Build for 5e wild magic barbarian multiclass with great weapon master?

Wild magic barbarian 5e

What is Wild magic barbarian 5e?

If a creature strikes you with an attack roll before your Rage ends, it takes 1d6 force damages. Magic lashes out in retribution. You are protected by multicoloured protective lights that surround you until your Rage ends. Your allies also get the same bonus.

What can be the Best Build for wild magic barbarian 5e multiclass and great weapon master?

Talk to your DM about Tides of Chaos of Wild Magic Sorcerer. That could prove very useful for a barbarian. It is possible to gain adv without being reckless, and it can also be used to increase your ability checks and saves. It depends on how often your DM allows you to use it. However, you cannot cast a spell to retrieve it. That means that you can only use it once.

It is recommended to get to Barbarian 5 first. Extra Attack is a huge deal.

There are many ways to make Barbarians stronger. Fighter and Rogue are easily accessible, as you most likely have 13 Str or Dex.


Although Fighter may seem redundant, the Rune Knight and Echo Knight are functional abilities that use your Con. They also do not spell cast (Rage is okay). Battlemaster is versatile and doesn’t cast spells. You’ll usually be using your bonus action to perform Maneuvers (some sick move that affects you or the enemy, often with additional damage). However, Maneuvers can eat your reaction (Parry and Riposte). You can also fight style, second wind, and action surge.


Rogue gives you mobility, expertise, sneak Attack, and an additional skill. The problem is that there aren’t any Heavy weapons with Finesse. However, you can still use the mobility part and other perks. Mastermind, for example, can offer the Help action along with your bonus action. Rogue can make you slightly more effective in non-combat activities.


Paladin is for you if you have the Charisma. You get a Fighting Style and Lay on Hands. Some spellcasting is also available. Smites should be saved for emergencies or crits. Oaths offer a lot. You can use Vow of Enmity to get Advantage and Vengeance, so you don’t need to use a Reckless Attack against one enemy. Aura Paladin 6 is not worth the cost if Cha is between 13-14. There are only two, three, or a maximum of four levels that will suffice. You can add more Barbarians to your arsenal or go spellcaster for more spell slots.

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Ranger is an excellent class, especially Gloomstalker. (One more Attack after your first round of combat. Darkvision. Darkvision people can’t see you in the dark. You’ll only need 13 Dexterity for the multiclass, and Wis. Ranger has been buff in Tasha’s Cauldron. You can now become a helpful tracker/hunter/monster slayer. Ranger spells have a lot of non-concentration/utility stuff. If you are stuck underground or in the desert, Goodberry can save your party.


Suppose you have 13+ Cha, Warlock. Warlock is an excellent investment because it offers many unique perks. That is all, excluding the Patron that you will have to deal with. Warlock 2 is Invocations. See in magical Darkness, speak with the dead—Cast Detect Magic 5e at your will. Warlock level 3 means Pact Boon. Blade, Tome, Chain, or Talisman are all useful tools. The word “Blade” can be used to refer to all things. If you purchase Improved Pact Weapon from Lock 3, your Greatsword can be made into a Pact Weapon. That includes a +1 weapon. Your limited spellcasting can be used for utility or out of combat stuff, or you can rely on Armor of Agathys to gain extra temp hp. While I won’t go into detail, suffice it to say that Celestial and Hexblade stand out. Hexblade for offence (Hexblade’s Curse), Celestial for defence (Healing light, bonus action non-spellcasting healing).

Bard and Sorcerer

Bard and Sorcerer can be good, but they are very dependent on your Charisma score. You can pair them with Paladin 2+ to get better spell slots. If you go Sorc, you also get more Sorcery Points. If your character idea is suitable for music and sorcery, you are welcome to try it. To complete the Wild Magic theme, Barb 5 Paladin 4 Wild Magic Sorc could be an option.

Druid, Cleric 

They offer versatility and support, but your Wisdom is unlikely to be exceptional. They also indicate regular spellcasting, which can cause Rage to be wildly out of control.


Monk is quite remarkable, but you would have to say goodbye to your greatswords and armor. Welcome to the Fight Club, if you are okay with it. Punch people to death, teleport to the shadows, and become a Living Weapon if you can make your homebrew.


Wizard is not recommended even if you have 13-14 int.


Now we’re talking. Do you want to be an engineer? With your Wild MagicBB, this won’t lead to disaster in the lab. You can also make Artificer work with low Int and rely upon Infusions that work well alongside Rage. Iron Man (Armorer), Walter White, Alchemist, John Wick (Battlesmith), Turret Dude and Turret Dude are your subclass options. Your average Int is not necessary to the temp hp Protector Turt.

Blood Hunter – Another Int class that works well with low Int. You can buff your damage, detect undead and kick a$$ while taking names. Profane Soul is Warlock-y by nature. Ghost Slayer destroys vampires’ lives. Mutant is the steroids master, and Mutant is Warlock-y. Lycan is a scary werewolf. All your Rites, Curses and Mutations work with Rage and Lycan Transformation. Even better, you can even start a Fighting Style.

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Let me sum it up from the optimizer’s point of view.

  • Reach 5 Barbarians first: Additional Attack is the best thing that you can do to this character.
  • Straight Barb is tremendous fun: Fun is the Feral Intuition. Bolstering magic is excellent for warlocks and half-casters. Brutal Critics are very satisfying. Unstable backlash allows you to fish for the right Wild Magic effect.
  • Fighter dips can be helpful: Not more than four levels. Battle Master and Echo Knight are both great. Champion is excellent if you are looking to chase down crits.
  • Ranger dips can be helpful: You can get additional damage/attacks from several subclasses. Gloomstalker grants Umbral Sight and Ambusher to those with a dark vision. There is also a connection to wild magic.
  • Rogue dips can be fantastic: You can’t use the Sneak Attack and the -5/+10 if you are a GWM. That is where expertise and cunning would be of great value.
  • All other options are optional: It’s okay if it works from an RP perspective. Be aware that it might not work mechanically.

Path of Wild Magic for Barbarian 5e

Many places in the multiverse are filled with beauty, intense emotion and magic. The Feywild, Upper Planes and other realms with supernatural power radiate such powers and profoundly affect people. Barbarians, who are folk with deep feelings, are more susceptible to wild influences. Some barbarians have been transformed by magic. These magic-suffused barbarians follow the Path of Wild Magic. This path is often sought by elves, tieflings, aasimars, and genasi barbarians who are eager to experience the magic of their ancestors.

Source: Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

Magic Awareness

This path can be chosen at the 3rd level as an action. It will open your eyes to full magic. You will know the location of all spells and magic items within 60 feet of your current position until the end of the next turn. You can sense a spell to determine which school it belongs to.

This feature can be used as many times as your proficiency bonus. After a long rest, you will regain all of the uses you have made.

Wild Surge

The magical energy that roils within you at 3rd level sometimes explodes out of you. Roll on the Wild Magic Table to see the magic effect you produce when you get into a rage.

The DC is 8 + your proficiency bonus + Constitution modifier if you have to save a throw.

Bolstering magic

You can use your wild magic starting at the 6th level to boost yourself and a friend. You can touch one creature (which could be you) to confer one of these benefits:

  • The beast can roll a three whenever it makes an attack roll or ability check for 10 minutes.
  • Roll a 3. Roll a d3. This benefit is only available to a creature once.
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This action can be performed as many times as your proficiency bonus allows. After a long rest, you will regain all of your used uses.

Unstable Backlash

When you feel threatened by your Rage at 10th level, your magic can lash out. You can immediately use your reaction to roll the Wild Magic Table and instantly produce the effect you rolled. This effect will replace your current Wild Magic effect.

A controlled surge

You can choose one of the two effects from the Wild Magic table at the 14th level by rolling the die twice. You can ignore the number and select any effect from the table if you roll the same number on both dice.

What feats are best for a wild magic barbarian dwarf who wields an enormous sword at 4th level in D&D 5e? They should go for the ASI.

Are we referring to Wild Magic Sorcerer/Barbarian Multi classes?

Sometimes Wild Magic Barbarian build is likely to cause some problems. Barbarians don’t usually mesh well with Caster classes. Barbarians’ 5e Rage prevents you from casting or keeping your concentration on any spell before it is thrown. While you can do it, you won’t see the same kind of synergy that you would experience with classes that work together. Such as a Fighter/Thief who seamlessly blends the Thief’s Sneak attack with Fighters combat abilities. A multiclass character at level 4 will not purchase a feat or increase an ability score. That only occurs when one of your classes attains 4th level.

Suppose you have the opportunity to pick a feat for your character’s character. In that case, I like “Great Weapon Master” for Barbarians and “Dwarven Fortitude” for Dwarves. Great Weapons Master dramatically increases your damage output. “Dwarven Fortitude” allows you to spend a hit die to heal every time you take the dodge action. It gives you incredible staying power and tremendous staying power.

To increase your strength by 2 points, you can use the ASI to give you +1 hit and damage. If you don’t wear armour, increasing your Constitution by two will give +1 armour class and improve your hit point by your level.

Great Weapon Master is the obvious feat for a great sword-user. It grants you extra Attack and bonus actions sometimes. You can also do ten more damage per hit if you take -5 to increase your chance of hitting. You might want to increase your strength to 20 first.

Do you think Barbarian 5e Paths of Wild Magic should be scaled in dnd 5e?

Like Rangers, Barbarians start strong but then lose their strength in their teens. It can be compensated for by allowing Path features to get stronger at higher levels. That is, unfortunately, a common problem for most paths, including Wild Magic.

The brutal barbarians criticism is less valuable than it appears. The constant advantage from recklessly attacking while raging is a considerable boost to their overall damage. But they don’t have the big numbers you would expect since they don’t have a damage increase at 11th as other classes do. Although their subclasses aren’t able to boost damage like Battle Master or other fighters, many otters do have a consistent bonus damage per round in addition to their Rage.

Without Fighter’s action surge, base barbarians can line up somewhat against the base fighter. The average hit chance for the barbarian is slightly higher at 65%, though that assumes six encounters per day. The barbarian will peak earlier and spike quicker than those who have shorter days. They will only need to experience 3-4 rages unless they lose their Rage more frequently. It happens. I have seen barbs go through three fits of Rage in one fight.