Can Goku Beat Saitama?

Can Goku Beat Saitama?

Can Goku Beat Saitama?

The mere comparison of the two characters’ strengths is insane. Goku is an extraterrestrial who must lose a battle to grow stronger. Saitama is a powerful fighter who can defeat opponents with a single punch. If the two of them had a one-on-one battle, Saitama would easily win.

Saitama’s Base form is Stronger than Goku’s

While Goku is a mighty warrior, his base form is weak compared to Saitama’s. His Kamehameha is based on his ki and can quickly destroy islands, planets, and mountains. In contrast, Saitama has unrivaled physical strength and can quickly destroy large structures with one punch.

Although Saitama hasn’t shown much in the way of transformations in the series, it is clear that his base form is more potent than Goku’s. With his transformations, Goku can do incredible feats, but Saitama’s base form oozes strength. Even in his base form, Saitama can create thunderclap-like sounds by clapping his hands.

As a result, Saitama is the most robust character in his universe. His ability to read people and their intentions enables him to counter any move Goku makes. He can also read the mind of his opponents, making it difficult for Goku to fool him.

Saitama’s base form is stronger than Goku’s because his strength comes from physical training. He can easily knock out an enemy with a single punch, and Saitama rarely misses. His ability to turn rocks into projectiles is also impressive. He even killed Geryuganshoop using this ability.

Saitama can launch himself from high places, which has proven deadly to the most durable Boros. Saitama can also control the strength and intensity of his attacks, although he has been known to overdo it occasionally.

Saitama is also the most challenging opponent for Goku. He has superhuman strength, agility, and durability. He once survived a bullet to his face as a twelve-year-old. Over the years, he has developed into a powerful hero who can use 21 different forms.

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Goku’s base form is one of his most potent and famous forms. He is the first Saiyan to gain this superpower state. This form allows him to unleash godly powers, and Goku can lift to 15 million tons! Even better, he is strong enough to carry the moon of Mars Phobos.

Saitama’s Attacks are More Accurate

Saitama is a powerful fighter and can knock his opponents out with just one punch. He rarely misses when taking down his enemies and can even turn a rock into a projectile. This ability was used to kill the Geryuganshoop. Saitama is also a tremendous close-combat fighter.

Saitama first encountered Jiren during their battle. Jiren had a spirit bomb, and Jiren managed to handle it better than Saitama. However, Saitama was shocked and decided to take action. Jiren fought with Saitama and pushed Saitama to the mountains, and Saitama could dodge his punches. Jiren quickly teleported behind Saitama, but Saitama escaped by turning around and punching Jiren in the gut.

Saitama’s attacks are better at hitting the target than Goku’s. This is because the force of his attacks is thousands of times greater than the force of surface destruction. But unlike Goku, Saitama is adept at deflecting energy attacks. The best way to counter this is to keep their distance and punch a hole in Saitama’s chest.

The differences in physical strength between Saitama and Goku are often debated among anime fans. While Goku has more innate ability than Saitama, the latter has yet to reach his full potential. Goku is a better fighter overall, but Saitama has more muscle power and is better at striking with a punch. He also has more power levels and can use them to counter Goku’s attacks.

Saitama’s Speed is Faster than Light

Saitama has shown that he has incredible speed. He was able to complete a 1500-meter dash in an instant. He was also able to dodge the sword swings of Flashy Flash and beat Speed-O-Sonic’s sword. Although his speed is not as fast as light, it is still fast enough to fly through a cloud at supersonic speeds.

Saitama’s speed is fast enough to fly through space and time, even from Earth to Jupiter. He can also generate an army of afterimages that can move faster than light. Unfortunately, the Speed-o-Sound Sonic cannot comprehend his afterimages. Despite these unique capabilities, it is still not known how fast God is.

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While Saitama’s strength is unrivaled, fans often downplay it, claiming that Goku is more vital than him. However, the truth is that Saitama’s strength results from training to such a great extent that he breaks his physical strength limit. He is so strong that he constantly gets stronger without doing anything. Furthermore, Saitama is so strong that he often defeats opponents with just one punch.

Saitama is also much faster than Popeye and is capable of blitzing Flashy Flash. It is possible to throw objects at lightspeed, but Saitama reacts to them in a way that is not possible for humans to do. Similarly, a rocket that flies through the sky at lightspeed will be unimaginably fast.

In the second part of the series, Saitama faces Boros, Dominator of the Universe, a space alien who follows the prophecy that a worthy fighter will be found on Earth. He fights against Boros outside and inside Boros’s ship. However, Saitama has a more difficult fight with Boros, as he can move faster than light.

Despite Saitama’s speed, Popeye is far more potent than Saitama. However, Saitama’s speed is so great that he can knock Popeye out.

Saitama’s Ability to Knock out People with One Punch

While other heroes have become famous for their superior strength, only Saitama has the uncanny ability to knock out humans with a single punch. In addition, his uncanny ability to concentrate on his target allows him to strike with devastating power. In one example, he used his incredible strength to destroy a mountain behind Genos, leaving him unscratched.

Saitama’s uncanny strength has been a central theme in the One Punch Man franchise. In the series, he can knock out enemies of any class, including S-Class heroes and Disaster-Class villains. However, his strength is a secret that is hard to discover. Although his ability to knock out opponents is often displayed on the big screen, the secret of his strength lies within the many techniques he uses to wield it.

Although Saitama’s power is a source of great amusement for the viewer, he also demonstrates a great sense of empathy for his enemies, even those who are more potent than he is. The anime’s Saitama can beat even Ultra Instinct Goku and most of the characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

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Although Saitama has not undergone formal training, he is a master combatant who uses improvisational techniques. In the series, Saitama knocks out a Garou with a single punch. In a battle with Genos, Saitama beats him in a straight match, using unorthodox and improvised fighting techniques. In close combat, Saitama uses karate chops and grapples.

Saitama has also shown immunity to temperature-based attacks. He once stood next to Genos, creating a spherical blast of fire. Genos’s attack did not even faze Saitama. In another fight, Saitama can jump back to Earth in less than a second. Afterward, he survived the atmospheric re-entry and continued to fight Boros.

One Punch Man’s Saitama is almost as powerful as UI Goku and can knock out Hit with a single punch. Although Saitama cannot fly, he can leap over large land masses. His leaping ability even allows him to rebound off projectiles and attacks.


Can Saitama beat Goku’s ultra instinct?

As a result, Limit-breaker Saitama cannot defeat Goku in his Ultra Instinct form. It’s a far too powerful transformation to deal with. Even if Bald Cape lands his Zero Punch, Goku can take a hit on multiple occasions.

Who is stronger Goku or Saitama 2022?

Saitama is already weaker than Goku without his limiters, so even if he trains and gains more power, the Saiyan will likely follow suit. This cycle will not be broken until either Goku stops training or Saitama miraculously closes the power gap between them.

Can Naruto defeat Saitama?

There needs to be more to defeat Saitama. Boros’ ultimate attack outperformed Naruto’s Baryon Mode. It was powerful enough to send Saitama to the moon but did minor damage. In comparison, the Baryon Mode will cause very little damage.

Can Saitama beat Jiren?

Jiren was one of the primary reasons Goku overcame his limitations and achieved his Ultra Instinct form. Unfortunately, he was one of the most challenging obstacles in the mainline Dragon Ball series thus far, and Saitama will most likely defeat him as he is after chapter 168.