Does Chill Touch 5e work on trolls? Dnd Spells FAQ

Does chill touch 5e work on trolls?

Does 5e chill touch function on trolls?

Chill touch 5e dnd spells directly averts one stated, but it neither meets two nor otherwise prevents 3. The effect is the absence of acid or fire damage. The troll will not regain hit points until it is no longer under the consequences of chill touch and will begin recovering hit points.

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Level Cantrip
School necromancy
Casting Time One action
Range 120 ft
Components S, V
Duration One round
Class Warlock, Wizard, Sorcerer
Process You will create a ghostly, skeletal hand in the space of a monster within the range. You may produce a ranged spell attack. It will be against the creature, and that will assail it with the chill of the grave. Suppose there is a hit. Then the target will take 1d8 necrotic damage. It is impossible to regain hit points until the beginning of your next turn. So till that time, the hand clings to the target. Now suppose you hit an undead target. Then it has a disadvantage on the attack rolls against you. It continues till the end of your next turn.
Higher-level Chill touch 5e spell’s damage will increase by 1d8. It is when you reach Level  5 (2d8), Level 11 (3d8), and Level 17 (4d8).  

The answer is YES. Cantrips are every spellcaster’s best friend. However, did you know they can do more than just 1d10 damage? Cantrips are an essential part of D&D 5th Edition. If you’ve ever played with a spell caster, you are familiar with them. They’re the minor magic effects you should always be relied on to throw. These range from basic attack spells like Firebolt to mixed effects and illusions, such as you may have from Minor Illusion. There are a few unique ones.

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But by and large, choosing Cantrips isn’t the most exciting thing–until you stop and look at what each cantrip does. Because sometimes, you want to do more than merely “the maximum harm.” So today, we’re going to leave aside the typical ones which everyone knows about and requires.

Chill Touch 5e Dnd Spells
Dungeon and Dragons Chill Touch 5e spell

Wizards and Sorcerers take Fire Bolt, Clerics take Sacred Flame (or Toll the Dead in case you’ve Xanathar’s Guide), Druids shoot Shillelagh, and Warlocks take Eldritch Blast. These Cantrips do the best damage you may get. However, if you would like more than this, look for additional Cantrips that pack more in your activity than just 1 or 2 extra points of damage per round. 

It will not do cold harm as it’s not a 5e Touch Spell. It’s a range of 120 feet! And it is one of the very underrated gems out there as far as spells go. It is long-range, it will cause Necrotic damage, which very few creatures resist, and it prevents monsters it hurts against regaining hit points before the end of the next turn. Set a stop to regenerating creatures, ditch enemy healers–leave potions useless. That is an excellent spell for locking down an enemy and making sure that they die.

Is Chill Touch a cold 5e spell? Does the word “chill” has any significance with winter or ice or snow? 

As discussed before, It will not do cold harm. It’s not a 5e Touch Spell. The next thing that may strike you is how it cubes, regaining hit points. Of course, this instantly makes me think about regenerating creatures. It also applies to creatures who might get fans from allies as well. By Way of Example, PCs. This charm could be a fantastic player-killer. Are you searching for charms to kill players? So, let’s also comprise enemy NPCs who have healer buddies and curing potions and whatnot. So, it is not “chilly” at all, except for the “5e chill of the grave.” So there is no cold damage.

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Can 5e Chill Touch prevent Regeneration?

Regeneration’s troll rule says, “If the troll chooses acid or fire damage, this trait does not function at the start of the troll’s following turn. The troll expires when it starts its turn with 0 Hit Points and does not Regenerate”. So, Regeneration here’s three effects: If the troll chooses fire or acid damage, this attribute doesn’t function at the onset of the troll’s next turn. The troll expires when it starts its turn with 0 Hit Points and does not Regenerate. The troll will regain ten Hit Points at the commencement of its turn.  

Chill touch 5e directly prevents 1, as stated, but it neither meets two nor otherwise averts 3. The consequence is that absent acid or fire damage, the troll will not regain hit points until it’s no more under the cool signature effects and will subsequently begin recovering hit points. Just because the attribute doesn’t operate if the troll chooses acid or fire damage doesn’t mean that’s the sole condition under which the quality doesn’t work; stating is affirming the consequent.

Owl 5e


The harm isn’t so appealing, but it isn’t that bad to select. Cast time is just one action, whereas the scope for this spell supplies you a vast area of 120 ft that’s surprisingly impressive and one of the main reasons to opt for this cantrip. The length is one Round while the AC act as a rescue throw. The elaboration of Chill touch is also within this cantrip. You create a hand of Skeletal Ghost at the area on a target creature within the assortment of 120 ft. This spell strikes the beast within the range to storm it with the Chill of the tomb. The target requires 1D8 necrotic damage to the successful strike. You gain hit points until the start of the next turn.

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Until then, the hand will follow the target, and if you insert the unearthed, it’s going to hit an undead target. Therefore it results in a disadvantage on attack rolls against you until the end of the next turn. It’s possible to use chill touch on various circumstances in DnD where you can determine the enemy, like when the goal has cast a spell. It goes invisible, so if you throw chill touch on such purpose, the hand will probably be visible while the target is hidden. But DM acceptance is allowed to do this substance.