. SelectMedia specializes in ad exchanges for Asian publishers and offers a wide variety of formats.


The Unruly video advertising platform helps publishers maximize their ad revenue, with the help of user-friendly video ad formats and access to premium global brands. The company also offers a private marketplace for publishers to package their inventory and sell deals to buyers. Publishers can also opt for an on-tag solution and a dedicated account management. The video advertising platform also features an extensive inventory of video ad formats, including native, in-stream, and mobile formats.

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Unlike other video advertising platforms, the Unruly video advertising platform has a pre-developed audience. The audience is segmented by language, IAB content category, and brand favourability, and they can even be targeted by affinity with similar brands. With the help of Unruly, publishers can track and report on the performance of their videos. By using data from these audiences, publishers can forecast their video performance, which helps them determine the optimal placement for their content.

Unruly has a wealth of tools that help publishers create highly-targeted ad campaigns. The platform offers publishers self-service tools, global relationships with premium demand partners, and an enhanced video editing tool. Unruly is also GDPR compliant. It offers a dedicated publisher support team. In addition to offering publishers the Unruly video advertising platform, it also offers an enhanced video editor and a pre-launch analysis. The publisher is assured that the ad content will connect with the audience. By combining data and emotion, Unruly is able to find the sweet spot and create compelling ad campaigns.


RhythmOne LLC, a subsidiary of Tremor International, has unveiled new self-serve tools for publishers. These tools help publishers activate programmatic deals and generate guaranteed revenue by enabling greater control over the packaging of inventory and ensuring the best yield for premium inventory. Publishers can also use these tools to control and manage revenue earned through the RhythmOne supply-side platform, which focuses on streamlining incurred fees and addressing concerns about fragmented supply.

RhythmOne, a recent rebranding of Burst Media, offers a full advertising solution across the entire media ecosystem, including mobile, desktop, and TV. It also offers sponsorships and distributed content to publishers, and partners with more than 5000 sites worldwide. Publishers can use the platform’s ‘Chocolate Platform’ to monetize mobile traffic with native ads that don’t interrupt the content or the user experience.

The company offers a variety of video advertising solutions to help publishers maximize their revenue and increase their audience engagement. Publishers can participate in unified auctions using the digital header-bidding wrapper, which offers publishers 100% transparency and control over their video inventory. Publishers can also access RhythmOne’s private marketplace deals for direct marketing from advertisers and customize campaign settings for both video and banner ads. And to top it all off, RhythmOne offers a comprehensive capitalization module.