How to Build a Tabaxi Bard & Paladin in 5e dnd?

How to Build a Tabaxi Bard & Paladin in 5e dnd?

Best ways to build a Tabaxi Bard and Tabaxi Paladin is dnd 5e

Tabaxi Bard 5e: Charisma, the primary statistic of any bard, should be your top priority. Tabaxi begins with a bonus here, but the biggest is Dexterity, the 2nd priority of any bard. These scores can be used to power spells and class features or increase your armor class, initiative, and weapon damage.

The stat allocation is beneficial regardless of the subclass. You can choose any other stats you wish to use at your discretion. Your d8 hit death is okay, but not great. If you want to play in a way where you might take more damage, like choosing College of Swords and College of Valor, consider boosting your constitution.

Bards have to access a few of these spells, so a constitution is essential to keep your attention on them. Then, boost wisdom and then Strength or intelligence, depending on what suits your character best.

Bards often play a supporting role in parties. Your Bardic College will help you determine the best way to do this. For example, the College of Glamour focuses more on mind control or charm. At the same time, the College of Lore gives you more tools to deal with enemies, better proficiencies, and more spells. The College of Lore is best to the tabaxi Bard unless you intend to fight melee against the College of Swords and Valor.

Tabaxi rogue/bard multiclass would make a great addition to your arsenal. I see the problem with you being a new player. It can be challenging to maintain your multiclass abilities. If you feel you are up for the challenge, I would recommend you go for it.

Tabaxi vs. Kenku

There is a lot of overlap between the Tabaxi and Kenku. They have similar ability scores and receive equivalent skill proficiency. Depending on their class and build, there is some room to be better than the other due to minor differences.


The section assumes you are not using the “Customizing Your Origin” rules in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. Scroll up to the next section if you’re using these rules.

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Tabaxi Artificer

Bad abilities spread.

Tabaxi Barbarian

Barbarians could make good use of Feline Agility and a climb speed. However, they are too dependent on Tabaxi’s racial Strength to be a viable option.

Tabaxi Bard

The Tabaxi’s ability scores increases are ideal for Bards, regardless of which college you choose. Tabaxi’s complementary skills will further enhance Bard’s already impressive skills. Their curious nature describes the Tabaxi as wanderers who trade in trinkets and stories.

Tabaxi Cleric

Cleric, which has no Wisdom increase, is a challenging class for the Tabaxi. Although you might do some things with the Trickery domain, the Tabaxi can not offer much that could be done better by a Kenku.

Tabaxi Druid

Druid Tabaxi has the same problems as a cleric. Although Feline Agility seems to work when you use Wild Shape, it is not enough to make this race/class combination worthwhile.

Tabaxi Fighter

Dexterity can be helpful to build a fighter’s skills, regardless of whether you use a rapier and a ranged weapon. You can use Tabaxi’s skills to fill in for rogue roles, but you might need to learn Thieves Tools proficiency from your past to complete your skills.

Tabaxi Monk

The Monk’s Speed Increase applies to the Tabaxi’s climb speed. That makes you a great climber. The Kenku and Wood Elf are better choices numerically, as their Wisdom increases and the Tabaxi’s claws don’t allow you to deal slashing injury with the Monk’s increased unarmed strike property.

Tabaxi Paladin

Charisma and Dexterity are excellent tools for a Paladin. You’re ready to go! Grab your rapier, full plate suit, and you are good to go. Feline Agility can help you get into melee even with heavy armor. Your climbing speed will allow you to overcome obstacles that most paladins are unable to overcome quickly.

Tabaxi Ranger

The Kenku is the better option for Rangers due to Kenku’s Wisdom boost, but the Tabaxi remains a viable option. The Tabaxi’s skill proficiencies are free and help close the gap between the Ranger, Bard, Rogue, and other classes.

Tabaxi Rogue

Tabaxi’s ability scores increases are perfect for Rogues, and the complementary skills proficiencies which Rogue should already have are essential. To capitalize on Tabaxi’s Charisma rise, learn skills such as Persuasion and Deception. You’ll be a charming, highly skilled rogue.

Tabaxi Sorcerer

Charisma increases are an excellent start for Sorcerers, and Dexterity can help with your AC. However, the Tabaxi does not offer any other useful features for Sorcerers. Warlock might be the better choice if you are looking to become a spellcaster.

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Tabaxi Warlock

Charisma and Dexterity are excellent for warlocks. Your AC will be boosted by your Dexterity, while your Charisma will help you cast your spells. Although the Tabaxi racial skills aren’t specifically for Warlocks, they can build a sneaky warlock. You can make a convincing impression as an Arcane Trickster Rogue if you have a Thieves’ Tools background.

Tabaxi Wizard

The Wizard will not benefit from any of Tabaxi’s traits.

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Tabaxi 5e dnd Features

Wandering tabaxi, cat-like humanoids hail from faraway lands. They are driven by curiosity to find exciting artifacts, tell stories, and see all the wonders of the world. The tabaxi are explorers who rarely stay at one spot for too long. Their natural curiosity drives them to discover new secrets, treasures, and legends.

Source: Volo’s Guide to Monsters

  • Ability score increases: Your Dexterity score goes up by two and your Charisma score by 1.
  • Age: Tabaxi live a similar life span to humans.
  • Alignment: Tabaxi is known for its chaotic alignments. They let their impulsiveness and fancy drive their decisions. They are not often evil. Most of their actions are driven by curiosity and not greed or other dark impulses.
  • Size: Tabaxi is generally taller than humans and slimmer than the average person. Your size is Medium.
  • Speed: Your walking speed base is 30 feet.
  • Darkvision: A cat has keen senses, particularly in darkness. A cat can see within 60 feet of you in dim light as if it was a bright light and within 60 feet in darkness. In the darkness, you can’t see color. Only shades of gray will do.
  • Feline Agility: You can move quickly and efficiently with your Agility and reflexes. You can increase your speed by rolling on your turn during combat. This trait is permanent and cannot be used again after moving 0 feet on one turn.
  • Cat’s Claws:  Your claws can help you climb up to 20 feet per hour. Your claws can also be helpful to make unarmed strikes. You can hit them with slashing damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength modifier. That replaces the typical bludgeoning damage for unarmed strikes.
  • Cat’s Talent:  You are proficient in Perception and Stealth skills.
  • Languages: You can read, write, and speak Common as well as one other language.
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How to play a Tabaxi Bard

Assuming that you have chosen the college of Lore Combat is about positioning yourself to use your spells best and keep your party within 60 feet of active threats. It allows you to use your spells. 

Cute Words 

Ability is there to debuff enemy attacks if required. It should leave you close enough for your allies to grant it. 

Bardic inspiration.

While not being directly offensive, Bardic spells will give you a lot of utility during battle. Dissonant Whispers, Sleep, and Counterspell is excellent 1st-level spells that can scale and help you control the battlefield. Phantasmal Force, a 2nd-level spell that is very creative, rises well. You can learn spells from other classes at the 6th level, such as Counterspell and Fireball.

How to Roleplay as Tabaxi Bard

Tabaxi is great minstrels. Think about what kind of tabaxi you are and, more importantly, how you like to share your talents. Are they able to tell many stories about their homeland? Are they able to tell these stories through song?

Let’s say you have learned more from your adventures. Do you want to one day return home and tell all the stories that you’ve heard? It would be best if you had a compelling reason why you chose to become a bard. Use your tabaxi curiosity as a springboard and give your character interesting goals they can achieve. Talk to your DM about how these might be used in-game.

Tabaxi Paladin

Paladin: Paladins are better classes for a Tabaxi, as they love stacking AC and cast their spells with CHA. Pick up some STR for attacks and armor, CON for hit points, and CON saves, and you have yourself a well-rounded Paladin. Paladins are better classes for a Tabaxi, as they love stacking AC and cast their spells with CHA. Pick up some STR for attacks and armor, CON for hit points, and CON saves, and you have yourself a well-rounded Paladin. 

Tabaxi Paladin stat block

Though the Tabaxi paladin stat block seems high, you may still consider it. 

  • STR 13
  • DEX 16+2
  • CON 14
  •  INT 13
  •  WIS 14
  •  CHA 17+1

You may have the opportunity to multiclass as a dex paladin, which is entirely beyond busted if your table allows it. You may think of a Draconic Sorcerer driving your unarmored AC to 20. only after the 6th level. Nab 20 dex and the Extra Attack. If you wish, Oath of Conquest, dnd Armor of Agathys, and Spiritual Weapon will get more benefits with a Sorcerer providing you more spell progression. It applies to smites as well. 

Hope our article on Tabaxi Bard & paladin will help you in your next roleplay.

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