Can Nappa turn Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z?

Can Nappa turn Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z?

Can Nappa become Super Saiyan?

The issue lies in that Nappa isn’t prepared to be a Super Saiyan, physically or mentally. Most of the series heroes are much less potent if he dies when they reach Super Saiyan status. Goku mainly would required to have a lot stronger before reaching this point.

Between the fight and when Goku was Super Saiyan fighting Frieza, Goku was nearly killed twice, which gave him an immense boost every time. During his journey to Namek, he also practised under extreme gravity, which gave him a further power boost. All the other people, including half-Saiyans younger than them, were more robust than Nappa initially started the change. If Nappa were ever to be restored, it is possible that he would train to be strong enough to get there.

Super Saiyan is feeling extreme despair or sadness, which transforms the inner rage of a Saiyan into a strong external force. It is typically essential to unlock the transformation.

In the world that is Dragon Ball, the Saiyan race is one of the most potent characters across the universe. These aliens can perform incredible physical feats, even before they acquire the power to unlock their abilities and become Super Saiyan.

In Dragon Ball Z, who is Nappa?

Nappa was among the few Saiyans to endure the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Because he was off the planet and guarding his young prince Vegeta at that time, the two of them remained under Lord Frieza. They were unaware that Frieza was destroying the Earth after he had learned about the legend of Super Saiyan and feared that his power would be released.

They spent years travelling through the galaxy and an equally youthful Saiyan soldier, Raditz. Saiyans enjoyed advantages in fighting across the universe, even though they weren’t among the most powerful or respected of Frieza’s forces.

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Then, Raditz went to Earth to search for his brother Kakarot. But instead of conquering all the Earth-like plan was his, the kid grew to become Goku and was utterly unaware of his real identity. After Radditz and Goku died, two other Saiyans discovered their existence and the Dragon Balls.

They immediately went to Earth to work their way through the Earth’s defences to wish for immortality. Nappa alone was at fault for killing Chiaotzu, Tien and Piccolo. Krillin, along with Gohan, was saved only through the quick arrival of Goku, who was resurrected from the Dragon Balls. He could beat Nappa one-on-one because his instruction with King Kai and Vegeta defeated him in displeasure at his loss.

While most Saiyans eventually achieved this power level, not all were around long enough to try. In particular, Vegeta’s first allies, Nappa, was killed years before he had even glimpsed the term Super Saiyan. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Nappa and the possibility of him having become a Super Saiyan.

What is Super Saiyan?

Super Saiyan is a powered-up physical form that only Saiyans possess the ability to gain access to. Saiyans are one of the terrifying races of the galaxy. They have several capabilities that help them be more effective in battle. They were created with monkey tails which transform into massive Apes when there’s the full moon. They can powerfully channel their ki and shoot massive energy explosions and even fly if they’re near death and then recover more potent than they were before.

Super Saiyan transformations are when the Saiyan gets to the point of rage that transforms the Saiyan into a more robust shape. There are a variety of levels to Super Saiyan transformations, each one strengthening the Saiyan to the fullest extent. They can even get to an area where they have enough strength to fight gods of destruction and the most influential people of the universe.

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Dragon Ball Nappa

Nappa is equipped with everything required to become a Super Saiyan, technically. The ability to become Super Saiyan is dependent on Saiyan genetics that Nappa can possess. Even distant relatives of Saiyans, who have more human DNA than Saiyan, have demonstrated this capability. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. transform themselves into Super Saiyans throughout short appearances. Dragon Ball GT hasn’t been recognized as canon. It is because of the continuing story of Dragon Ball Super. It’s assumed that everyone who has Saiyan origins could achieve the state of being an advanced Saiyan.

The issue lies in that Nappa isn’t quite prepared to be the Super Saiyan, physically or mentally. If he dies, there are a lot of characters in the franchise who are less potent than they are in the event of reaching Super Saiyan status. Goku, in particular, would have to have been stronger before reaching the point. Between that fight and the time Goku would become Super Saiyan fighting Frieza, Goku was nearly killed twice, which gave him huge boosts every time.

Goku also worked out on the trip to Namek under heavy gravity, which gave him another increase in power. All the other people, including half-Saiyans who were younger, were more potent than Nappa when they started the change. Suppose Nappa were ever to be restored, it is possible that he would train to be strong enough to achieve that level.

A key aspect of becoming a Super Saiyan is feeling extreme despair or sadness and turning a Saiyan’s inner turmoil into external power. That is usually required to make the change.

 Ki is essentially simply expanding their inner strength that amplifies their physical characteristics. Nappa isn’t shown with any possible transformation. Goku was forced to give up Krillin. Gohan had to lose Android 16, and Future Trunks was required to shed his version of Gohan to attain the kind of rage necessary to change for the very first time.

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Vegeta needed an uncontrollable breakdown amid a meteor storm to become Super Saiyan. Both Goten and Kid Trunks received their powers transformed during difficult classes with their families. There’s nobody Nappa was able to show any interest about, as he joked about the death of Radditz without hesitation. The closest thing Nappa came to this challenge was Vegeta killing him, but it didn’t change him. Watching his moustache shine brilliant gold during a battle would still be enjoyable.


Nappa is an all-blooded Saiyan similar to Vegeta, Goku, Raditz, etc. Therefore, he was able to be a SS and everyone else. However, that was not the case and won’t ever be the case. Why? Because Nappa was killed, of course. Vegeta killed him in cold blood, and he threw him into the sky and then crushed the man to overcoming smithereens.

If we consider the “what if” scenario of DBZ in which Nappa lives and grows as Vegeta, There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be an SS. It’s hard to imagine how this might look, especially since Nappa is hairless. It’s not clear if he’s naturally unbald, though. However, I think Nappa cannot be a super Saiyan, seen in xenoverse. He has the fantastic Ape transformation. All Saiyans with tails is equipped with, and, like Vegeta, he seemed to be capable of controlling his appearance. However, this was demonstrated in a proof cutscene. Towa was distorting his time and had already killed everyone before Goku appeared, but it was too late.