Bible Verse: You Have Not Because You Ask Not


Bible Verse: You Have Not Because You Ask Not

Do you desire something but do not ask for it? For example, have you ever wanted to kill someone or wage war without asking for wisdom or peace? If so, then you know what this verse means. This verse shows the importance of asking God for what you want. Wisdom is the most important thing, so don’t wait to ask for it.

You Desire But Do Not Have

James addresses Christians here and uses harsh words to warn them to be careful with what they desire. His point is that sinful desires are a deterrent to prayer and faith. While some desires might benefit others (such as being filled with the Holy Spirit and becoming more like Christ), selfish desires are not.

Often we covet things and fight for them, but we never ask God for them. Ultimately, we end up murdering someone or something to get what we want or spending our money on sinful pleasures. It’s all because we don’t ask God for what we desire.

The Bible makes asking important. Jesus encouraged us to ask in several places. When we don’t ask, we don’t get what we want. But the Bible also teaches us to pray when we want something. If we pray, we keep ourselves within God’s will, and when we receive it, we’ll be happy.

You Murder

In this statement, the apostle James uses hyperbole to describe those who err in pursuing wealth. He says, “You murder because you ask not.” Some people claim that pursuing wealth is the only way to attain a goal, while others suggest that it is a desirable means to an end.

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The New Life Bible states that murder is the desire for something, while the New Revised Standard says it is coveting. If a person does not ask, they will covet, fight, and murder. You will not get what you covet unless you ask for it. But you can’t get it without asking.

People who are not willing to ask for what they want are willing to fight, murder, and sue others to get what they want. They will kill someone to get what they want, despite their egos. This shows that they are very desperate to get what they want. But they don’t ask God for it, so they end up with something they cannot have.

You Fight and Wage War

This Bible Verse is very powerful and describes God as the Man of War. “you fight and wage war” is from the Hebrew word “ratsakh.” The sixth commandment says, “you shall not kill,” and refers to war. The verse is also applicable to the world.

The Bible talks about wars in many places. It mentions civil wars, conquests, and even a war in heaven. Wars involve the killing of people, whether human beings or an enemy. The Bible also mentions murder as a sin, but it is a legal action if you kill your enemy.

You Don’t Ask For Wisdom

When you are experiencing difficult circumstances or going through trials, the first thing that you should do is ask for wisdom. James 4:6 says, “Lean not on your understanding, but in the wisdom of God.” Job says that wisdom does not come from the earth.

When we are persistent in seeking wisdom from God, we are more open to receiving it. We ask God for advice about our marriages, finances, reactions to unkind people, and other difficult situations. We also ask Him for healing. Wisdom does not just mean knowing what to do and it knows why to do it.

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When we ask for wisdom, we must ensure we are asking the right questions. This is because God wants us to know what is right. Secondly, we should ask with pure motives, leading us to ask confidently. When we ask from a pure motive, we can be assured that the things we ask will be in God’s will.

When we ask for wisdom, we ask God to give us the ability to act as He wants us to. When we are in difficult situations, we need to seek God’s wisdom and use it to make change happen. In the end, God will give us the wisdom we need to make decisions and do His will.

Lastly, we should remember that God has invited us to ask for wisdom whenever we feel the need. You do not have to publicly ask for wisdom or fear being ridiculed by others. As long as you believe that you will be granted wisdom, God will answer you promptly.