Can AI Edit Photos Better Than Humans?

Can AI Edit Photos Better Than Humans?

Can AI Edit Photos Better Than Humans?

The fear that robots will take our jobs is increasing day by day, and the idea of using artificial intelligence to do work previously performed by humans has received a lot of criticism. Artificial intelligence is gaining popularity, but some people believe it is just a myth, and machines can never compete with humans in many areas.

A similar concern has been observed in the field of photo-editing. Many applications and softwires are coming up with AI-based intelligent solutions that can do the job in a few seconds, which will take days if done manually. But the question still arises whether AI can do the editing job better than humans or not. Let’s dig into the details of this topic to find the answer to this question.

How Photos are Edited Manually?

Humans also use tools to edit the photos, like Photoshop and Lightroom. These tools have been a companion of professionals for many years and have made the workflow easier for photographers. 

To understand it better, let’s take an example of removing background from photos. You’ll hire an editor and send him the respective images to do this process manually. The editor will use the software to select the edges of the objects in images and remove the background carefully. 

He’ll change the color exposure, saturation, and make other necessary adjustments to the images. The turnaround time for a small no. of photos can be 24-48 hours, and the editor will charge hourly, which can cost from $5-$25 mostly. 

Now let’s take a look at how AI will do the same process.

How will AI Edit the Photos?

Artificial intelligence-based technologies are efficient enough to identify objects from images independently. They use computer vision and machine learning tools to do the work. Platforms use artificial intelligence algorithms to retouch and refine the images without ruining the quality of the photographs. You can change the images’ lighting, color saturation, and shadow effects with a single click.

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In this case, you will go to a platform that provides background removal services and upload your images to that platform. Their website/software will handle the rest of the work, and you’ll be able to see your background-free images in a matter of seconds. No hourly rate, no 24-48 hr waiting period.

AI vs Human Photo Editor

One thing that distinguishes machines from humans is their memory. Humans start forgetting things with age and often struggle remembering tasks. In contrast, machines are better at remembering things, but they can be more creative by using machine learning programs. 

Let’s compare their advantages and drawbacks to find which one is more promising: 


If we hire an editor, he’ll take at least 24 hours to do the work depending upon the number of images he has to edit. But if we give the same number of images to AI-based software or applications, it’ll process the images within a few seconds. 

Format options

Most platforms accept almost all image or video formats and can provide output in JPEG or PNG files which is quite pertinent. On the other hand, editors are skilled in processing some specific image formats and fail to process complicated images which is disappointing. Those who accept all formats are efficient enough to process all charges higher than others which is not the case with AI technology. 


Editors have their specific hourly rates or charge around $0.3-$0.7/image, which seems quite expensive when we look at the subscription fee of AI image editing platforms. Thousands of images can be processed simultaneously without paying extra or hourly charges.

Ease of access

When comparing technology to humans, this is one of the most important aspects to consider. To find a high-class image editor who is up to the mark and can satisfy your requirements, you must make a significant effort. You’ll pass through a process of finding, interviewing, short-listing, and finalizing the suitable candidate. 

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Alternatively, you can just go to an artificial intelligence-based platform who’s offering free and paid services; you can try their technology for free, select their subscription plans, and upload your images without delay. So, we believe AI is the winner here. 

Final words

In our opinion, AI can do the work better than humans. Still, it’ll not take over the jobs because AI is an assistive technology that assists human beings in completing quite complex tasks with tech-based solutions. It is error-free and can be programmed however we want it to be. 


Photo editing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires specific skills and technical knowledge to handle the editing software. Although humans can handle the work, AI can save us time and money on more valuable tasks.