Can you buy dogecoin on etrade and PayPal| Price prediction in 2022

can you buy dogecoin on etrade and paypal| Price prediction in 2022

Can you buy dogecoin on etrade and PayPal| Price prediction in 2022 | Is it going to explode?

In this article, we will explain that can you buy Dogecoin on Etrade and PayPal.We will also discuss what Dogecoin is and how it works.

Can you buy Dogecoin on trade?

This is one of the frequently asked questions by the people: Can they buy Dogecoin on Etrade? The answer is that investors can not buy Dogecoin, Ripple, Ether, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies on Etrade.

However, they can just open an account on the most popular cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase has just opened this opportunity and has gone public and offers several cryptocurrencies.

Can you buy Dogecoin on Paypal?

Most people have no idea whether they can buy Dogecoin on Paypal or not, and the answer to this question is that there is no option when it comes to buying Dogecoin with PayPal.

The reason is that only a very few cryptocurrency exchanges accept PayPal payments. So the cheapest and the safest way to do it would be to buy bitcoin using PayPal first and then convert or trade these coins for Dogecoin. Before talking about Dogecoin, let’s talk about how it works.

What is Dogecoin?

Most people have no idea what Dogecoin is. It was actually a form of digital or virtual currency which is developed by the two software engineers, Jackson palmer and his partner Billy Murkus back in 2013.

It actually started as a joke, and it has gained a lot of attention lately, making it one of the most rapidly increasing currencies in the market.

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Dogecoin is also seen as a fun new way of digital mining currency online. The best thing about this digital currency is that it is immensely secure and decentralized.

History of Dogecoin

Originally, when the founders started the Dogecoin, they intended it to be a joke with the dog’s face on the coin. The logo represents Shiba Inu Dog; it is a Japanese breed dog that got a lot of famous and is all based on a Doge meme that got viral in 2013. The founders wanted to be a peer-to-peer platform for digital currency, which could gather a much wider demographic than Bitcoin.

However, Dogecoin was introduced worldwide on December 6, 2013. In December that very year, just three days later, the value of Dogecoin jumped nearly to 300 percent and went up to 0.00095 Dollars and was used to be just 0.0026 dollars.

In addition to this, the growth occurred when many of the cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin diverged after China’s decision to not allow the banks to not invest in the market, a major setback for Dogecoin, having dropped over 80 percent of its value.

Not just this almost millions of coins were actually stolen by the hackers from the online crypto wallet platform, Dogecoin after the company suffered a very major theft on December 25 and after this unfortunate event, a series of tweets were rolled out on Twitter, and a lot of people also started talking about coin at that very time.

Since many people lost their coins and investments due to this hack, the Dogecoin community started a drive called Save Dogecoins to raise the coins for people who have suffered from the incident.

Within a month, sufficient money was donated to help the people recover from the losses that had occurred. Jackson Palmer, the co-founder of Dogecoin, walked out of the crypto community in 2015.

Rise of Dogecoin

The value of Dogecoin rose to 300% just within three days of its launch but do you know why this happened? This was the support it received from the people with celebrity status around the planet.

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However, the most important aspect in the history of Dogecoin leading to a peak in its value was when the CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX posted about Doge on his Twitter handle. His tweet was only one word and was Doge.

Musk even purchased the Dogecoin for his son. In addition, many international artists, including Snoop Dogg and singer Gene Simmons, wrote in favor of Dogecoin along with Mark Cuban, who mentioned that Dogecoin is one of the strongest cryptos, giving it a further boost. 

Elon Musk also even showed his interest in Doge again this April, saying Doge barking at the stars after the Musk tweet a lot of people bought very large quantities of Dogecoin, making its price go up from twenty-four-hour low of 0.062 to 0.078 dollars, making it a percent a 20 percent increase.

However, the reason for to increase in the value of Doge is due to the increase in the price of all the other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin hence propelling the value of Dogecoin.

Along with all of this, Elon Musk also posted a picture of a dust storm with the Shiba Inu’s dog’s face on his Twitter handle on the morning of April 18, describing it as inevitable and blowing over the global financial system.

This makes the DOGE run seems to be unstoppable. Having said that, an unusual blend of factors, including the enormous support for the Robinhood dealers and Musk’s apparent backing of the coin, has Dogecoin into the mainstream.

Today about 15 million Dogecoins have been created each day, making it of infinite supply with more than 130.54 billion Dogecoin are already in circulation.

What makes Dogecoin Special?

Dogecoin was started just as a joke internationally and has reached great heights. One of the major reasons for that happening was it’s distinguished from all the other cryptocurrencies available. Unlike the others, including Bitcoin, which is the most popular digital currency to date, offering a lifetime limit of twenty-one million coins, Dogecoin has no limit when it comes to mining. It makes it highly inflationary nevertheless.

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In this article, we have discussed that you can buy Dogecoin on Etrade and PayPal.We also explained what Dogecoin is. We also put some spotlight on the rise of Dogecoin and what makes it very special. Finally, we recommend you do some research of your own to get the best knowledge.