Celestial Pact Warlock & Unicorn desires in dnd 5e

Celestial Pact Warlock

In D&D, what could a unicorn desire from a celestial warlock pact in dnd 5e?

Let’s review what the celestial warlock pact patron text states the following. Your patron is a powerful being of the Upper Planes [emphasis mine]. You have bound yourself to an early empyrean, solar, ki-rin, unicorn, or other entity that resides in the planes of everlasting bliss. Your pact with this allows you to experience the barest bit of the sacred light that permeates the multiverse. That isn’t your Prime Material unicorn: this can be an Upper Planes unicorn, which is an entirely different creature –literally.

And along comes the CR 5 unicorn. Is that man going to provide eldritch invocations and celestial warlock pact boons? Probably not. We are speaking of an extraplanar entity here. Along with extraplanar entities, which are comprised of the planes’ stuff, are considering the priorities of the alignments. As lawful excellent creatures, an extraplanar unicorn would be interested in improving the purposes of good and order.

Unicorn 5e
Unicorn 5e

Unicorns are traditionally connected with the unspoiled wilderness. It might make the most sense to get a unicorn to want to preserve such glades, rescue them from threats, and stop any threats. Perhaps a once-in-a-generation leader arises among the orcs of the distant mountains who can unite tribes and thus threaten those glades.

What is Celestial warlock pact

The fantasy setting with unicorns as large end bewitching creatures. For celestial warlock pact, they concern with the territory and their ability to live on it. But that is an animal that wouldn’t make a pact with a celestial warlock. Anything smart enough to create an agreement for service with another intelligent being may be much more diverse than that. The unicorn is your warlock’s patron for this half.

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They could have other followers with their problems or any major picture, international incidents. As an example, the second series from the Fablehaven world has something reasonably similar. You may give that a look, Dragonwatch is the collection. It may not make sense without the first series, Fablehaven. 

How can you make a pact of Celestial Warlock a primary healer?

The Healing Light attribute provides you with a bonus action which replaces the Healing Word 5e spell that you do not get. You will be leaning heavily about this because your choice of healing spells is restricted the warlock doesn’t have any on its regular list (except some necromancy material, which merely heals you). Therefore all you’ve got are those out of your Celestial Warlock pact Expanded Spells attribute: Cure Wounds, Revivify, along with Lesser and Greater Restoration.

At 6th level, it is likely going to be excellent. You are missing the “big guns” like Mass Cure Wounds and Heal, but those are not available to anyone at this level. And you’ve got bards for the Song of Rest, so your party has short-rest healing benefits out there.

Celestial Pact Warlock
Celestial Pact Warlock

You may not need to do anything extraordinary to “build” that. Avoid focusing on other things which can consume your bonus action for Healing Light. You could take a look at the Healer feat, but in most instances going for directly Charisma boost will do more. It increases the number of dice you can spend at once on Healing Light and considerably enhances all your non-healing stuff. In contrast, the feat only provides you with a weak option to the Cure Wounds spell you presently have. The Acolyte background would give you story-based access to temple solutions. It might be handy depending on the sport and placing. But it sounds like you already have experience in mind.

Divine Soul sorcerer

To get a Charisma-based divine caster, you might look instead in the Divine Soul sorcerer. You can generally flavour this to match many similar narrative ideas. You would have access to the complete cleric spell list (and twinned Healing Word is fantastic).

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