Can we lose bitcoin in the SegWit2x fork?

Can we lose bitcoin in the SegWit2x fork?

Can we lose bitcoin in the SegWit2x fork?

The recent bitcoin hard forks or bitcoin cash ended, as we have seen a lot of ups and downs that happen to bitcoin investors. Testing has been carried out with the bitcoin ecosystem, including several types of units, as all of those we have determined the BTC hard fork for November. Some of you might be surprised to hear why this is probably because SegWit, active with bitcoin, and BTC supporters have already gone their way with larger block sizes.  If you’re interested in learning more about bitcoin trading, go to for a complete guide.

What is SegWit2x?

SegWit2X is a fancy derived name and name given to a combo for scaling solutions. SegWit2x was first installed in July 2017. This means to be implemented by SegWit, they aim to implement a 2MB block size for the BTC network in about 2 to 3 months for SegWit activation. SegWit is a name used by the blockchain to store transaction data and change the process implemented. A code to change this was released in 2015, and the same SegWit was made live on Bitcoin in 2017. Making bitcoin better with SegWit and fixing bugs. With SegWit mainly, the bitcoin network doubles its capacity. While many people claim that the block size has not been increased by SegWit. It will be easy to see, that SegWit has increased the block size!

A flaw with the protocol was fixed by SegWit to process transactions and exceed the capacity of bitcoin. In which nodes have been allowed to tamper with the TXID in transactions with the network. If all these conditions must be met and the user ID is verified by the network at the time you do the transaction, doing so becomes even easier. This can be quite useful for individuals claiming to be sending coins to someone else when it is nothing. Segwit has seen a higher increase in transactions than it can fit in a block. These are also known as ‘signature data’ or’ witness data’ in the input field of the block.

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How is SegWit affecting the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network has fixes for the cost and speed of transactions made by bitcoin. It is a decentralized network allowing the transfer of ownership of digital currencies through an additional layer in the transactions made with it. SegWit reduces the possibility of transaction flexibility with the Lightning Network, allowing few secure payment channels to be created, allowing for many millions of transactions per second to be processed with the Bitcoin network. 

What about the bitcoin gold fork?

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is considered a hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC). It was launched in October 2017, which is a hard fork of BTC destined for one BTG. You don’t need to worry about this as it is believed to be unrelated to SegWit2x and is also claimed to have fully replay protection. I have prepared this post for all those Cointelegraph readers who want to know about the BTG fork, so just sit tight and follow this guide.

Final thoughts

Now, if I want to end this article, I want to say that if you have your keys then you have your coins, if you do not have your keys, then it means that you do not even have your coins. Here we have put in place opt-in replay protection for you to avoid losing your funds, below we have some tips for you:

  • If you are ready to transact, the first thing you need to do is to opt-in to protect the replay, for which you must first follow this article.
  • Keep in mind that you should never exchange your coins with any other third party as you may not be able to control your keys.