Best Vitamins for Hormonal Acne, Scars | Suppliments for Skincare (teens & adults)

Best Vitamins for Hormonal Acne, Scars | Suppliments for Skincare for teens & adults

What are the Best Vitamins for Hormonal Acne, Scars | Suppliments for Skincare all teens & adults should consider

Acne is a rising problem in many teens and even in adults. Although acne has been around for centuries, people have started taking it seriously only recently. People go to extreme lengths to find solutions to this skin problem, and some have even curated skincare routines, including high-quality skincare products. Acne is gaining such popularity that people have started posting their dream skincare routine for different skins. You can now hop on the internet and find hundreds of skincare routines for your dry, oily, or intermediate skin from places such as VitasaveUS.

Why are vitamins used in skincare?

 A key part of these skincare routines is vitamins. Due to their ability to increase growth and improve your skin cells, these vitamins can provide a newfound glow to your face. We will discuss the best vitamin that you can incorporate in your skincare regime to restore the beauty of your skin and reverse aging. First off, let’s introduce you to what acne is and how it spreads almost instantly.

What is acne?

Acne vulgaris, commonly known as skin acne, is a condition where small and large red bumps appear on the skin and can be painful to touch. The reason behind these bumps is often the accumulation of dead skin cells or oils from the skin in the hair follicles and causing irritation. 

Symptoms of acne

This problem gives rise to whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. Acne is a skin problem that can happen to anyone, but it is most commonly found among teenagers during puberty. Acne can last a couple of weeks and even years.

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Acne most common among

Acne can result due to many things, and it depends on the person’s lifestyle. Acne is a common sight among teens; according to research, over 80% of people aged 11-30 suffer from acne at some point in their lives. Women, often in pregnancy, suffer from acne due to increased hormone levels in their first trimester. 

Best Vitamins for acne

Causes of acne

An increased hormone level stimulates higher oil production, which may cause acne outbreaks. Higher stress levels, anxiety, imbalance in your hormones, not washing your face properly, using unsuitable skincare products, and buildup of sweat are all reasons that can cause acne. If you have a family history of acne, meaning that close relatives or your family members have also suffered from acne, then your acne might be inherited through your parents.

Best vitamin for acne treatment

Vitamin A

This is the most common vitamin used to ward off acne problems. However, if you use it incorrectly, it may do more harm than good. There are two ways to take this vitamin: ingesting supplements containing vitamin A or using topical medication that can be directly applied to the skin in the form of a serum. You can find such vitamins easily on VitasaveUS.


The tablets are less effective and can cause you great trouble. The reason behind their inefficiency is that vitamin A is fat-soluble, which means that this can accumulate in your body over time. This buildup can prove to be harmful. The overuse of vitamin A can be toxic, especially for women dealing with pregnancy. Thus, it is important to always consult a doctor before taking an oral supplement if you plan to get pregnant. 

Topical medication

Topical medication is suitable for people who want to treat skin problems as applying vitamin A directly on the skin increases its absorption and is the most effective way. There are plenty of serums available in the market for this sole purpose. The reason why it works miraculously is that the vitamins are chemically converted into retinoids in topical medication. This makes the skin heal faster, and with the help of retinoids, the skin is regenerated.

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Other treatments for acne

You can form a suitable skincare routine to provide your skin with the proper hygiene and nutrients it requires. Skincare has often helped people to treat their acne. Using home remedies such as aloe vera and honey has also proved beneficial. If the situation seems to worsen and your acne is not going away, then heading over to a dermatologist would be wise.


It is important to take care of your skin as it is known that your skin represents your state of mind. If you are troubled with the constant acne and think that you have tried every solution and it is still not wavering, these tips and insight might help you. Everyone wants their skin to look radiant, fresh, and young, and here is how you can achieve that and more through incorporating useful vitamins such as vitamin A in your daily skincare ritual.